Trying new products

Hey everyone, been a busy week, mainly consisting of meetings, meetings, meetings!

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about them all – sorry!!!! I’m sworn to secrecy, but there’s some exciting work projects planned for later in the year, and I have also had a recall for a really good part so fingers crossed on that one !

Mark has been on the Strictly tour again this week, so I have been in and around London mostly. We had a meeting with our wedding planner on Monday and signed off on some of the finer points of the day. We also did some food tasting which was the BEST part of the day. By farrrrrr!

I have been on a few photo shoots recently, and have been raiding the make-up artists kits for good products to tell you about, so here we go:

Firstly: I love this blusher by Illamasqua. It’s matte and a very natural looking colour and glides on your skin. It’s called Naked Rose. A must buy!


Another Illamasqua Product I rate is the ‘Precision brow gel’.


You get a clean sharp finish and and no nasty little dust on your eye as you can sometimes get with a brow powder . Make sure you get a good brush to use it with, and if you don’t like your brows to be too heavy, get a clean mascara wand and brush lightly through brows.


I also love this – it’s the only fake tan I will use as it’s so natural a colour – by Garnier Ambre Soliare Mist. It comes in three different shades , I wear ‘medium’ and it’s not too heavy on your skin. You spray it on the night before you need a tan – after moisturising your skin and you wake up to an even glowing tan without the “orange” effect.


Also I have recently been introduced to the gorgeous L’Occitane brand – perfect for a chill and pamper night. Haven’t tried them yet, will report back to you when I do, but they smell very fresh and luxurious.


Now, you all know I’m a fan of make-up contouring. I was given this by my make-up artist Collette to try by Seventeen.


It’s called the Define and Conquer Contour kit. The darker powder defines the face, while the lighter powder illuminates.
Use after you’ve applied your base to create a chiselled look! VERY impressed with this and can you believe its only £5.99 – absolute bargain! Some of the other contouring kits on the market are very expensive – I think this one is by far the best value for money… Get contouring ladies!


I’m also pretty chuffed to have been sent this box of nail polishes by Ciate London . It’s perfect for a special occasion and so many different colours to suit every occasion . I love the glittery ones especially…



Must flag up this ring from Lola and Grace, they have some funky pieces, really unique. I wore it on a shoot and I was really impressed when I checked out their website afterwards.



Decided to tweak my Soulmate food order – to the healthy eating / fitness training food plan, instead of the Paleo as I have been on it a while now.


I enjoyed this sweet spiced popcorn on a shoot the other day. Delicious! The healthy eating plan isn’t about weight loss, its about eating clean and nutritious food.

Please tweet me any of your attempts at contouring – before and afters – I would love to see them :-)

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Auditioning again and the Ordinary Lies wrap party

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good week…

It was the Ordinary Lies wrap party this Friday at Lock 91 bar in Manchester.
Nearly all the cast and crew went a lot for drinks and we had a fab time. I’m really going to miss them all!
I wore my new Stuart Weitzman boots ( as mentioned in previous blogs I LOVE these boots and am getting some serious wear out of them!) a classic black Topshop polo neck jumper and a new (ish) Zara skirt.

Here’s some pics from the party:



And one of me with Ordinary Lies producer Tom Sherry:


I didn’t stay too late and the following day a gang of my friends and family went to see Mark and Karen perform in the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour at the Manchester Arena .

Here we are enjoying a few cheeky drinks pre show! (that’s my brother Andrew on the far left by the way)



The show is brilliant! Fab production , fast paced, great choreography and lots of fun to watch. Well done Mark!

Elsewhere this week I have been back to auditioning again. I had two in one week.

One was for a film and another was for a new TV drama series. I’m not going to lie, I do find auditioning nervewracking sometimes, and have to calm myself down beforehand with deep breathing. That usually does the trick!

This is the room that I recorded one of the auditions in. Its more common to tape and then the audition gets sent to the casting director, but sometimes you do audition live in front of a casting director, producer and maybe a writer.


Also this week I did a new shoot with Hello! I loved it, the location was a stunning modern location in Cheshire and the style was right up my street. It won’t be out till March… I was fortunate to work with a fab creative team made up of – Alan, Laura, Fay, Alex, Lorraine and make-up artist Cassie Lomas.

Here’s her website by the way:

Cassie has worked with some of the most beautiful and well known women in the world including Twiggy, Lady Gaga, Coleen Rooney, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and many more… She showed me some tricks about how to get perfect eyebrows (I will share them with you in the next couple of weeks)

Here’s a shot of Cassie teaching me about how to get the perfect arch…


Here’s me enjoying lunch which was a meat platter, fresh and smoked salmon, an array of different cheese and biscuits and a healthy smoothie for dessert.


My t-shirt says  “Sorry I’m Late” and was given to me by a friend a couple of years ago – I can’t think what she was referring to, pahahaha!

My make-up must have of the week is this wonderful foundation from Armani . It’s PERFECT for my skin – it gives you even, sheer coverage (I would say light to medium) without looking caked on , and feels like velvet on my face. Now it’s not cheap – its around £35 a bottle. But it lasts and I think you can always cheat with some more affordable brands for eye-shadow, lip gloss and nail polish – but a quality foundation is worth investing in.


Anyway I need to sign off for now, lots to do next week around the wedding plus I have more very interesting meetings in the diary and some more auditions to prepare for!

All my love

Michelle xxx

Wrapping on Ordinary Lies & the Strictly Tour

It’s a wrap!

So the first series of Ordinary Lies has now wrapped. We have been filming for 5/6 months, mainly in Warrington, and then I had a week filming over in the Dominican Republic in November which was rather nice!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I have had a such a good time filming the series.

The cast and crew have been a dream to work with and I have become firm friends with many of them. The wrap party is this week and I will be back in Manchester for that …..ohhhhh yes !

Here I am with Gemma, who is a make-up artist.


Here’s one of me in the car showroom we film in, it was FREEEEEEZING that day hence the 90’s puffa jacket (who cares, it was the warmest coat I could find!)


And here’s one of me getting my hair done in the make-up trailer.


And finally here’s one of all the cast. It’s been an absolute pleasure guys and I have learned so much from you all :-) see you all sooooooon!


Ordinary Lies will be out in the Spring on BBC1 – as soon as I get a TX date for it I will let you know.

Aside from filming, I have been in Birmingham all weekend with Mark because the nationwide Strictly Come Dancing tour has started. The show is fab, you must try and see it if it comes to a city near you!

Mark said it’s very different to doing the live shows because a) it’s not televised so the pressure is off and the contestants are just having a laugh and enjoying the dancing even more. 2) performing in front of so many people is actually less nerve racking for him, than when he was performing in front of 500 people in the BBC studio.

Here are some piccies from the show.


Over the weekend I was pictured out and about in Birmingham with my favourite new ankle boots on. I love them – sooooooo comfy.


They are still in the sale at Nine West at the bargain price of £59. The only down side to this taupe/cream colour is keeping them clean, but I give mine a quick scrub every couple of days to keep them nice.

Here’s the website link for them

Also I have been sent some really funky T-shirts from a cool Manchester based company called Dead Legacy. The website address for their womenswear is

Some of the T’s are a little, erm, bold and out there in their slogans! But I really like these ones and will be wearing them when it gets a little warmer.


Now you might have heard of the brand Beauty Works when looking to buy clip in hair extensions or hairpieces – but they also have their own haircare range and I am quite impressed. The packaging is modern in white and light grey, and the actual products seem to work very well in my hair, I especially like their Professional Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Heat Protection Spray.


You can get it here :

I also love this tres cute little necklace I picked up from Topshop it was only £5!


I have my eyes also on these ones and will no doubt pick them up next time I am out shopping.


Hope you all have a good week,

Lots Of Love

Michelle xxx

Girls night out & pamper time

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and has been sticking to any New Year’s resolutions they have made?!

I have been hitting the gym, mainly because my metabolism was feeling a bit sluggish after Christmas and Dubai, and have re started my Soulmate Paleo healthy eating food plan – and I already feel better for it.

Here’s an example of one of my menus:



I love the nuts snacks, as they taste delicious, and the coconut and chia muffin is FIT also. They certainly don’t taste like your average ‘healthy’ sweet snacks.

At the gym, I tend to do weights and toning excersizes mixed in with short bursts of cardio. I don’t have a personal trainer, I prefer to just get cracking myself, and get in the mood for a workout by blasting the tunes on my way in the car and on my earphones when I’m in the gym.

We all deserve a treat in life, and I never deprive myself of the things I love, so I invited some of my best friends to Essex this weekend for a girls night out. Roisin and Becky (my old friends from school) came down from Manchester and we met up with our pal Helen who already lives round here.

It was so nice to see them and we had such a giggle, we went shopping round Essex during the day and then in the evening we got dressed up and visited one of my favourite restaurants in Essex – Sheesh which is in Chigwell .



Yes that is an Espresso Martini in my hand! No ‘dry Jan’ for me!

My new over knee boots are by Stuart Weitzmann and although they are not cheap – they are a great quality, fit well and are SO COMFY. Also – this kind of style will keep coming into fashion so im very happy with my new purchase.

My skirt is new and it’s from good old Zara. My top is old , and I can’t remember where it’s from ha!

Helen who is my friend to my right (also with the espresso martini) is wearing a black lace playsuit from my Lipsy collection. She loved it – and I think she looked fantastic in it too.

Later in the evening I spotted this gorgeous lady wearing one of my favourite LBD’s from the collection so I had to have a picture with her – I’m sure you will agree that she looked FAB! It’s so nice to see ladies out and about wearing my pieces, I feel so chuffed!


Here’s some pics of the delicious food we had …

Yes I know – the veg moussake doesn’t look very healthy with all the cheese, but hell it was scrummy!

And here’s another pic of us a bit later in Sheesh, after cracking open a cheeky bottle of champagne :-)


Now, as you know I love a good pamper and have been sent a lot of products to try out. I try and look after my teeth as much as possible – mainly because they weren’t so great when I was younger and I had to wear a brace which I found frustrating at times. Anyways, I love this!


it’s made with coconut oil and you basically swish the sachets around in your mouth . This helps keep your teeth white and gums healthy. It’s a bit of an odd sensation at first but I have seen a marked improvement after using around 6/7 times .

I have also been using lots of masks on my hair and face as bit are feeling pretty dry after being in the sun in Dubai.

I love this mask by Dermalogica it refines pores and makes your skin tighter and smoother. Don’t use it if your skin is overly dry though – this is one for more normal to oily skin.


And this by GlamGlow – I love this one because it tingles when you put it on your face and your skin look clearer, and feel much smoother afterwards.



I have also been sent these products too, by Dr Organic
And apparently one of the ingredients is ‘ snail secretion” !!!! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m up for most things so I will try this over the next week and report back ( if i get over the idea of snails and slime on my face pahahahaha!)



I have given my hair some much needed love – with one of my favourite hair products on the market – Angel Masque by Kevin Murphy – this smells AMAZING and my hair feels soft and looks so shiny after using it.

Have a good week everyone !

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Celebrating New Year in Dubai…

Happy New Year to you all!

Sooooo, Mark and I decided to get some Winter sun as we rarely get long periods of time together. We jumped on a plane and flew over to one of our our favourite places – Dubai!

It’s very busy over there around this time of year, with lots of other people doing the same thing – but we were fortunate to stay in a lovely hotel called the Grosvenor Hotel ( Here are some pics of the hotel…




One of my best friends Hayley lives out in Oman as a teacher, which is like a 3 or 4 hour drive from Dubai, so we met up with her and her boyfriend Dan.

My cousin Katie also came out to join us with her fella Tony and we all got on great, as per usual – lots of nights out , amazing meals and relaxing in the sunshiiiiieeeeennnnne!

Here are some piccies from our trip:

Here we are in a Latin American restaurant called Toro Toro –


I wore this gorgeous lil black dress from my Lipsy collection and Hayley wore one too! Her’s was from the first wave, I’m not sure you can still buy it but I always pack them for trips away because my friends love wearing them out and about as much as I do.


I must say thank you by the way to all of you who have tweeted me pictures of you in your #lipsylovemichelle dresses over the festive period, I love seeing you all in them, it really makes me smile!

We also went to our FAVE place and where Mark and I celebrated after our engagement – Nobu. Its AMAZING. Again- wearing Lipsy!michelle-3



And here’s some piccies from Oceanic in Dubai. We were lucky enough to get a table next to the huge fish tank with sharks and sting rays swimming all around us while we ate.





And finally, here’s some piccies from our actual New Year’s Eve. I wore a yellow dress that I have had since the summer from Zara – in fact I wore it last time I was on Celeb Juice when I got slimed! (And yes, I did get it dry cleaned!!)

We had the most wonderful night – lots of drinks , delicious food and dancing- the fireworks in Dubai were really something too.



All in all it was a very special trip. We flew back at the weekend and its soooooo cooooolllllldddddddddd!

Mark starts rehearsals for the Strictly tour today so I am going to get the house in order and take the decorations down (sob!) before I head up to Manchester for the last block of Ordinary Lies filming.

On my holidays in Dubai I didn’t really wear a lot of make-up – I don’t tend to in the sun anyway – so I just used lots of the classic Benefit “Benetint”. It gives you a healthy glow and even stays on after you have put your suntan lotion on and have been in the pool a couple of times.


I also wore this gorgeous ring from– its made up of 3 stacking rings of hearts – so cute! You know I love my stacking rings ! This one is really pretty – and I guess in theory you could divide it up and give it to your friends as friendship rings, because they all make one when joined together :-)michelle-blog-1


Sorry its a bit of a short blog this week guys but I have so much to do before I head back up North!

Looking forward to seeing all my family and catching up with friends – especially fellow HELLO! blogger Catherine Tyldesley who is now on maternity leave from Corrie. See you soon Cath!!! x

Calendar success, beauty must haves and fashion tips for 2015

Hey everyone!!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. What did Santa bring you? Did you eat, drink and be very, very merry?!

I was very lucky this year and got some nice crockery and bits for the house, lots of smellies including my favourite Tom Ford ‘Cafe Rose’ perfume from a dear friend, and some gorgeous clothes.

Here's me last night in one of my fave @lipsylondon lipsylovemichelle dresses and im also wearing my new Aldo rings that i mentioned last week

Here’s me last night in one of my fave @lipsylondon lipsylovemichelle dresses and im also wearing my new Aldo rings that i mentioned last week

Mark and I had a fab Christmas day with lots of family and friends over, SOOOOOOOOOooooo much foood eaten and plenty of chocs and Christmas pudding too. We also got a Karaoke machine which was great entertainment. I think Mark enjoyed it the most though, as he loves a good singalong and we couldn’t get him off the microphone pahaahah!!!

Christmas day at our house and everyone was a bit tired after Christmas dinner so Carol (Marks mum)  brought round some wigs and this kick started round two of the partying - the Kareoke went on till the early hours and we all had a ball!

Christmas day at our house and everyone was a bit tired after Christmas dinner so Carol (Marks mum) brought round some wigs and this kick started round two of the partying – the Karaoke went on till the early hours and we all had a ball!

I have to say, I’m chuffed to bits with how well my first ever calendar has done. Thank you to every single one of you who has bought it – and tweeted me pictures of it too!


I couldn’t believe it when I was told how well it has sold. It’s currently at number 4 with Amazon – with One Directon (of course!) coming number 1 .

I love the pictures and really enjoyed doing the shoot in beautiful Pollensa… Thank you again to my fab creative team involved – Alan , Fay, Laura, Collette and Lorraine all from @vitalcreatives.


You can still buy the posters and the calendars from this shoot – from Amazon, and

I’m always on the look out for new gadgets and products for hair and beauty, and this one is a treat!

It’s a new hair brand on the market called ‘Pro Blo’ and it’s basically a fail safe hair kit for achieving a salon style blow dry.


You towel dry your hair and spray lots of heat protector and volumiser into it, then split it into sections and use the bristle brushes that detach from the barrel to curl up your hair. (Just like a hairdresser would leave loads of big brushes in your hair while they are drying it).


Once your hair is dry then you unravel your hair and tad-daa! Big boucy hair.. for more info on Pro Blo go to their website : I love it because it’s really easy to use..



I have also asked one of my favourite Manchester based make-up artists Miss Emily Clarkson – @emmyclarkson1 -for some expert guidance on what products to buy in the world of make-up …here’s what she had to say :

” Here are a few of my favourite buys for 2015 for you to add into your make-up bag!

“Clarins Instant Light concealer is my new favourite at the minute- I’m obsessed! It is absolutely beautiful; I mix with it Clarins Instant light brush on perfector, which really gets rid of any dark circles without it being too cakey under the eye. Remember to take it in a V Shape under the eye to avoid that panda eye effect!


“Sleek make up is one of my favourite brands in Superdrug and is such great quality! The pigment in every product is amazing, what you see with the colours is exactly what you get! I always recommend the face contour kit, which is super cheap and has a gorgeous highlighter in one part and a flat contour colour in the other.

“I love radiant glowing skin and so do a lot of my clients, I’m a big fan of BB/CC Creams with good coverage. I recently discovered Resultime by Collin Paris CC cream, which is amazing and is now a staple in my kit. It’s got a creamy texture but gives you coverage where needed and gives you that healthy glow! ”


Thanks Emily ! I will defintely be getting some Clarins Instant Light Concealer and I will keep a look out for the Sleek products next time im in Superdrug..product2


And while you are all scouring the sales looking for bargains – These are the looks that I think will be big in 2015 :-)

Denim will be huge!!! so stock up on your denim shirts, dresses, jeggings, waistcoats and jackets. Double and triple denim can be worn…its no longer a fashion no no …. This is a good time to grab some pieces in the sales, as it never really dates and you could grab a luxe denim bargain in one of the more expensive designerstores.

Off the shoulder dresses. Yes ladies the dellecotage is IN! This is a very sexy look and will be THE dress style for 2015. I love this Briget Bardot style white dress I did with Lipsy.



Its elegant and a lil bit sexy too. Perfect for a date night or weekend away. Dont forget to highlighter to your collar bones and tops of your chest to catch the light . Mac Strobe cream or the Laura Mercier radiance primer is ideal.

Buy Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance, 50ml online at



The 70s dont just think of the scary and garish prints and ridiculous bell bottom flares. This is more of a subtle lean towards this fashionable era with interesting oversized jewellery, floppy hats, sequins, big hair, wide trousers and plenty of fitted coloured suede jackets and A-line skirts.

I hope that helps you when you are refreshing your wardrobes…!

A few people have asked me if I have any new years resolutions planned – I have a huge year coming up – as I’m getting married and have some interesting work projects on the horizon too, but the only new years resolution I have is the same one I had last year and that’s to be more organised! I am getting better though and have got myself a decent diary so that I can plan things better.

Thank you for all your support this year, wishing you all good health and great happiness in 2015.

All my love,


Michelle xxx

Christmas time: Karaoke with my best friends & Strictly Final

Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall ?

It’s the time that every Santa has a ball!

Yes it’s nearly here!!! Chrisssssstmasssss!!!!

And I’m so happy! It’s so nice to be able to spend such quality time with all my loved ones this year! I have a couple of weeks off work and I intend to relax, eat, watch lots of good films and just generally appreciate the time with my friends and family ❤️

Firstly I want to start by saying yet again how proud I am of Mark and all he achieved on Strictly. Coming a respected 4th place is more than he had anticipated when he agreed to do the show and he’s loved taking part, training with Karen and meeting all the other great people on the show… Although Mark didn’t lift the glitter ball trophy (P.S.- well done Caroline!) – he’s a winner in my eyes !

I went down to support him with my mum Jackie on Saturday night (my shirt was Reiss and skirt Zara)

Here we are having a drink after the show finished – with Carol, Jessica, Frankie and Wayne.


Now that the series has ended Mark and I have got the small matter of a certain wedding to get organised! We have a lot to get sorted so we are going to sit down with our wedding planner in the next week or so and have a big ol catch up.

Also this week I was up in Manchester and went for dinner with my friend for her birthday, in one of my favourite places Australasia. The food is delicious especially the sushi – if you go – try the prawn avocado and goats cheese sushi – or the smoked duck roll. FIT!!!!!


My first Spring phase for Lipsy also launched this week. Have you seen the pictures? My favourite pieces are this pretty white body con/lace dress and this light pink leather bomber jacket.

Untitled-5Untitled-4 for the full range.

While Mark was in Essex having a boys night out I went up to Manchester for my much loved annual girls night. All my best girlfriends (from school) get together and have a slap up traditional meal (look at this plate full!)


We drink a teeny bit of bubbly ( okkkkkk … maybe a *bit* more that a teeny bit pahahahaha) play games, do a secret Santa and have a good old girly catch up. This year it was the turn of Liz to host the knees up.


She served up a delicious meal which we all enjoyed very much , and then after dinner we hit the karaoke! It was soooo funny. I sung my party piece (which by the way , is Cher – Turn Back Time!)


Thanks Liz for being the hostess with the mostess!

I’ve been pretty organised with the ol Christmas shopping this year so any last minute shopping has been just for lil ol me! I bought some of my favourite Sandy Bay candles online for my home in Essex – at … the new Mimosa Valoey fragrance is amazing – very fruity and fresh.


I don’t have any hair extensions in at the moment because I want to give my hair a break, but I need some clip ins for shoots and nights out, so I got some great quality ones from

And during a recent shopping trip this week I spotted these cool rings from Aldo (I love stacking and midi rings)


I also picked up this fluffy handbag from Zara which I lurvvvvvve and have had a lot of compliments on.


Zara has some gorgeous snuggly ponchos and coats in at the moment. Look at these! Fingers crossed they go in the sale too…


Anyway, I need to sign off. I have some mulled wine calling my name and some last minute presents to wrap.

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

All my love to you all :-)

Michelle xxx

Mark makes the Strictly Final, and attending the Millies.

HURRAY!!!!! MARK IS IN THE FINAL! SO, SO proud of him! All our family and friends are. Thank you SO MUCH To everyone who voted for him. He’s going to go all out for the final and I will be there cheering him on :-)

Here’s a pic of him and Karen after the show.

I went on Saturday night with his family, the atmosphere in the studio was buzzing.. Karen and Mark have worked so hard for this, and it’s extra special for Mark as he is the only one in the final who has never had any dance training prior to the show, what an achievement for him!

Here’s a pic of me and with Mark, after the results show having a much earned beer … (I’m wearing my new season Lipsy Poncho)

Earlier in the week we both attended the Millies at Greenwich Maritime Museum. It was such an honour to be invited. We had a wonderful evening, and met so many service men and women… hearing their stories was very moving.

I will be doing more with the Help For Heroes charity in 2015. .


The head of external operations there is a man called Mark Elliott (Hi Mark!). And he has asked me to highlight a very special plight – about homeless veterans this Christmas.

There is a project that H4H is championing, which is an incentive by one of their sister charities – Walking with the Wounded

Inspire your friends, colleagues and family by walking home from work this Christmas – no matter how far or how long it takes – to raise funds for those who won’t be spending the festive season at home with their families.

You basically pay £15 to the charity and the money goes directly to their £40k homeless project called Make It Work which helps wounded, injured and sick veterans who have become homeless back into work.

So, ditch the train, the bus, your car or your bike, put on your trainers or walking boots and get walking. The only rule is that you have to do the walk between 15 – 23 December and be home safe in time for Christmas. So not only do you help a good cause, you also get fit!

Anyway, back to the Millies- Before the awards I had some pamper time and the day before I tried this Bliss instant energising mask and eye gel – my skin felt very clean, a bit dry but tighter and the pores were less visible.

Then on the day I used this Radiant Glow Express Mask by Sisley – well it certainly does what it says on the tin.

My skin was soft smooth and glowing after just 10 mins of putting it on. I also used this Origins GinZing eye cream to brighten and depuff my eyes. I’ve used it before and think it works a treat ..

Remember last week I said I would be wearing a Mark Melia gown? Well it was sent down to my house in Essex but not in time ! Gutted! Not to worry it’s just one of those things, I will definitely be wearing it to another red carpet even as it is such a beautiful dress and Mark is a great designer…

So luckily Essex isn’t exactly without its ultra glam ladies, so I headed to a great boutique in Chigwell in Essex called Debra. I found this elegant evening dress which was perfect for the occasion.

I wore jewellery that Mark Melia provided for me (sent earlier than the dress, ha ha). Here is their website – they also sell online – have a look if you still need a Xmas day or News Years WOW frock!

For my hair I had a simple blow dry and had my fringe pinned off my face. I used this new bit of kit that was sent to me by Nicky Clarke. The heated rollers are really good, they left my hair full of bounce with a gentle curl.



For my make-up I kept it quite simple with a slick of red lippy, used these Ardell false lashes for some extra lash oomph, and I used the Nars Hot Sand Illuminator on my arms and collar bone.



Here’s some pics from the night – The Millies is on ITV1 on the 18th December I think!


Aside from the Milles and Strictly, I have just been relaxing at home in Essex and had a few meetings. It’s actually really refreshing to be doing nothing for a change, I’m not lying when I say it rarely happens! I’m popping back to Manchester for a few days this week to see family and friends and then it really will be Christmas time!

I don’t really know what I want for Christmas, I have asked for a nice big make-up organiser box, and some comfy pyjamas, I know… not very glam pahahaha, but so long as I am around my loved ones this Xmas then that’s enough for me. :-)

Until Next Week ( and after the Strictly final- exciting!! !!!)

Lots of Love

Michelle xxx

Mark makes the Strictly semis, The Millies and Christmas make-up must haves

So I’m going to start this blog by saying hurray! So proud of Mark for making it to the semi-final of Strictly. How amazing has he done?

He’s trained so very hard and it just goes to show that hard work does pays off. I think he is the one who has improved more over the weeks than any of the other dancers, especially as he had never had any dance training before. He’s so grateful to everyone who has voted for him (as am I!), and to his dance partner Karen – and he’s really looking forward to Saturday’s show.

This week I have hardly done any filming with Ordinary Lies – as I didn’t get back from South Africa until Wednesday morning and then spent the rest of the week catching up with myself. Filming is starting to wind down for Christmas now and I’m very fortunate to be getting some real time off this year. I’m going to try and get all my Christmas shopping done in good time and not race around the shops all in a day like I have done in previous years…

Here are some more pictures from the shoot. South Africa is a beautiful place, I was completely in awe of the scenery. I would have loved to explore a bit around Cape Town but it was literally arrive and work, and then leave!






The make-up artist I was working with over there used this on me and I was very impressed! It’s just £16 by The Body Shop and a fraction of the price of the NARS Body Glow which is £44. It’s a shimmering dry oil, great for shoots and for nights out because it gives your skin an even bronzed/golden glow with a hint of a shimmer – without looking greasy.


This is one of my must have winter nail colours too by Chanel. It goes with everything and doesn’t chip.


I have asked the wonderful Collette Casey @collette1976 @vitalcreatives – who is one of the best make-up artists I work with – for her recommendations on winter sparkly make-up and gift ideas for your girlfriends.


Collette said: “I have managed to have a nosey around the shops this weekend and as usual I ended up in the beauty department! I spied some lovely Christmas gift sets so I thought I’d tell you what caught my eye.

“MAC are doing some great gold pigments for the eyes. They do a gift set with five different shades in and I love them all! So nice to add over the top of your eye shadow or even on its own for a little Christmas sparkle. I also like to use a tiny bit in the inner corners of my eyes to add some bling.


“Benefit are doing some amazing little gift sets too! They have put together some of their best sellers all in miniature form so it covers everything you need. I spotted a great one with some of my favourite primers, mascara and bronzers in. To top it off they are in the cutest packaging!


“I don’t know about you but when the weather gets a bit colder and I’m inside and outside with filming my skin can get very dry, I’ve been using Origins “Make a Difference – plus+” Rejuvenating moisturiser and it’s made a huge difference. Then if I want to put a little bit of foundation on I’ve been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It’s really light so just gives your skin a lovely glow plus it has SPF20 in it for added protection.”


Thanks Collette – I’m wayyyyy ahead of you on the Origins suggestion – already bought that bad boy and lots more! My skin is definitely going drier in the colder months so it’s a good job I have stocked up on my favourite products by (the aforementioned) Origins and Dermalogica – lots of good stuff for my face and body.

Here is a selection of my skin must-haves.


Since being back from South Africa I have been loving my Paleo food – thank you to I enjoyed a Full English the other day – you don’t get many of them on the average healthy eating plans!

Here’s a pic of some of the yummy food I have been sent. Delishhhhh!


I am off to the Millies (The Sun Miltary Awards) on Wednesday. It will be my first time on a red carpet for ages, and I am looking forward to it very much. I have asked a great designer who is based in Liverpool City Centre called Mark Melia to design me something and we have come up with something really elegant. Here’s a sneak preview – that’s Mark in the picture. His website is and he’s lovely, nothing is too much trouble!



On Friday myself and my best friends all went for a big catch up meal in Manchester city centre at one of our fave haunts – Rosso. It was Beckie’s birthday, and here she is with her cake awwwwwwwww!


Here is a shot of us all together. I love our get togethers :-)


It’s also been lovely getting the house all ready for Xmas – I have already got a few of my favourite candles from burning to flood the rooms with gorgeous smells like Nutmeg and Ginger, Inspiring Spice and Vintage Fig…I will be decorating the tree over the next couple of days so will put a couple of piccies up next week to show you…

Until next week

All my love

Michelle xxx


Christmas is coming, and top tips for sparkly festive party hair

Hurray! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Have you all got your advent calendars? And your Christmas Jumpers?

Here’s a GREAT one from


I’m away on a photo shoot at the moment (yes, I know…back in the sunshine AGAIN!) and we are in the most amazing place. I’m very lucky to be able to come to places like this :-)

Here’s a pic of me on my way to the airport.



And here’s a couple of pics from one of the locations:





As soon as I get back I will put up my tree at home and decorate the house. It’s our first Christmas together in our new home and I’m so looking forward to having a lovely time with all our friends and family. I’m not as busy filming wise this month for Ordinary Lies as I was the last few months, so I will get some much needed chill out time – hurray!

Speaking of the festive season, I have been spotting some great hair styles and asked top hair stylist Alex Foden to give me (and now of course, you!) some top tips for festive party hair.

Alex @MrAlexFoden has worked with some of the best known tresses in the business, including Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan, and has a real flair for creating gorgeous looks.

Alex said: “This Christmas’ hair trends are all about adding sparkle and glamour with a good old bit of glitter as far as I’m concerned!

“From subtle to completely in your face, this is a look taken from the catwalks and a favourite of stars including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence and Rita Ora. You can achieve this so easily yourself at home with just a few styling products and glitter colour pots of your choice.



“This style worn by Beyoncé is so simple and fast.

“Just go online and order yourself some clip in glitter strands. Add a 50 pence sized amount of Kérastase Forme Fatale Voluptuous blow-dry gel to the hair using the product on the fingers and taking it through from root to tip then blow-dry the hair straight and smooth.


Kerastase1“Pick up small pieces of the hair and back comb at the root ready to clip each strand in to so that it’s nice and secure and won’t slip. To help with that back combing I love to use Kérastase VIP Volume in powder. Do this on either side and then let the top sections down and the strands will break through the hair as it moves.

“Add some extra shine and calm any frizz using Kérastase Touche Finale serum and Gloss Appeal Instant Shine. Now you’re ready to add your Christmas sparkle.  Place your hair in to the desired parting then section off the top inch either side.Kerastase3

“Jennifer Lawrence sports this next classy look by weaving some dazzling jewels in to this tousled hair up. Add some Kérastase Spray à Porter tousled effect spray to damp hair and blast with the head upside down with a diffuser to achieve a nice wave and movement to work with.





“Section the hair in to 5/6 wide sections and loosely plait the hair with hardly any tension so the movement and almost thrown up look stays in the hair. Starting with the bottom plait pin from side to side. Add the first lot of beading in to the hair and work around the plait. Take the next plait at the same time as wrapping the beading.  You can grab beading like this from somewhere like Claire’s Accessories or Accessorize or take a long necklace of your choice and this will be just as effective.


“You can add more bling to this by using singular hair jewels also available at Claire’s Accessories or any Indian clothes store will have some amazing hair jewels and pieces.  Finish with Kérastase Laque Noire extra strong fixing spray, some Gloss Appeal Instant Shine and you’re ready to dazzle!

“Taking this look to a much more dramatic level Rita Ora shows just how funky you can make it with multiple tones of glitter panels including bronze, gold and silver whilst mixing it with her normal hair.


“Start by prepping the hair with Kérastase VIP Volume in powder then start to back comb away.  Take out a few random sections around the front and section away so that the glitter does not go on to them.

“Mix together L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Glue with large amounts of your desired coloured of glitter for each panel. Stroke large amounts of this through the hair then pin back loosely still leaving the front sections away and dry with a diffuser at a distance so not to cause any flyaways. Once dry take the front sections over spray them in to place with Kérastase Fix Fabulous Precise fixing spray, pinning them if necessary and you’re ready to go.

“So this Christmas get yourself ready with your pots of glitter and experiment away to get that fairy like sparkle that everyone will lust for…it’s this Christmas must have!”

Thanks Alex!

I absolutely love the Jennifer Lawrence hair style that Alex has championed, it’s so pretty and feminine. I have just confirmed that I will be attending the Millies in London with Mark on December 10th and if I decide to wear my hair up I want it to be like that. Gorgeous…I like Rita Ora’s glitter hair too, but I don’t think I could do the glitter streaks myself it might look a bit messy if I did it ahahahah!

If any of you try these styles and get handy with the glitter – please tweet me some pictures I would love to see them.

I have been sent this hairdryer to try out by Parlux. Alex tells me it’s like THE BEST hairdryer to have, so I will report back on its performance soon.


Another way to add a bit of sparkle and glow this month is to put it on your skin.

I love body moisturiser products that reflect the light. These products give you a healthy shimmer on your skin and also look great in photographs. The Vita Liberata Capture the Light range is one of the best on the market today come in a few different shades – the ones that suit my skin tone best are Latte and Gold.



Oooooh before I sign off for today – here is a picture of me wearing my new leather skirt from Zara that I mentioned here last week – I teamed it with a silk shirt (also Zara) and some new nude strappy sandals from Stuart Weitzman at Russell and Bromley. I really like this look, perfect for a dinner date or a business meeting.



Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx


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