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25 July


I have officially moved away from Manchester!

So it’s official! I have moved away from Manchester! Don’t get me wrong, Manchester will always be my home… I love the city, the people, the night-life, the culture, the Mancunian accent and the wicked northern sense of humour! However, it’s time for a new chapter in my life.

I have never lived away from Manchester so I’m delighted to be moving to Essex, so many of my loved ones have lived away from home, my brother lived in America for a while and one of my best friends lives in Oman.. OK Essex isn’t Oman, but my new home is amazing and I am very, very happy getting things organised and choosing fixtures and fittings for our first home together… everyone keeps asking me will I miss my family and friends, but they are all organising to come down and stay, so I really do think I will actually see more of them!

Aside from this rather massive event in my life I have been basically catching up with myself after all the travelling about over the last few months. And also I have started back at the DREADED gym. Yes that right, I have fished out my trainers and reluctantly started working out again!

It’s only because I can feel when I have had a bit of a blow out and after the last few weeks spent in Magaluf, Palma, Alicante etc etc… I thought I needed to get back into it. I hate going, but once I have been for an hour I feel so much better and can cross it off my ‘to do’ list for the day.

I have been also drinking protein shakes like these from My Protein and supplements like Super Omega Fish Oil and a Anti-oxidant tablet (need it after Magaluf!) with Vitamins A C E , Zinc, Selenium and Green T Extract to name a few key ingredients. It’s important to give your body these extra supplements when training.


At the gym I have been training myself and concentrating on low impact weights, squats, walking lunges, jack knifes and a bit of cardio. Not running though – I can’t bear it!




As well as the gym and eating (a bit) healthier I have been looking after my feet as my heels are looking a bit dry, I think its all the sunbathing and walking in flip flops! I have been using this Soap And Glory ‘Heel Genius’ cream which is pretty impressive – in just three days the skin on and around my heels looks less dry and feels silkier. I have to say I love these new flip flops that were sent to me recently Gandys-


Gandys is a social enterprise, and was founded on a commitment to using a portion of all profits to help disadvantaged children through the Gandys Foundation.


10% of all Gandys profits go directly into the Gandys Foundation whose sole purpose is to support children in need of basic essentials such as shelter, nutrition, medication and education.

With all my recent travelling about I feel like I am a lot better at packing than I ever used to be. I’m not going to lie I was pretty rubbish at it… I tended to over pack with things I would never wear or use, and always forget my toothbrush, hairbrush or towel. Nowadays I’m slightly more organised, especially for short trips of 1-3 days.

Here’s some of my handy hints for packing light on short trips away.

1. Invest in decent hand luggage. Mine is one of those wheeley bags that you don’t have to drag behind you.

2. Try on your outfits beforehand and take 1 full extra (smart casual) outfit, just in case you need it. Resist the temptation to throw as much as possible into your case as its pointless and leaves no room for impulse shopping purchases :-)

3. So many decent beauty brands now do travel sizes – I always take a small moisturiser (Dr Weils Mega Brightening Serum in 30ml), lip balm, shampoo & conditioner (Kevin Murphy do travel sized and are paraben free so are good to your hair) travel sized Simple eye make-up cleansing pads and face wipes, travel hairspray, travel tooth paste, and my favourite Giorgio Armani foundation (I put it in a little pot so that I have enough for 2/3 days and don’t have to try and squeeze the full bottle into the little clear plastic bag you have to use at the airport!).



If you have all of these things in your clear bag, then you should be OK for a mascara, a great liquid blusher like Benefit Benetint or Soap And Glory’s Sexy Mother Blusher (these are perfect for the pool or beach), eye liner and a 30ml perfume too.


4. I know this sounds silly, but I still take my security blanket with me where ever I go too. I lost it on a train last year and thanks to the power of Twitter, someone found it and handed it in. Yeah I’m 27 and still have a comfort blanket… its a bit cringe ha ha, but I guess it reminds me of home and I know LOTS of other women who still have them and some are older than me ! (you know who you are!)

5. A swimming costume (if your not going abroad – there may still be a pool where you are staying and its nice to go on a spur of the moment swim, bit harder to do that when you don’t have anything to swim in!) and your own beach towel (need to reserve your spot at the pool somehow!)

6. There is no point taking more than 3 pairs of shoes including the ones you are wearing. Take smart flip flops or sandals in your handbag, wear some comfy day shoes for the flight and pack a pair of heeled shoes for going out.

7. invest in some good sunglasses. You need them to protect your eyes, and they can finish an outfit off… I LOVE sunglasses and can spend all that dead time between checking in for a flight and getting on the plane, trying loads of pairs on. Here’s me trying on some Miu Miu sunglasses on Sunday ( they are a bit wacky!). I actually sat on my Michael Kors glasses on holiday in Magaluf and broke them ( gutted) so I’m on the lookout for some new ones – I really liked these mirrored Tiffany ones so will grab them next time I’m away…






Hope this helps some of you to travel a bit lighter !

Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

02 May


Auditions and my new hair!

Auditions Auditions Auditions!

It’s been another busy week for me going up and down the country for auditions and meetings, which by the way I am loving! I had a recall for one which I didn’t expect at all, when I walked into the room all the girls looked the same with long dark hair and olive skin, I haven’t ever really experienced castings before as Corrie was my second ever audition, so it’s going to take a while to get used to, but it’s all good and some of the scripts I have been reading are excellent.

Alsoooo, I can’t say exactly what – but I have a big announcement on May 14th, and it’s something I am really excited about and have been bursting to tell people for ages! Will reveal all soon!

Aside from meetings etc. I have been spending time in Essex with Mark and our friends. We went for dinner one night to Alec’s Fish Restaurant which was delicious – here’s my outfit:




The bag is Zara, skirt (I can’t actually remember) I think it is Mango?, top is Lipsy, shoes are Office and the statement necklace is Zara.

I think the necklace finishes the outfit off – here’s some other necklaces I have my eye on at the mo:

These are from the first is garnets and a black pearl, and the second is a simple big pearl on a pendant.



I love this one from Zara and this one is Johnny loves Rosie from ASOS and this one is really something from Stella and Dot!



I have also got my nails done in this really lovely coral colour, and my new ‘M’ ring is from Rock and Rose – I love it so much I got it in gold too!




My hair was long overdue a good trim so I took my mummy into my favourite Manchester hair salon for some much needed trimmage. I was thinking about having something a bit more drastic and getting my hair into a bob or something but I know I would regret it afterwards! Here’s me in the salon:




I also tried out my new make-up purchases that night and I have to say I am pretty impressed – the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette is a must have for your clutch bag (as you can see mine didn’t carry much) as it’s a natural blusher, subtle highlighter and golden bronzer in one. The colours really suit my skin tone and I didn’t need to put a lot on to get a healthy glow. The highlighter is best for under the arch on your eyebrows, the line across the top of your cheeks, your temples and a bit on your chin.michelleblogpalette


Loads of people have tweeted me asking where my new sunglasses are from – they are Michael Kors and I have been wearing them all the time (not indoors though, that’s just plain wrong!)




Elsewhere I’m on the hunt for the perfect red carpet bag and shoes, because I am going to the BAFTA Awards on May 18th as a guest of one of the partners – St Tropez … I have already chosen my dress which is VERY rare for me as I tend to leave things very last minute, but need the accessories and jewellery to match. I’m on the hunt next week so will report back on goodies I find.

Also next week I am on Lorraine on Tuesday morning to launch the High Street Fashion Awards (make sure you tune in!) and will be doing a live link from Manchester on the Thursday too.

After I am on Lorraine on Tuesday I am straight off to Wiltshire where I am meeting some very inspirational soldiers who are residents of the fantastic Help for Heroes recovery centre – Tedworth House.

The House provides support to serving and veteran members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded, injured or become sick and has state of the art facilities to help nurse the soldiers and ex soldiers who are recovering there.




I’ve been really looking forward to this visit for some time, and will be working with Help For Heroes to help raise vital funds for them later in the year.

Speaking of charities – another one that I support is the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and my friend and ex Coronation Street co-star Catherine Tyldesley is going to be doing getting into Salford Quays and swimming in the OPEN WATER (eeek Cath! It will be soooo coldddd!), to raise money for this vital local cause as part of the Great Swim Series 2014 .To sponsor Cath please go to

I also want to thank everyone again who voted for me for the FHM #100sexiest poll. I was totally shocked when I got the call to say I had won, I honestly couldn’t believe it.. I really do think that being sexy is about smiling, being confident and comfortable in your own skin. You don’t need to put on lots of make-up or wear next to nothing to be sexy.

Here’s to an exciting week ahead!

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

11 April


My Corrie stunt double and my exciting secret project

Hi everyone!

This week has been a busy one so far… it’s my final fortnight on Corrie now and I spent all last week doing night scenes, most of which were outside and it was verrrrrrry collllld. I can’t give anything away that will spoil the story of  Tina’s final weeks on the cobbles, but I did have my own stunt woman!

Michelle with her stunt double, Tracey

Michelle with her stunt double, Tracey

Also I hope you are all voting for your favourites in the British Soap Awards 2014. Everyone keeps asking me if I think I will win Sexiest Female again, to be honest I am amazed I won it once, however my vote this year goes to my very sexy co-star – Catherine Tyldesley. She is such a warm funny and uber gorgeous woman, with the most amazing curves!

Last weekend I went to London to film for a secret project. I can’t tell you what it is just yet but it’s going to be announced in early May. It’s very exciting and to do with TV and  fashion. Here is a sneaky peek from the studio. My eye catching dress was from Zara :-).



I also managed to get in a bit of clothes and beauty shopping during a gap in filming and was well chuffed to find these fab trousers. They are by NORR which is a new Danish brand – you can buy it  in House of Fraser,

My shoes are Office and my top is Miss Selfridge.  Yellow is such a happy colour, it always makes me think of Summer. It’s not long now girls!


Speaking of Summer, it’s about time I bought my new annual pair of sunglasses. I do it once a year, usually when I am bored in Duty Free waiting to board a plane (it’s fun trying on all the pairs of glasses, plus they are a lot cheaper there than in the shops!). I’m hoping to get in a short break in the sunshine after I finish filming on Corrie. I love Ray bans usually,  but I have my eyes on these by Dior. They are called Piccadilly 2 in Light Gold. Gorgeous! Bit expensive at £230 but if they are in Duty Free then they will be a fair bit cheaper.


If you are on the hunt for a pair that are a bit more affordable then these are really nice from Lipsy, I love the bows on the sides, (Sun 30C2 Bronze) and these are about £35. Bargain!


I also stocked up on some of my favourite Origins Dr Andrew Weil Skin Tone Correcting Serum and the Illuminating lotion too which are one of my all time beauty favourite product ranges. I love it because it feels lovely and light on my skin, isn’t greasy at all, and gives a really luminous glow.


After my shopping spree, I went to try out a treatment with a lovely beauty therapist – Lisa Kempley, called LVL lashes. It stands for Length Volume and Lift and  it straightens your lashes rather than curls them, to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. The treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes and lasts up to 6 weeks depending what condition yours are in.  These are great for a treat, holiday or a special occasion!


This weekend I’m off to London for a photoshoot which I am really looking forward to (might be able to sneak a couple of behind the scenes pics from this one!) and then next week is my last week filming on Corrie. Can’t quite believe it!

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

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