July, 2009

Jul 09

The queen and the apple


Queen Fabiola.jpgI must admit the Belgian royal family weren’t one of the bigger blips on my radar, but Queen Fabiola has certainly caught my attention.

Hellomagazine.com reports that an anonymous assassin threatened to shoot the Belgian queen with a crossbow.

A very scary proposition, and it would have been understandable for Queen Fabiola to take immediate evasive action.

I would have cancelled all appointments forever and ordered in for the remainder of my potentially short life.

She could have come up with a perfectly reasonable excuse to duck out of a public appearance at National Day like: 

  • feigning a headache and pulling a sickie for the day
  • arranging a last-minute schedule change to a more protected venue, texting the new location to bodyguards and other required people on route – I’m sure she’s technology-savvy
  • cancelling the procession altogether – she can do that. She’s a royal.

No-one could have blamed her for it. But she chose none of those. She chose to forge ahead with her commitments, as planned, no alterations required, thank you very much.

An admirable move. But as if this wasn’t enough, the grande old dame of royalty publicly mocked her would-be assassin with a feisty shake of a green apple, in a reference to folk hero William Tell.

Mocked him (or her). In public. In all her royal, not-wearing-an-arrow-proof-vest glory. That is one gutsy lady! It has to be said – at 81-years-old, Queen Fabiola has more feist in her little finger than I have in my whole body.

A question does spring to mind as to where she got the green apple… was it some child’s unwanted snack scooped up off the ground? Was it her own snack?

Or was it pre-meditated? Did she deliberately stash it in her handbag to be used precisely for this purpose – now that’s almost too delicious to contemplate.

Whatever the truth, Queen Fabiola is an inspiration! Fearless and funny, may she live to shake many, many more apples.


Jul 09

Wee ones, weddings, and Wills

Wills on motorbike.jpgHello, hello! Who is that dashing young bike demon in the full-body leather suit, thought I on first look. To my surprise, I found it be none other than the future King of England, Prince William (yes, yes, the future, future King of England if you want to get technical). Nearly fell off my chair, I did!!  After musing that Harry’s the new royal superstar a couple of weeks back, it seems Wills is making a comeback bid for the title.

William looks like a cross between Elvis Presley (in that suit, circa 1968), and Darth Vader (before he took the helmet off – no, you have to admit he’s charismatic in a dark side kind of way). Bet all those polo princesses nearly fainted, or at least spilt their glass of champers….The royals really have come a long way (see below) – could you imagine Prince Charles being allowed out at that age on the 1000cc (or whatever you call motorbike thingys) ? The outrage!  Just wouldn’t have been approved of. And, as Wills notes, he can relax in anonymity with his helmet on (Darth, take note). Drop-dead gorge and disguised all at once  – way to multi-task, Wills!

Danish royal family - Marie et al.jpgBless! The newest little Danish royal bub looks very cute in his first official photo.
 He seems to have inherited dad Prince Joachim’s looks. No surprises there, as it seems all the Danish royal children take after dad no matter who the wife. Forget that the mums did all the hard work of pregnancy, birthing, etc, etc – as far as looks go, Marie, Mary, or Alexandra just aren’t getting a look in!

But aren’t they a picture of the modern blended family? All steps and halfs, looking as content as…. well, your average happy family. And this feat apparently accomplished without a scrap of public outrage – unlike the British royals, who’ve had to go through so much difficulty over recent years trying to come to terms with modern family life and the public approval/disapproval thereof.

Either the Danes are an easygoing lot, or perhaps the British royals’ travails paved the way for the rest of the European royals to have a smoother ride through the often treacherous path of modern relationships and family….

princess-victoria-pb.jpgYay! Another royal wedding in the making (gotta love a royal wedding), with Swedish Crown Princess Victoria’s engagement announcement. In her Hello! Profile, Princess Victoria noted the difficulty in maintaining privacy around her romantic life. “I am tired of the speculations,” she says. “It’s really a problem to have a relationship with someone.” Victoria’s now put an end to that bit of speculation by announcing her nuptials to Daniel Westling, her personal trainer, no less! Well, her former personal trainer now turned gym chain owner.

Even so, could you imagine Harry or Wills announcing their plans to wed their former personal trainer? (Despite motorbikes and leather suits, British royalty isn’t that progressive, is it??) Perhaps it’s that that easygoing Nordic attitude again that allows Victoria to marry the man she loves, regardless of his aristocratic pedigree.

But really, Victoria’s only swapped that bit of speculation for ‘what will her wedding dress look like’, followed closely by ‘when are they having a baby’ – dare I suggest she could gazump some of that spec by strolling down the aisle a few months preggers…..oooh, a shotgun wedding! The outrage!… or perhaps that’s barely worth the bat of an eyelash in swingin’ Sweden….

PS Melbourne better get sweeping and polishing their streets in preparation for a Royal visit. What Royal visit? Oops…that’s supposed to be a secret !

Jul 09

Harry chows down

harry.jpgSo Prince Harry’s been chowing down with one Natalie Imbruglia, has he? I guess having Nat as an burger buddy would make any hamburger more delicious. He and Nat seem to be getting quite a bond going – he was also a guest at her 34th birthday back in February.

Hmm…well, as one of the most gorgeous girls in the world (and I’m not biased because she’s an Aussie or anything) one can understand Harry’s enthusiasm, but as long as she’s merely keeping a older-sisterly eye on him and guiding him back in the right direction to the one he really belongs with…we won’t mention any names, shall we, Miss Chelsy

Speaking of beauty, doesn’t Charlotte Casiraghi just knock
Charlotte, Mum, Charlene and Horse.jpgyour socks off ?! Now, she would definitely vie with Nat in the beauty stakes (see, I’m not biased)….in a younger sisterly kind of way.  Okay, the cat’s bum expression is a pretty edgy choice of facial pose  – a nice smile (a la her mum) is probably a safer option than cat’s bum for photo ops, but hey, she’s young, she’s pushing the boundaries- Charlotte has surely inherited her mother’s gorgeous looks and natural sense of style – so sleek, so chic!  Is it the white pant, or is there a unique Monaconista monarch thing going on there that lends its magic to their aura? Possibly so, for poor Charlene, despite donning said white pant, still looks more sheepish than chic here….

Onto Beatrice’s apartment renovation which, according to a palace official, was last decorated a ‘long, long time ago’. One imagines original Seventies brown shag pile carpet (emanating a particular corgi-esque scent), matching silver/brown abstract circle wallpaper (peeling at the edges), and lurid orange sphere lighting (complete with 20-year old blown bulbs) – actually it sounds rather ‘now’, or at least ‘recent’…. but 300,000 pounds !! Geez, Louise ! Wonder if the royal family know there’s a GFC on at the moment….. 

PS. Also wonder what brand  of hair product Harry uses to achieve that rakish laidback spiky ‘do that he sports – now there’s an endorsement opportunity waiting to happen – might help pay the bill for Beatrice’s apartment overhaul….

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