My first ski trip!

Hello to you all – hope you all had a great weekend!

I have had an adventure packed time of late…. Let me explain!

Mark, myself and a big group of friends went skiing… Thanks to Crystal Ski, we went to one of the best skiing resorts around called Le Lac in Tignes.


It was my first ever skiing trip, most of the people that was with us have either done it on a school trip when they were younger, or been on a skiing holiday with family.

Not meeeeeee! I was a complete snow virgin, and yes everyone, I think it did show hahaahahah…


Before I continue I must say a big thank you to Dare 2 B – who kitted me out with all the best skiing gear – I literally was a walking advert for the saying ‘all the gear no idea’ hahaha.

untitled2 untitled3 untitled4 untitled5

Although I didn’t know what a ‘plough’ was or a ‘turn’ I picked it up quite quickly and I managed to keep making it down the mountains in one piece that’s after stopping for a hot chocolate or a refreshing glass of wine along the way of course!



We had such a fun week – I had no idea just how much of a party the resorts have in the evening! It was a great getaway for a group of friends, we didn’t stop laughing and we never got tired of the breathtaking views. We already started to plan when we are next going back!

untitled17 untitled15 untitled14 untitled11 untitled10

Because I’ve been skiing in -16 weather my lips were SO dry to the point they were hurting every time I spoke… However after exfoliating and using nourishing lip balms like Vaseline of these great tubes from Kiehls, my lips were healed in literally a day or so… Here are my tips if you suffer with chapped or dry lips… I guarantee they work:

untitled1 untitled

*when your lip are dry take a soft brush toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with warm water gently brush over your lips for a minute

*try not to lick your lips no matter how much you want to, because it actually dries them out more

*Before you go to bed apply a generous amount of lip balm so it can soak in throughout the night

*in the morning instead of using your normal lipstick or lip gloss, line your lips using a lip liner then fill in with your favourite lip balm.

If you keep topping up throughout the day you will notice the difference within a few hours

My fashion tip of the week is the fashionable backpack bag… I wore one everyday this week while I was away.

It was so comfy and easy especially when you have a busy lifestyle, you just pack up your belongings and throw it on, you forget your wearing it most of the time.

I have also been told by my girl friends who are also mothers, that these bags are ultra practical for mums on the go – especially because you have both hands free at all time!

My favourite high street picks are….

Brown leather £24.99 from Zara – it also comes in black. I love the pocket details on this one.


Black leather with gold zip detail… £35.99 from Zara loving the tassels. Tassels are still a big trend this season.


Bargain buy is definitely the black leather tassel bag from for a very reasonable price of £14


I’m keeping a look out for other eye catching ones – please tweet me pictures of any really nice backpack bags for sale on the high street and I will note them down …

So after our skiing trip I was back for a very short time, and then jetted off for a Lipsy shoot in South Africa,which is where I am currently writing this blog for you all.

I’ve gone from minus 16 and snow, to about 30 degrees and baking hot!!

My dad is over here with me and we are having a really lovely time when I have a break in work. I am over here shooting my next collection. Can’t wait for you all to see it, I’m so excited for this one!

Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

NTAs, Revlon shoot and prepping my next Lipsy campaign

Hey everyone.

How are you all?

We are nearly finished now with January. I actually think it’s gone quite quickly…mainly because I have been so busy!

First of all, I am super happy with my skin right now; after it went all dry and patchy over Christmas, it’s now a lot more even, with no dry skin patches and more healthy looking.

I am sticking to the brands and products that I know work well on my skin and I think all the healthy food and water I am drinking helps too.

For my face I use Origins and Kiehls, and I have also been using lots of Darphin recently. This isn’t a new brand, it’s been around for a while and you find it in a lot of spas.



I rate Darphin’s silky ‘Fibrogene’ serum which acts as a barrier against the elements and protects against very fine lines.


I have also been trying out their body creams and this one is my favourite – ‘Crème Velours’ nourishing and firming velvet cream.

This was so rich and smelt of almonds ( I love almonds anyway so smelling of them is a bonus!)


For more information on Darphin , visit their website

It’s been a very busy time for me – with work and with my life in general I am still training and am hitting my home gym most days .

I was sent some gorgeous new gym gear from a new company based in my home town of Manchester – the brand is called Adanola.



Their first collection is only small but they are apparently releasing more very soon.

The detail on the back of this matching sports bra is pretty nice – it’s £27.00


Last week I had an amazing photo shoot with Revlon, I love working with them!


I did lots of different looks just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I used my favourite products the ‘All In One Mascara’ and the ‘Ultra HD Matt Lip colour’


Hopefully the photos will be out very soon and you will also see them on Revlon packaging!! How exciting!

ladder-a for their whole range.


I also have a photo shoot coming up in South Africa with Lipsy very soon, so I went to the Lipsy head offices to see my next collection taking shape.

We fire a lot of design ideas around and I do a lot of try-ons too. I never like anything too low cut on the chest or too revealing on the leg, it just isn’t me.

I love brainstorming ideas with my design team and we are super excited about this next collection, I think it could be my fave one yet!


A lot of the buyers have been in LA and China to see the next up and coming trends for summer 2016 apparently pretty florals are going to be big with flute shape sleeves and placed lace.


Nude and pale blue have influenced this collection, esp within the day wear pieces.


Like I’ve said many times, and I’m on a mission to eat more healthily in 2016, so I made a tuna nicoise salad this week using fresh tuna and free range eggs, it was great for a post gym lunch and went down a treat with my friends..


They all commented on how delicious it was. I do like preparing food, I think I must get that from my mum Jackie as she is a dab hand in the kitchen.

As I am sure you know, It was also the NTAs this week and it was the 1st time going where I haven’t been representing Coronation Street or sat with them watching the show.


I was sat with some of my Ordinary Lies co-stars and production.



We were up from an award for ‘Best New Drama’ which was wonderful to have been nominated for, but, unfortunately we didn’t win! It was a really strong category though!


I feel very honoured to have been a part of such a fantastic, well-written drama and it was lovely to catch up with some of the cast and have a goss with them.

I also saw a lot of my Corrie co-stars, I have missed them a lot! We have vowed to catch up soon, so before I go to shoot Our Girl at the end of Feb I will head up to Manchester for a few days to see everyone.



Also – here is a run down of my outfit from the night –

Top by@orkailaofficial
Jewelry: @w.salamoon
Clutch: @leivankash
Nails: @sohdubai
Shoes: @arunaseth
Skirt: @ainystyle

Until next week.

Lots of love,

Healthy food, my friends’ charity challenge, and new beauty must haves!

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing with your health and fitness kicks? Have you got through the first two weeks without many slip ups?

I have to say I am doing well! I have been exercising nearly every day and eating VERY healthy.

Even when I go out for meals I am looking at the healthy options.

Normally I will just order whatever I want, but there is no point in eating food that is really bad for you when you have put all the hard work in hours before in the gym!

I went to a restaurant the other day called Roka which is on Charlotte Street in London.


They serve Sushi and authentic Japanese dishes in a really cool and contemporary space. I was very impressed! I had lots of fresh fish and greens like broccoli and asparagus.

I even went for a dessert and instead of going for the chocolate cake ( like I usually do) I went for the colourful selection of sorbets instead. How pretty is this for a pud?


Due to the COLD weather I have been living in my Lipsy green parka


and over the shoulder grey Chloe satchel ( a rather lovely Christmas pressie!)

Now I am all for challenges, I try and set myself a couple every year, so when I heard what a few of my old Coronation Street friends are doing later this year , I have got to say – fair play!

Cath Tyldesley, Tisha Merry (she played Steph – Tina’s old flatmate) and Katie McGlynn are trekking about 35 miles cross country later this year for a charity challenge.

They are doing this on June 4th and 5th, where the SAS train in Wales so I can imagine it will be really tough.

I’m well proud of the girls for doing this – their chosen charities are Parkinsons UK and Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity which is a small charity, local to Manchester.


You can sponsor them here: or if you are really brave, you can sign up and join them for the trek

Well done ladies, I hope you raise loads of money for these great causes.

They have inspired me to take part in some kind of charity challenge this year. I’m not sure quite what though as I hate running and am no good with very long distances as I get so bored. Any ideas, please tweet me!

Here I am supporting the team – in the ‘Super Josh’ Josh Wilson charity hoodie , which I have also been wearing to the gym a lot this week.


Gym update: I still can’t do more than around 2 ½ pull ups by the way. I’m pushing myself to be able to get to three! My cardio has improved a lot though already in the space of a couple of weeks.

While my head was in the zone for eating healthy food I took myself to a health food shop and bought lots of goodies. Gone are the days of healthy food looking and tasting like cardboard.


I always go to one near me in Essex called Red23 – it has so much variety, and everything in the shop is organic. They do an online store too

These Raw Chocolate Raisins from the Raw Chocolate Company taste so rich and full of flavour.


I love these cookies too – they are very moreish.


Now onto the pampering!

I have been testing out some of the Decleor range recently and some of their products, I really like. In particular, as my skin has been really dry over winter – this has been a godsend.


Aromessence Encens Nourishing Body Balm

This body balm is perfect for dry feeling skin. It contains luxurious ingredients like Frankincense essential oil, Shea butter, Tamanu and Macadamia oils which makes it smell amazzzzing too. It’s £35 a tub, but a little goes a long way.


I have also been using their Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream on my face for a day moisturiser over the past week, and although it takes a while to absorb it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Check out for more info.

My lips are also pretty dry too so lip balm has been an essential!

I use the effective and totally inexpensive Carmex at £2 a tube,


but if you want to treat yourself or give some lip balm as a gift then Chanel do a very glam lip balm at £30


and Aveda a very moisturising one for £15.


Before I sign off, I must tell you all about a VERY COOL bit of kit I have just ordered for my phone .


It’s from and it’s basically a phone case with LED lighting on both sides of the case to give you a soft and flattering light for your phone pics and selfies. Great idea and yes my pictures look loads better.

Here I am trying out my friend’s one.



Right I am off now, I need to sort out my outfit for the National Television Awards. See – I am doing my new years’ resolution!

Normally I leave it till last minute but I have at least 5 days to go before the awards which to me isn’t last minute at all, pahaahah!

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

New Year resolutions and a healthy start

Happy New Year everyone!

Did you all have a good one? I feel as though I have been saying ‘Happy New Year’ for the last two weeks ha ha!

New Year

I spent my New Year’s Eve with Mark’s family, we got a massive Chinese banquet for 30 people (by the way there were actually around 30 of us it wasn’t 8 of us eating a banquet for 30 people!), and we enjoyed taking turns on my new karaoke machine all night long (thanks again, Dad, for this great present!)

Healthy Start

It’s safe to say now it’s the new year, I’m back in my health kick!

I’ve had about 2 months off and I am already back on it and feeling good. This isn’t about diets, it’s about improving fitness levels and healthy eating.

I’ve already started on my breakfast juices, using fruit and veg and I usually enjoy one of these with an with an omelette containing something like tomatoes, onions, spinach.

For lunch I’ll try and fill myself up so I don’t pick at unhealthy foods in the afternoon …

I either have a large chicken salad or goats cheese salad with a banana or a home-made smoothie, and if I’m still not full and I need carbs I’ll have a slice of brown toast or some oatcakes, then for dinner I normally have a nice big piece of fish like cod or sea bass, with veg/green salad or chicken stuffed with sundries tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with lots of veg. I have always said I don’t deprive myself of anything and for me, that the right way to play it.

With my healthy eating, I try and keep up my water intake and keep a bottle in my bag throughout the day.

Filming for Our Girl is going to start soon, so I want to improve my fitness levels for this. I will be going to circuit training around twice a week and have been going to my home gym with my cousin Katy, every other day. We motivate each other to go and feel loads better afterwards, I still can’t do 5 pull ups! This is my one of the challenges I have set myself. I can do around 3 at the moment, so hopefully I can achieve this in the next 4-6 weeks. Game On! Please send me pictures on Twitter of you all in the gym, because it really motivates me!

untitled12 untitled11 untitled10 untitled9 untitled8

New Year Resolutions

I say the same thing every year and this year is the year I actually do it – I need to get more organised! I can be quite ditzy and leave things till last minute. I am talking about life in general – I need to plan better. I will use my shiny new diary more, make lists, work through them, prioritise things and remember to keep my receipts in a folder for my accountant.

Oh and I also want to learn how to ski! Random I know, but true. I am like Bambi when it comes to anything on the ice.


My new favourite product of the year is the Matt lip colour from Revlon.


I’ve been trying out a few shades for nights out, and I love it. It goes on like a lip gloss but dries matt and stays on for a long time so you don’t need to keep reapplying throughout the day.untitled4

Heaven Scent

My new favourite scent by Tom Ford. Wow, this is a divine fragrance. I wear it every day. Even when I am just in the house. Or on my own. I can’t get enough of this perfume. Have a smell of it when you see it at the perfume counter! You can buy it from Selfridges or John Lewis.untitled5

Shoe Porn

My new obsession are my eye-catching new platform shoes from Terry de Havilland in gold and burnt orange.


I wore them out for the first time recently, with a pair of jeans and a white fitted jacket with a gold metal belt from Zara.


The shoes gave the outfit the wow factor, I had lots of people asking me where they were from. His website:

Face Brushing

I recently got one of those face brushes from Clinique…

These nifty brushes seem to be getting really popular now, and I think they work well in exfoliating, cleaning and brightening your skin… I use it 3 times a week, and my skin looks so much brighter and feels very soft to touch.

you can also get them from Clarisonic


Nails Nails Nails

My friend Jade Hammond is a wizz at doing nails. She did my new years nails for me – so Thank you so much Jade!


I’ve been wearing alot of dark colours and reds because of the festive period, but went for a hot pink which apparently is a on trend colour for nails in 2016!


Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Christmas and Boxing Day fun

Hi there!!!! Did you all have a good Christmas?

I hope you all had a lovely festive break with your families and friends.

This is a weird time of year isn’t it?! I get all confused with what day it is!

I have definitely relaxed and indulged this Christmas, and it has been so worth it.

Sooooo, this year, Mark and I came up to Manchester to spend Christmas day with my family because last year we spent it in Essex.

We drove up on Christmas Eve’s eve with the dogs, and it took over 6 hours because of the bad traffic, but it felt great to be home.

We had a fun packed 3 days up North seeing all the family, attending numerous parties and eating everything in sight.

Fortunately I was in the clear this year cooking wise, as my mum Jackie and Aunty Debbie were in the kitchen cooking the Christmas dinner. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!


We had a classic and very tasty prawn cocktail as starters, and the full traditional Christmas dinner works for our main course… She went all out by cooking 3 different types of meat. The food was delicious, but I knew it would be as my mum is a fantastic chef.


On Christmas Day night, we figured the roads would be quiet, and drove back down the country (in nearly half the time it took to get up!) to Essex, to start getting the house ready for a Boxing Day get together.

My brother Andrew, Mum, step dad Dave, Aunty and Uncle came down Boxing Day afternoon from Manchester, and some of Mark’s family and our friends came round in the evening. It was such a good party if I say so myself hahah!

We played games (mainly beer pong), but the best part of the night was taking full advantage of the fab Christmas present my dad got me. A KARAOKE MACHINE! We were singing away non stop till the early hours.


untitled2Everyone had a go and my sides hurt from laughing so much. It was nice to see all Mark’s family on Boxing Day and catch up and it felt like we had 2 Christmases.

For the Boxing Day festivity, I was wearing an emerald green skirt from Zara.

Polo neck from Topshop.

And my favourite Stuart Weitzman boots thigh boots from Russell and Bromley.

We were singing away non stop till the early hours.

in front of the tree...

in front of the tree…

My cousin Katie was wearing a leather stone colour skirt from my very own Lipsy collection.

Do you like my nails? My Christmassy nails were a very festive ruby glitter gel…


I’m so obsessed at the minute with my doggie Phoebe and Pip necklaces from Sparkling Jewellery their Twitter is @sparklingrings – I got these a few months ago and love wearing them, sooo cute!

There are other pet necklaces you can get – have a look here:


Great for a birthday present!

Here’s me having an emergency ‘When’ face mask to revitalise my skin. I needed to detox my skin as it was looking dull so I gave it a much needed boost.


They are coconut jelly sheet masks, infused with organic ingredients rich in vitamins to enhance your skin. They come in packs of 5 and you can buy them from places like Topshop.

The single use masks are mess and hassle-free and I thought my skin looked a lot healthier afterwards.


I also used this really nifty eye and brow palette from HD Brows over Christmas. It contains highlighting brow shades, wax and two intensifying brow shades. The palettes come in three different colour types to suit different skin tones – my tone is ‘Vamp’.

I also like their eye-shadow selections, and have been using this one …


I got some amazing Christmas presents, I have already mentioned the Karaoke machine and speaker that my Dad got me, I also love the personalised Nike trainers that Mark gave me and I was totally spoilt with a amazing dove grey Chloe over the shoulder satchel bag.

My pretty pink Nike trainers from Mark - with our initials and our wedding date on them

My pretty pink Nike trainers from Mark – with our initials and our wedding date on them

Hope you all have a fab new years! I am not doing much, but that doesn’t bother me at all, as you can probably tell, I really enjoyed Christmas so I am taking it easy for a few days now and will be hitting the gym in my new kicks!

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Nanny Pat, New York and Lip Sync Battle

Hi Everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Nanny Pat
Sorry my blog is so late for you however I have been in New York, and then just after we arrived back in the UK , beloved Nanny Pat – Marks grandmother, passed away.

She will be so very missed by all those whose lives she touched. She was a kind , funny, and very lovely lady who will be sorely missed.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has contacted myself, Mark and the family, it’s very much appreciated and your support means so much to us all.

New York

Prior to this, myself and many members of Mark’s family went to New York. We went out to visit and stay with Mark’s uncle who lives just outside New York in The Hamptons.


It was such a great trip because there were so many of Mark’s family out there, all of Mark’s uncles and most of the cousins who live in all different places, you know what its like with big families! Getting everyone together under one roof is so rare, but it was extra special that this happened so close to Christmas.


We spent a couple of days with them and then we headed into Manhattan. How could we not visit the most amazing city in the world? The city that never sleeps!
I tried to do some ice skating, which I was pretty chuffed with as the last time I ever attempted this was when I was around eight years old on a school trip. And YES I did fall over a couple of times but I guess that’s all part of the fun!



Mark and I also held off doing a lot of our Christmas shopping in the UK because we knew we were popping to NYC for a few days and the shopping here is AMAZING .


New York is one of my favourite places to go in the world, and there’s something really magical about it when you go around Christmas time. I never get bored of going , there is so much to see and do and you really do feel like you are walking around a movie set.

I took my skirt to wear from ‘Self Portrait’ and I wore it with a beige polo neck from Zara…


Another one of my fave outfits was a backless long sleeve dress that I treated myself too from Selfridges and I wore it with my cream ankle boots from Zara, and my brown shoulder bag also from Zara.


Lip Sync Battle

I’m a massive fan of the American TV show ‘Lip Sync battle’.

LL Cool J presents it with Chrissy Teigen. They’re now bringing over to the UK so I was over the moon when I got asked to take part…


I won’t tell you which songs I ‘performed’ and who I was against, because it will ruin the surprise but I had SO much fun I’ve always loved performing on stage however I can’t sing, so this was the perfect show for me! Pahahaahah!


The fantastic Mel B and Professor Green who are presenting the show were lovely with me . Thanks for having me on guys! Can’t wait for you all to see it…

Girls get together in Essex

So every year for the last six years , it has been a tradition for a group of school friends and I to take it in turns to host a pre Christmas get together.

I lit this gorgeous candle from Origins who sent it to me as an early Christmas present. It smelt gorgeous thank you Origins!!!!


We had just had the news about Nanny Pat but as things had already been planned for the girls to take time off to come down and stay we decided to go ahead. It was so lovely to see them all. There was one missing – Hayley who lives out in the Middle East and works as a teacher for primary school children , but hopefully I will see her soon.


We had so much fun, luckily I had Becky to help me in the kitchen so I didn’t have to do it all myself.

We had a great night eating great food, drinking mulled wine and champagne and having a good old gossip. We did a secret santa too!


We usually play party games, and in the past they have been in the form of dares and the likes ! We were a bit more refined this year but I am sure we will make up for it in Christmas 2016!


I tried out my new Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay eye-shadow kit that night

I am really impressed with the colours , its mix of neutrals , bold colours, sparkly strong pigmented tones that the brand does so well and classic matte neutrals to suit any eye and skin tone.


I really love the Punk and Baby colours the best. Its reasonably priced at £40 , the compact is very sturdy and the mirror is huge for a eye-shadow kit. Well worth investing in for a late Xmas present to yourself (if you didn’t already get one!)


Then just before Christmas I released my next collection for Lipsy.

My favourite pieces from this collection are the Aztec Batwing Jumper and this slim fitting stone coloured Parka coat. Looks great with dark blue jeans and keeps you very warm too.

All that is left to say now is that I am now back in Manchester with Mark, enjoying a few very fun and special days with all my family. My mum Jackie made Christmas dinner for everyone, she always does a great spread!

Treasure your loved ones and enjoy the time you spend with them.
Thank you for all your special Christmas wishes on Twitter
Until next week
Lots of love and a very Merry Christmas!
Michelle xxx

Getting in the mood for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hi everyone and a very happy Sunday to you all ! This week has been quite a busy one with meetings, Christmas concerts and Christmas shopping.

I’m deffo in the Christmas spirit now. Firstly I caught the train up to (rainy) Manchester on Tuesday – to take part in a concert at the elegant Bridgewater Hall.



It was a Christmas carol concert that Jason Manford organised for a charity called The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. (



I met Jason on Ordinary Lies last year. I was thrilled when he asked me to be involved in his concert , especially as it’s in my home town, and for such a worthy local charity.





I would love to have belted a classic Christmas song out like Kym Marsh and Jason, but unfortunately I can’t sing well at all!


So instead I did my favourite Christmas reading Twas the night before Christmas.


Jon Bishop and Jason did a hilarious duet of the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl Fairytale of New York. It was such a lovely festive evening for a great cause.

My dad and step mum, brother and a few friends came, and they had a great time.


Fashion forward.

I had a few meetings with Lipsy this week for my 2016 collections and getting some ideas laid out . It’s one of my fave parts of the process when I get presented the new trends that are coming through for the next seasons.




I get to see the new fabrics, colours and shapes and then with them in mind we start designing the collection. 

Also I was thrilled to get a celebrity fashion designer 2015 award by a magazine!





My fave purchase this week is my new shell top Adidas trainers.

I literally live in trainers because they’re so comfy, but I’m obsessed with these because of the python print at the back so they’re a little more dressy than the standard sport trainers. I have been wearing them all the time, but I keep forgetting to give them a quick clean when I take them off so that they stay pristine white.



Funky blue jumper

People have been asking where’s the blue jumper from that I wore out and about this week… It’s from



Their knit clothing is so unique and cool ( i also really like their knitted skirts!) and they have great pieces for men and women that you’ll never find on the high street. I love the bright colours of this jumper.


My lip colour here is from Revlon, its called smoked peach and I love this rich matte colour – it doesn’t cake or fade either!



Pretty Pyjamas



Also, I have just discovered a new pyjama brand Pretty PJs they are so cute and right up my street! They are really girly, feminine and comfy. I love the little post cards they send out with your pjs too they are so cute and add that little extra touch!



I actually couldn’t choose my favourite pair so I’ve ordered one of every pair – think I will be giving a few pairs to the girls for Xmas prezzis and we can all wear our Pretty PJs for our next girly sleepover! 

Check them out girls –

Twitter @prettypjs_


My skin has improved SO much!

It was spotty and quite dry around my forehead and cheeks , but thanks to these miracle products and lots of water to keep my skin well hydrated it looks MUCH better.

Thank you Kiehls – the midnight recovery concentrate is fantastic to use overnight and the Ultra Facial Cream kept my skin really soft and the redness disappeared.

Ultra facial cream




Also I used the Origins Dr Weil Illuminating Treatment Lotion and Facial Wash to tighten pores and leave my skin glowing.


Their Super Spot Remover also got to work, and the pimples were gone in a few days . Phew!

Until next week

All my love

Michelle xxx


Downton, weddings and red carpet fun

Hi there!

Hurray, it is the weekend finally…has everyone put their trees up? Please tweet me pictures of your trees – I LOVE Christmas!

Downton Abbey
So it’s been announced this week that I have taken part in ITV’s Text Santa.


I’m really excited about it as I’m part of the Downton Abbey comedy sketch.

I’ve been a fan of the show for years so I loved looking round the sets and meeting some of the cast of the show. I won’t give it away what the sketch is about so you’ll have to tune in on the 18th Dec…And don’t forget to donate. Every penny counts.

One of my best friends Liz got married to her fella of 10 years (Kelvin) at the weekend. CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Liz looked sensational, all the pictures of the wedding will be featured in HELLO! Magazine soon, so keep an eye out and grab a copy when you see it!!!!!!!!


My friend Helen and I

It was such a memorable day and although Mark wasn’t there because he was filming away, I was there with all my girl friends which made the day even more delightful.


I loved the dress that I wore to the wedding and I’m sure I’ll wear it again. I got it last min from a brand called Solace which is a concession in Selfridges. The colour was a vibrate reddy orange and it was a gorgeous fit for me.

The night before the wedding I had a little sleepover at mine with my friends Beckie, Rach and Beckie’s boyfriend Sam.

MK 4

Rachael is a fashion buyer and she travels all round the world. She’s recently been to Korea and brought back these charcoal and snail facial masks which we all tried, even Sam got involved! Hahaha.

We put them on and left them on for 15 mins, our skin felt incredible and it left a dewy fresh appearance which lasted throughout the next day. There are similar masks you can get on the internet, another favourite charcoal facial of mine is GlamGlow!!

MK 5

Glamglow is ideal to prime your skin before a big night out, and a little goes a long way.

MK 6

Women of the Year Awards
I was really chuffed to be invited to this…The awards were held at the very cool No.1 Mayfair…


It was a great night full of talented and inspirational women…I was next to Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect on the red carpet, but I was too nervous to ask for a picture so I just sneaked one of her instead! Hahaha!



I decided to wear a festive deep emerald green strapless dress from Debra in Chigwell.


The designer is called Hera and I teamed it up with a metal gold belt also from Debra and Stuart Weitzman nude strappy shoes. I love this dress, the style suited me and the colour made me feel very Christmassy.

Because the dress colour was quite bold, I decided to keep my hair fairly simple and used Beauty Works clip in extensions in ‘Raven’ to add a bit of volume and some length, the colour blends in a dream for me – you can get them here:

I styled it using Paul Mitchell Heat Seal Spray to protect my hair and give it a bit of oomph


I also wanted my makeup fairly minimal and nude so used a mixture of Urban Decay Naked products, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit and Revlon.





Before I go, here are a couple of sneaky pictures I took for you all during the shoot I did for Revlon this week….I CAN’T wait to tell you what it’s all about!




Until next week,

Love Michelle xxx

Visit to Manchester, Winter skin treats and working with Revlon

So this week with Mark working away on Take Me Out, I decided to go up to Manchester for a few days and catch up with all my nearest and dearest.

It has been great seeing my family and enjoying lots of home cooking! I have been out to eat a few times too – including a visit to my favourite place in Manchester – Australasia!

I went with a girlfriend and we had a really good catch up. I know I have mentioned it before but it really is a fab place to eat in Manchester.

Here is a picture of my starter – Tuna Tartare. It’s like a picture on a plate. Tasted really good too…


Smoked duck dragon roll sushi.


How good does this chocolate soufflé look?


Also this week, my mum  Jackie and I also did our annual jaunt to to the VERY festive Bents Garden Centre. – it is in Glazebury, Warrington.


I know, I know, it sounds a bit geeky but we love going and it really gets us both in the mood for Christmas and pick up great tips and design ideas for decorations.


I used to go every year when I was little with my brother, Andrew to see Father Christmas and have my face painted.

Obviously I don’t do that now (although, sat here typing this – it would be a great laugh if I did!) but going there always starts off Christmas for me and my mum and I love seeing all the beautifully designed Christmas trees. My house already has loads of decorations but it didn’t stop me from getting more!


Another reason we go there is the cakes. I had been to the gym twice already that week so I figured I had more than earned one!


We both went for a Christmas slice (it was FIT) and flicked through a Christmas Magazine to get ideas for food as my mum is hosting the family Christmas Eve get together this year. Mum is a talented chef so I am looking forward to it already.

I got sent this very cute sausage dog jumper this week by

I’m going to call it my Phoebe jumper after my very own sausage dog.


Winter Skin Treats

My skin hasn’t been too good this week for some reason, I’m putting it down to the weather change, so every night I’ve been ex foliating using….


The Origins Never A Dull Moment. It works for me as it is a gentle exfoliator and leaves my skin feeling smooth and not too dry.


At night I use the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask which I leave on for 10 mins. The mask cleans out my pores and replenishes my skin.


After than I slather on Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls.


Already my pimples have faded, skin tone improved and no more spots! That’s after doing this routine for just three days so something must be working.

People have been asking what I have been using to shape and define my brows recently. It’s this very nifty tool my the brilliant Charlotte Tilbury called ‘Brow Lift’.


It’s long lasting and very natural… It’s my best beauty buy of the week.image1

Also (and very importantly) last week I went to a special press preview for the fantastic beauty brand Revlon.


It was the launch of their new campaign ‘Love Is On’ and I wore a red matching co-ordinate set vest and trousers from Zara, and I black blazer jackets from Lavish

The outfit rather fitted the theme, ha!

The event was stylish and cool, and it was great to check out all the new products!

I can also reveal exclusively within this blog…….that I’m going to be involved with Revlon in 2016.


I can’t say too much about it now but I’m VERY excited to be working with Revlon!

Watch this space for info on this!

Until next week,
lots of love
Michelle xxx

Lipsy fashion shoot in South Africa and filming for a new comedy, in deep dark Wiltshire

Sorry I am a bit late in posting my blog this week but I have been sooo busy travelling here there and everywhere!


unnamed1I went to South Africa for a few days to shoot my next Lipsy collection… Summer 2016!

Can’t wait for you guys to see it and tell me what you think. I’ve been Cape Town a few times now and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in the world, the scenery is incredible..I will never get tired of visiting it.


On one side, you have the mountains, on the other you have the turquoise waters of the ocean, although I’ve never been in it because apparently it’s freezing! Haha. Maybe next time I go I will be tempted.

We shot the collection at a location house which was right on the coastline, so all day me and the Lipsy crew were in awe of the views.

Just look at this for a view!


The house was beautiful, all open plan and made out of glass. Imagine this as your home. Just spectacular, although cleaning the windows would be a real chore pahahaha!


For lunch one day we had a Braai which is a South African way of saying BBQ!


Can’t wait to go back, hopefully next time, I can be more of a tourist and see more of the amazing country. The best thing about travelling to South Africa is that there is little or no time difference so you done get bad jet lag like you can do with so many other faraway destinations.

Anyway, not long after I landed back on UK soil, I headed over to Wiltshire and I was filming something very exciting for Comedy Central.


It was a period piece where I had to dress as someone from history but it’s hilarious. It’s called Drunk History.


I’m a big fan of the show so when they asked me to appear in their new series I jumped at the chance. I loved dressing up in costume and the location house was fascinating.

A family still live in it and apparently the house got passed down through generations by their ancestors. The shows going be out next year sometime.

Here is a sneaky peek of my costume, it took hours to get ready, not my usual 30 mins!


Back to more fashiony matters: I recently went to a press day for a fantastic beauty brand (more to be revealed in coming blogs!) and I was finally able to wear my new fave Winter shoe-boots (or ‘shoobs’

My Sophia Websters!


I’m obsessed with them. How beautiful are these shoes. So many people came up and commented on them I think because they’re so unusual and different!

I also wore a new top that I got from Topshop Boutique last week.

The material is quite structured and the fraying around the bottom gives it a lovely feminine touch, I love simple tops that you can just put on with a pair of jeans.

My beauty must haves this week are:

Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate


Contrary to popular belief I don’tt have botox , but this serum is pretty good at getting rid of fine lines andtighteningg skin .
A little goes a long way though . Don’t get over excited ( like I did ) and put loads on your face! It’s £49 but well worth it as it lasts for ages.

Kiehls Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit Fragrance


I get loads of compliments on this smell . Its fresh and fruity and smells really good .

Green Goodness in a Glass!

I’m trying to be healthy this week, just because I haven’t been quite so on it for the past 2 weeks.


So every morning I try and have a home-made green smoothie… This is really filling and good for you . Don’t be put off my the bright green colour , it really does taste good , I promise you !

I use

3 handfuls of spinach

2 apples

Half a cucumber

2 sticks if celery

1 big carrot

Half a lime

Add ice

They’re actually really tasty and so easy to make! morning I try and have a home-made green smoothie… I use

3 handfuls of spinach

2 apples

Half a cucumber

2 sticks if celery

1 big carrot

Half a lime

Add ice

Tweet me pics of your morning smoothies and please send me any good recipes too!

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

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