June, 2009

Jun 09

No breaks for royal privacy



You have to feel a bit sorry for the royals. Yes, they have excuses to wear flouncy dresses and tiaras more often than the rest of us, and one imagines their take on domestic chores consists of a passing ‘good morning’ to the domestics, but still, to be forced to live their personal lives so publicly must really take the wind out of their sails.

This week Earl Spencer and his wife Caroline applied to have a private hearing for their divorce (the Earl does seem to be in a groove of constant partner-changing, but we won’t go there).  In essence, the court deemed that all are equal in the eyes of the Family Court, and therefore the Earl and Caroline don’t get any special privileges – hmmm, well not all of us have the “special privilege” of arguments about our partner’s behaviour being reported in the papers, or camera lenses trained on us as we leave the house for school drop-off decked out in crazy morning hair, slippers, and frayed old trackie dacks. Now, I’m not suggesting that either Caroline or the Earl has appeared in that particular attire, but there is a level of interest in their goings-on that my neighbours (i.e. the pyjama-ed ones across the road), for example, simply would not generate. They, as would most of us, enjoy a relatively private divorce process, on account of us fortuitously being Not Royal (or Royally-Affiliated).  Caroline and the Earl ended up settling out of court…wonder how much the unpleasant prospect of their personal business being lobbed about publicly, influenced that decision….

Then there’s Harry-and-Chelsy who aren’t officially Harry-and-Chelsy.  Can’t help thinking that a romance should be a personal and wondrous event between the couple (and their circle of family and friends, it has to be said). Harry and Chelsy seem not to have particularly courted the press at all through their relationship, and at the tender ages of 24 (ish), I do feel sorry for them that they can’t deal with it sans all the public speculation.  However, I have to say, they do seem to have a special connection (yes, even from 12,000 km away I can sense that connection!). They look good together, they seem good together – I just can’t help thinking they belong together ! Go Harry and Chelsy !! (not that I’m wanting to add to the speculationand fever of it all, of course…).

And finally, there’s Michael, King of Pop.  No, not officially royal but who, through an absolutely huge catalogue of fantastic songs and performance, accompanied so many of us through our big chunks of our lives – ABC, Ben, Got to be Starting Something, Don’t stop ’til you Get Enough, Rock with You, Billie Jean, Thriller, Man in the Mirror….the list of iconic and memorable music that Michael Jackson gave to the world goes on and on. Despite the apparent bizarreness of his later years, Michael Jackson has left a musical legacy that the world will remember for decades to come… long live the King – Boogie On.

PS   Note Prince Albert’s thrown down the gauntlet of sorts by commenting that he’s the ‘only head of state to have visited both the North and South Pole’.  If that’s not a challenge, well, I don’t know what is….any takers? Queen Elizabeth, Beatrix, Margrethe – where are you ??  Get thee to the Poles!!

Jun 09

Tantrums and trooping at royal parades

Procession-attending seems to be the order of the week for euro-royals. From Danish tantrums to English birthday bashes, it’s certainly been a busy week.

Had to chuckle at the photos of Danish Prince Christian throwing a wobbly during a parade for his grandfather, Prince Consort Henrik. Didn’t we all feel for Mary and Frederik (well, those of us who’ve been held to ransom by two-feet-tall tyrants, anyway). Yes, it seems even royal toddlers throw temper tantrums at inappropriate times.

Must say I’m intrigued as to what Christian’s dummy spit was about. “I want that 36-carat bejewelled royal sword thingy that man’s got, Mummy. I want it nooowww!!”.  While others might just whisk their little despot away to a quiet spot for recovery procedures, poor Mary and Frederik had to engage in a full frontal public display of their parenting techniques.

Whatever they said (surely royals don’t bribe their children with promises of chocky bikkies when they get home?), Christian seemed to settle fairly quickly, thus averting the full-body-fling, limb-flail, screaming fit that I seem to recall my child engaging in up at the local supermarket… oh, the shame, the shame ! 

I was also intrigued by the, er, interesting tradition of Henrik and Queen Margrethe greeting their subjects from the palace window, replendent in full PJ regalia. Can’t say those “pyjamas” much resemble the flannie nightie and baggy trouser bottoms sported by my neighbours over the road when they appeared at their bedroom window the other day. (Must make arrangements for that hedge I’ve been meaning to grow out front). And Queen Margrethe’s pyjama hairdo, it has to be said, was a pretty lame attempt at the bed-head look. Let’s just hope Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip don’t take up that particular tradition…

Not much chance of that, with the Queen’s glorious turquoise coat and hat ensemble in the Trooping of the Colour balcony photo – that delicious contrasting crimson flower on her hat just set the colour off to perfection. From the fab hot pink top hat she wore to the Heinz factory recently to the stunning hues she donned for this occasion, QEII is doing some seriously fab hattery (yes, I know it’s millinery, but hattery just sounds way more fun). Really, she almost, but not quite, outshone the relly to the left of the photo. The one towering above the rest of his family, and fast becoming the royal superstar.

Look out, Wills, Hazza’s hot on your heels! And Chelsy, if, as HELLO! reports, Harry still holds a torch for you – run, run as fast as you can, straight into the arms of your Prince. Sigh…

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