My new film role, the gym and hair perfume!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good a Easter break? I enjoyed spending time up in Manchester with the fam and yes… I did indulge in a couple of eggs… however my bank holiday was short lived because (and I’m so excited about this) I started my new role, it’s a brutal comedy drama film called ‘Strangeways Here We Come’.

I play a character called Demi, who is totally different to the characters I’ve played, she has many insecurities as a young girl on the estate she’s from (in Salford) and is quite an anxious, fragile and introverted character.


When I got the script that has been written by Chris Green (like me, also from Salford) I was so impressed. The film is produced by and stars Stephen Lord. He’s also been in Shameless and EastEnders. The whole cast are great to work with and it’s fab to be back in my home town, working on such a gritty project.


Anyway, before Easter I had a shoot for Lipsy, my first one in a while, and the make-up artist Liz used Laura Mercier creams on my face to prepare my skin… She used the eye repair serum under my eyes and I literally could see my puffy eyes being lifted and the dark circles (which you have at 7.30am in the morning) started to fade… I have always been quite a fan of Laura Mercier, especially their face primer.



And secret brightening face powder (bit of a fave of mine!).


I will definitely be getting some of this eye cream for myself now!


I went to the gym quite a lot over Easter (to compensate for the eggs!)… And I have to say, wearing all the new Lipsy sportswear collection makes it more bearable… I love the
fact it all matches, and it’s not too flamboyant with colour. The collection has that sporty feel to it that you would normally find with a normal sports brand, but with a feminine/cool edge! I’m obsessed!


I love this gym top too by Lipsy you can look at the range here:

Everyone’s been asking where my horse shoe necklace is from on Twitter and when I have been out and about… It’s from Laura Gravestock, the company I mentioned last week, she has amazing
intricate jewellery just like this. I literally haven’t taken mine off.


Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine

Great for holiday hair, I always use this product when I’m leaving my hair to dry naturally especially on holiday by I know it’s a hair product but I use it on my legs too.. And because it’s an oil and has the shimmer it makes your legs look amazing and it smells gorgeous but don’t wear it in the sun because it’s and oil and you will burn!



Hair perfume… There’s so many really nice ones around that you can buy. I think it’s one of my essentials for when I’m going on a night out or out for a nice day out in the sun… The key is not to spray too much if so it could leave your hair looking a little greasy… Less is more. My favourite is by Herra.


I got it a while ago in a goody bag and have been using it ever since. The smells is quite luxurious, musky and exotic.

There’s another one by Balmain called Silk Perfume which is really nice too but its more of a day hair perfume. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

This is one is great because its more of a leave in conditioner with argan oil as one of the ingredients.

Im busy working all weekend, so won’t get much opportunity to enjoy the sunshine :-( but I hope you all can for me! :-)

Lots of love

Michelle xxx


My favourite designers – and a quick word on my new project!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Hope you are all having a good week – only one more day then it’s the 4 day weekend hurray!! Although it sucks that the weather is apparently going to be rubbish -I’m going to make the most of Easter and catch up with my family and friends. Oh, and get some shopping in too!

I have discovered this rather cool lil’ designer called Laura Gravestock, Her pretty and feminine brand was founded in 2009. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, be it her childhood spent in the Middle East and Spain, or the stylish part of East London where she lives, Laura creates intricate, feminine jewellery, and it’s my new obsession!


Using precious metals and gemstones, Laura works from her London studio at Cockpit Arts. Named as one of Professional Jewellers Hot 100 in 2014 and 2011, and a finalist for the UK Jewellery Awards New Designer of the Year 2012, the brand has blossomed, gaining recognition both within the industry and with its ever increasing loyal customer following. Including me!


This is one of my faves – the written infinity ring at £59

Laura also makes personalised jewellery. How cute is this bracelet?!


And these earrings personalised to your lucky number?


For a cheaper alternative to personalised jewellery – then these are pretty cool and under a tenner from Freedom at Topshop!


I love this cute necklace too by Freedom.


I’m also so proud to announce that I’m the new ambassador for Garnier Ambre Solaire

I have been a fan of for many years and I love their tanning products , so I feel so honoured to be working with such an amazing company.



My favourite tanning product is their No Streaks Bronzer Self-Tanning Dry Body Mist (£7.79)! I’ve always used it, like for years. It’s not a new thing for me at all – I’ve loved it for yonks. And then for my face, the Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Self-Tanning Dry Face Mist (£5.66)

The best way to apply the dry mist that I adore, is you should always exfoliate first and not just knees and elbows, all over your body. I like to use the Origins Incredible Spreadable Ginger Body Scrub.michelle8


Next, I moisturise all over, and then use Garnier Dry Body Mist all over my body, including the underside of my arms. it’s so easy to use and gives a great all over glow.

Here is the summery dress I wore for the press launch by Orla Kiely (I went to her fashion show earlier in the year at London Fashion Week!)


Since I got back off my holiday, my skin has gotten pretty dry again, so I have been slathering on this Ginger body moisteriser. this is my fave, also by Origins… Very hydrating and it smells FIT!


I was very chuffed this week to get to be a guest on Channel 4’s brilliant Alan Carr Chatty Man.


He is SO FUNNY! I can usually get a bit nervous on shows like this, but he really put me at ease and I loved it. I’m a massive fan of the show and Alan is such a lovely guy

I decided to go with this dress by and the shoes are by Terry De Havilland.

But how cute is this other dress that I have my eyes on ?! Its £235, a great cut and perfect for a fun dinner date or even a race day if you keep the headwear simple.


I love the rich blue fabric of this dress too and would wear this for a date night or cocktails with the girls. Big fan of Markus Lupfer!


My shoes were by Terry De Havilland his official website is

Look at these beauts!



I have also spied this seriously sexy pair of  stilletoes by the goddess designer Sophie Webster on the Cricket Liverpool Instagram.


Note I haven’t put the prices on any of these pairs of shoes. That’s kind of irrelevant – just marvel at them in all their beauty! Pahahahaah!


Anyway, sorry, it’s a short blog this week but I’m on my way for a script meeting for my new BRITISH FILM. Can’t say anything more at the moment other than I’m very excited about this new project and will tell you all about it as soon as I can!

Have a great Easter and enjoy those easter eggs!!!

Lots of love


Michelle xxx

Ordinary Lies and a surprise meal with my fave gals

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday to you all!

Firstly thank you SO MUCH for all the comments about Ordinary Lies last night. It was truly overwhelming to get so many great messages of support on Twitter and compliments on the episode. I loved filming it, and the writer Daniel Brocklehurst is so talented. I fell in love with his scripts as soon as I started to read them. Next week it’s the turn of the fantastic Sally Lindsay to take centre stage, you must watch! It’s a brilliant episode!

So, I have been making time to train, and no it’s not to loose weight, it’s to get muscle tone and improve my fitness levels. I don’t really do any cardio and I dont have a personal trainer, I just tend to train myself, I get my tunes blasting and I love the feel good factor you get after a good workout… I find that weights and resistence training is more effective for me. The only bit of cardio I tend to do is a bit of a warm up for my muscles on the cross trainer for 10mins. Then after I’ll concentrate on one area of my body which is arms or legs… If it’s a legs day I do squats, lunges and kick backs and if it’s arm day I’ll use free weights normally 6k but it differs each time I go, and I do shoulder press, fly lifts, bicep curls on dips to work my triceps on an arms day.


I have also been sent this recipe book by the founder of the Soulmate food plan I have been on the past few months – it’s by @Soulmatefood @Christiancoates and called #FitnessGourmet. Looking forward to trying out some of his recipes! Like I said – this is about being healthy and fit. Not loosing weight.

I usually wear just an old T-shirt and leggings or Nike gym gear, but have been sent some sportwear from a brand called ‘No Jiggle’ – cool name! Will be trying them out and reporting back to you all :-)


In other news, I had a big suprise thanks to my mum and friends last weekend when I was back in Manchester.

My mum organised a surprise pre hen party at The Double Tree Hilton which is a sister hotel to the Hilton. It is near Piccadilly station and a really lovely hotel.

My friend Beckie picked me up and made out we weren’t doing anything special, and as I walked into the room- all my aunties, cousins, and friends shouted ‘surprise’!! I was in complete shock!

The room was a gorgeous private dining room which had amazing views of Manchester, with its own roof terrace! How gorgeous is this?!


We had a lovely meal and drank champagne… Laughed and chatted the night away… It was perfect!


I was over the moon. It was so nice to see so many of my nearest and dearest under one roof! We did lots of gossiping and planning for the hen party and of course the wedding..not long now!

I have been able to get out and about into town for a spot of retail therapy and I fell in love with this dove grey jacket from Topshop. The sleeveless jacket is a massive trend this season.

I wanted a new spring coat and this is perfect cause it’s not too heavy and I love the no sleeves, because it gives it a edgy blazer feel.

Oh and I must show you My new dress from Zara! I have had so many compliments! I love the graphic detail and long sleeve, this dress could be worn day or night.


I have been VERY lucky and been given some products to try from Charlotte Tilbury. I’m a massive fan of her brand of make-up. I always use her products on shoots, and I find they really compliment my skin tone. My fave product has to be the ‘face sculpt and highlight’.


OK so it’s not cheap at £49, but this is a serious investment product for your make-up bag.

I’m also loving this MAC lippy – its very matte and called ‘kinda sexy’ ( LOVE the name!)

Looks good day or night!
Ohhh before I go I must say congratulations to Cath and Tom on the birth of their beautiful baby boy – Alfie James. So happy for you both and hope to see you all very soon!!!!

All my love
Michelle xxx


My relaxing trip away to the beautiful Grenadines

Morning everyone! I have just got back from a really relaxing trip away in the beautiful Grenadines.

Mark and I visited one of our favourite places Buccament Bay which is on the small island of St Vincent. I first went there for a Hello shoot with my mum a few years ago, and fell in love with the resort then.

Mark and I have visited twice since then and love it because it’s very private, tranquil, the weather and scenery are beautiful and the staff are so lovely.


You can check out the resort we stayed at – here :

I’m not going to lie, we didn’t do very much! Mainly a lot of sunbathing and relaxing and it’s only when you stop that you realise how much you needed a break…

We were very good and went to the gym most days but also enjoyed all the fresh fish, shellfish and delicious steak dinners that we could fit in.

Plus quite a few cocktails and delicious desserts… well, we were on holiday!

I wore a lot of my ‘Holiday’ Lipsy collection while I was away. Perfect for the beach!


love this kaftan to wear over a swimmie on the beach


I have been looking after my hair while on holiday because it can dry out very quickly in the heat and the sea. Every day I have been using my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer… I wet my hair in the morning brush the serum through and leave it to dry naturally.

I have also been using a new product on the market by Beauty Works called “10-in1 Miracle Spray”. It is a trio of super oils with Argan Macademia and Linen Sead oils and this gives the hair ultimate nourishment and conditioning. It is also a heat protector spray and helps to prevent those pesky split endS… you can buy it from


I have also been using this great cream for my hands by Garnier (and the odd time, I have also slathered my feet in it and it felt very nice indeed!) We often neglect our hands and feet so its important to keep them moisturised and smooth to prevent them getting dry and chapped.

I also love this dry shampoo by Baptiste… great if your on the go – or on holiday of course! I love the smell too…

Last night was the first apisode of Ordinary Lies on BBC1. There’s 6 episodes centred around each of the main characters. The 2nd episode is where my character Tracey is at the forefront. I can’t wait to see what you all think. Please tweet me @michkeegan and let me know your thoughts on it!


I loved working on the series and enjoyed working with different actors and production team, I felt very lucky, because As soon as I read through the scripts, I knew I wanted the role.

This week I am back to work and getting ready for some filming for a new role. Im also catching up with my mummy Jackie too which will be nice!

As I have been away this week I haven’t really bought anything new however I LOVE these new shorts I got a couple of weeks ago from H&M and they look good with a white tee.

Anyway, must dash,

Until next week

Love from

Michelle xxx

My Mothers Day HELLO! Magazine shoot & beauty recommendations

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Have you seen my gorgeous mummy Jackie in HELLO! this week? She is looking GREAT!!! Happy Mothers day this Sunday to all the amazing mums in the world.

We had a great time on that shoot. It was done back in January at an amazing house just outside of Chester, very modern and sleek in design, and was built into the side of a hill.


The house even had a mini football pitch/dancefloor/games room.

My dogs Phoebe and Pip decided to get in on the action too, here’s a pic of Pip wanting some attention!

The clothes and styling was fab, thank you so much to Lorraine Mcculloch @lorrainestylist

I loved every outfit, some of the labels my mum and I wore included: Lanvin ,Victoria Beckham, M, J Brand Jeans, Jimmy Choo, Tibi and much more. You can get a lot of the pieces from:

Lorraine mixed it up with some high street pieces from the likes of Matalan, John Lewis and of course – Lipsy London!


I asked Lorraine for some feedback on her styling on the shoot and this is what she said:

Lorraine said: “I have already had a lot of people tweet me about the orange pointed suede court shoes Michelle is wearing on the shoot. They were by Christian Louboutin and are called ‘So Kate’.

The jeans Michelle is wearing are by JBrand. They are an amazing fit, with great stretch in them and are a classic staple skinny fit jean, that would last for years.

Tibi are a cool popular American brand based in Soho in New York City. They are a young, fresh, feminine and dynamic label. I like to use a lot of Tibi on Michelle because she suits it well, and its very ‘on brand’ for her.

Michelle is wearing a Matthew Williamson dress in the shot of her sat by the piano , it is actually in the sale at Cricket at the moment , I put it with the pink Balenciaga shoes which added a cool edge to this look.”
Awww thanks Lorraine! :-)

Here is a picture of our lunch it was deeeeeeeelish! Very healthy and Paleo with meat and fish with lots of salad. However I did end up having a couple of slices of bread (actually they were more like door stops but hey ho!)

I am still cracking on with my and will be continuing the healthy eating plan when I come back to Manchester, while I do some filming over the next couple of weeks.

There is also a great behind the scenes video of the shoot – you can watch it here:

This week I was up in my home town of Manchester for a couple of days and I managed to catch up with a few friends and family.

I took one of my cousins Katie to the Mirror Ball at the very plush Lowry Hotel this week, and we had a fab night. Mark popped in too and we all enjoyed the entertainment by 90’s band 911 .



The charity that benefited from this night was Forever Manchester and I believe they raised around 70k . Well done to all involved!

I brought up one of my favourite #lipsylovemichelle red carpet dresses to wear for the occasion. It’s a navy embroidered maxi evening dress, featuring a low drape back and flattering side lace panels. This one is one of my faves because I love the side detail and navy is one of my favourite colours.

The gathering on the stomach area is also flattering too and you do show a bit of leg with the sides of the dress being shorter than the front and back. I got loads of compliments on this lil number! You can buy it here:

I have finally had the oppprtunity to sit down and try out a lot of the great beauty products I get sent to try, and also have bought from a recent shopping trip.


I love this lilac ‘Essie’ nail varnish, perfect for the beginning of spring and the nail varnish itself is really glossy and long lasting.

You can see all the colours they have on the website

I think I have mentioned this product before but I think it’s SERIOUSLY good. The ‘Erase Paste’ from Benefit is my must have of the week!


You put it under your eyeshadow to act as a base and it literally doesn’t move all day!!! Great for a concealer too if you are tired. Any under eye bags fade away. Don’t use too much though because it can look caked on, and we dont like that do we girls?!

I love a good face scrub and this one is very impressive by a company called Beauty Lab @beautylablondon

It is a creamy facial polish that will help remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and leaves your skin brighter and fresher.




I used this rapidly absorbing serum after the scrub and my skin felt very good. It contains Hawaiian sea plant, hydro-silk, hyaluronic acid & plant collagen along with essential vitamins & minerals.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Original Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion looks amazing on shoots or nights out.

It gives your body a golden glow and it’s JLO’s fave product too!!!!! Even better!!!

I got mine from this website :

The lotion instantly gives skin a sun-kissed glow and shimmery radiance.

It can also be used on the face as a highlighter on the cheekbones and temples to catch the light, but again, less is more on the face!

I managed a whistle stop tour of Zara too this week and got this cute powder blue bag… It’s a BARGAIN for £39.99 and I reckon it could last you a few seasons.

My black jumper in this picture is from an internet label called InTheStyle . I dont think you can get it anymore (I got it last Summer) but you can get other cool slogan jumpers and T’s from

I’m having a few days to chill and read through scripts before my next job – Ordinary Lies will be shown on BBC1 on Tuesday 17th March . I am really proud of this series . It was a joy to be a part of and the cast and crew were a hugely talented group of people. Please tweet me and let me know what you think of episode one!

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

The BRITS , Ordinary Lies and a night out with the girls.


There was the small matter of attending the biggest music event in the UK last week!It was such a brilliant night, we enjoyed it so much and got to see so many big stars perform : Taylor Swift, Madonna (I couldn’t believe the whole cape thing but she was such a trouper and carried on!), Paloma Faith (she was SO good) and Ed Sheeran to name a few .

It was also amazing to be in the same room as the likes of Orlando Bloom , Cara Delevingne , Russell Crowe and Kanye West . What a mix of people!


We sat on a table with a great mix of people . Oh and the food was delicious. Here is my Lemon Posset – yum!


I wore a dress by Isabel Garcia and a bright green shoulder bag by Mawi. Isabel Garcia is an Italian brand with just 10 stores throughout Europe .

The label only launched 6 years ago and is already making waves in the fashion world.

The bag (by Mawi) was a bit different and a bold colour . I liked how distinctive it was.

Mawi are based in the Dalston district of London and over the years have collaborated with some of the worlds most iconic labels and top fashion houses. These include Disney Couture, Atelier Swarovski, Hugo Boss, Swarovski Crystallized, Bruno Magli and Selfridges.

Here I am off to the BRITS.


Last week I was also asked to attend a BBC worldwide showcase. It is a unique annual sales festival hosted by BBC worldwide and attracts more than 600 of the worlds top TV and digital executives to Britain (this year it was in the dynamic city of Liverpool) . I was asked to attend to represent the drama I was part of – Ordinary Lies.




The event was very special. They had Chris Martin on a live link and had Paulo Nutini perform live. There were also actors John Cleese and Russell Tovey at the event, along with pop band Backstreet Boys.


I wore a black leather and lace dress from my Winter Lipsy collection . I don’t think you can get it from the Lipsy website anymore but you might be able to get it from the Next website.

After the showcase it was straight back on the train for me to London . On Saturday my two best friends Beckie and Robyn came down to London for a girls night out .


On Saturday we went to an absolutely gorgeous restaurant called Roka . It’s a contemporary Japanese restaurant .


They have  healthy and tasty food such as Lamb cutlets with Korean spices, rice hot pot with lobster, made to order sushi, and dumplings. Oh and yes, we did have a few cheeky afternoon cocktails too!


In the evening we went to Sheesh for dinner and then to Faces . I Love the music because there are always lots of cheesy songs! It was great to catch up with the girls!


I’m really chuffed about my new Lipsy collection which is out in two days (5/3/2015). It is my summer collection and we shot it all in South Africa in Autumn last year.


I have been looking after my skin as much as I can before the wedding so thank you to the lovely people of Origins for sending me my favourite ‘Dr Weil Mega Bright’ range.

This really is one of my all time favourite skincare brands because it leaves my skin glowing.


I am also a big fan of Embryolisse @embryolisse_UK as a day to day moisturiser. It is also good for priming your skin before make-up.


Before my night out with the girls on Saturday I tried one of these peel off face masks by Casmara.


The ‘Rejuvenating’ one actually has gold dust in it. All of them help restore and illuminate damaged skin. In addition they are paraben free which is always good. The mask only takes 20 minutes to put on and I have to say my face felt like I had just enjoyed a full on spa facial . Very impressed. For more info go to – the kit only costs £9.99 which I think is good value for money.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Lots of love

Michelle xxx


London Fashion Week!

So, this week was the first time I have ever been able to experience London Fashion Week in all its glory.

I have been invited to a lot of shows previously, but I have always been working so haven’t been able to go.

Let me tell you, I LOVED IT ! I love the buzz with all the dashing around for the shows, and I feel so inspired by seeing and meeting so many trend setters. Plus I got to catch up with a lot of people I haven’t seen for a while which was nice.

In just a few days I feel like I have learned so much about clothing and fashion, and I can’t wait to put some of my ideas and inspiration into the outfits I wear and into my next Lipsy collection.
I’m still OBSESSED with Sophie Webster shoes, and wore a pair nearly every day last week. I love how individual each pair are. Look at these beauts – with their own pink glittery wings on the back of the heels!


So Mark and I started off our week with a trip to the Fashion For Relief event last Wednesday, and the supermodel goddess that is Naomi Campbell – hosted the evening.


She showed her friends and fans how to do the catwalk in her home town of London.

She actually helped organise the show too, which was to raise awareness and money to fight the spread of Ebola. It was a great evening and we were both honoured to be “FROW”.
Here is Naoimi.


Dame Vivienne Westwood


Beautiful model Jourdan Dunn

I also went to Paul Costello’s fashion show and the lavish Waldorf Hilton hotel and was lucky enough to actually wear one of his pieces. Paul is an Irish designer with some 30 years experience in the industry.


He uses a lot of jacquard fabric in his pieces, and there were lots of colourful empire lined, oversized coats and baby doll dresses I loved.


Julien Macdonald’s show was one I was itching to go to .


I have been a fan of his designs for years and his show didn’t disappoint. It was very racy, with lots of zips, leather and chokers (maybe a lean towards the 50 shades craze?!) but had a real air of sophistication about it and I loved his use of rich colours.



Here’s me with Julien after the show.


Oh and here’s me wearing a gorgeous blush pink cape and skirt combo by the very talented Orla Kiely. Orla is another Irish designer who is based in London as is best known for her handbags and strong use of colourful pattern.


Her Autumn collection at Fashion Week was really impressive.

Lots of pink, lemon yellow and rich orange pieces layered with buttoned-up cardigans paired with pussy bow blouses, and camel mini skirts worn with shirts and fluffy jumpers. All the models were wearing Mary Jane shoes, in fact I saw a lot of these shoes being worn out and about so I reckon the MJ shoe is definitely BACK IN LADIES!

My favourite products of the week that I have to champion for you guys are:

Tom Ford Gold/Brown pallet. Amazing pigment in these eye shadows, a little goes a long way.


This gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury ‘Nude Kate’ lipstick – I wore this every day !



New Origins product moisturiser ‘Renewal Serum with Willowherb’ I put loads of this on after taking my make-up off and it definitely refined pores , smoothed my skin out and gives your face a subtle glow.


And before I go, I must show you this soft and ultra comfortable Lipsy London tracksuit I was given, which was a must to chill out in in the evenings, after all the running about during the day.


Untill next week

lots of love

Michelle xxx

Launching my new Lipsy collection and dinner at Sheesh

It’s been a very busy week for me, starting with the UK press preview and VIP launch of my new Lipsy Spring/Summer collection.

We had the event at the Ham Yard hotel in Soho which is a very cool and trendy place – I am hoping to go back and stay there soon, it’s gorgeous!


They have their own cinema downstairs for private viewings, and it was here that they played out the behind-the-scenes video of my Lipsy photo shoot in South Africa.


Sooooo, let me tell you about my new collection. There are two drops: one is combination of day-to-day, formal wear and pieces for nights out, and the other is for holidays and hot Summer nights. It features much more of a Summer palette, of whites and pale pinks and other pastels that I like to wear.


Everything in the collection is something that you can take from day to night with lots of classic pieces with a girlie twist. My favourite piece in this range is the pale peach and white striped two piece.

The holiday collection has a festival feel to it too, with the use of floral prints on the playsuits and the tassel pom-poms on the twin sets. We have used lots of feminine lace, and I love the pretty kaftans to throw over a bikini. Check out for more info.

Here is me doing some TV interviews in the peach and white striped two piece I mentioned before.


I have also managed to hit the shops this week, and picked up these beauties from Zara. I LOVE this fringed lemon yellow bag and cant wait to wear it out and about.


Perfect for summer with the tassels and I love the colours in this chunky necklace to jazz up a neutral coloured outfit.


On Friday, my mum came down to visit and I took her to meet Tracy Giles. She does professional permanent make up. Tracy did my mum’s eyebrows for her, and I’m very impressed as they look so natural!


For more information go to or @tracie_giles on Twitter. Here’s a piccy of my mum Jackie and her new brows :-)


I must thank Resultime by Collin Paris for sending me some products to try out. I had never heard of them before Emily Clarkson (a make-up artist from Manchester) started using it on my skin. Looking forward to testing them and reporting back to you all.


This weekend (Valentines night out!) Mark and I went to Sheesh, our favourite restaurant in Essex to watch a really good jazz band. I wore my favourite Stuart Weitzman boots, a Lipsy gold necklace, black skater dress from Zara and a grey duster coat from my Lipsy collection.


We took a night off from our healthy eating mission and treated ourselves to a scrummy bread and butter pudding, (how FIT does this look??) oh, and a couple of cheeky Hendricks cocktails. All in all, a lovely evening!



Now it’s back on the healthy eating wagon. Here’s my healthy eating plan from for the next 3 days. The Pesto Crusted Salmon last night was DELISH!

Anyway …. I need to dash as I am off to the gym to be good, and as I look out of the window I can see the sun shining down. Hurray!

Happy ‘Shrove Tuesday’ everyone, enjoy your pancakes !

Lots of love



Nights out, tips for dewy skin and my new shoe crush!

Not long now till Ordinary Lies! I saw this in the Metro when I was sat on the tube this week… So excited!!


I have been lucky enough to get out and about with my mates a few times this week! Its been nice to catch up with my pals and let my hair down a bit!

The girls and I went out in Essex on Thursday night – here I am wearing a pleated skirt from Zara and a crop top from my newest spring Lipsy collection which is out soon. It also comes with a matching skirt.


Friday I went out with my friend Helen to Citizen bar in Chelmsford, and Mark came with us too. I wore my new season ‘peter pan’ collared black Lipsy playsuit (perfect for a night out or dinner with friends), and teamed it with a smart black Lavish Alice cape.


I have found a shoe designer, that I have to tell you all about. I’m not going to lie, her shoes are around £300 plus for a pair but – WOW! Just look at these beauts!


She makes some seriously GORGEOUS footwear. Sophia Webster They are quite vintage inspired, but with a fun, colourful and feminine edge. They are my big fashion crush at the moment. Here are some of the pairs I am lusting over.


I reckon Carrie Bradshaw would have LOVED these.



Having done a fair few photoshoots I have learned a lot about how to make the most of your skin , looking after it, disguising bits you dont like, and accentuating the bits you do. I also think there’s a fine line between looking dewy/glowy and looking, well, a bit greasy!

To get some expert advice on picture perfect dewy skin I asked Emily Clarkson @emmyclarkson1 – one of my favourite makeup artists, for some top tips:


Emily said:

“If you struggle with oily skin but you still want that dewy and glowing finish, the best way to achieve this is to start with great skincare. Starting with applying a mattifier or a matte primer will really stop that shine coming through in unflattering areas. My favourite ones to use in my kit are the Shu Uemura beige UV mousse poreraser and the Becca ever matte priming perfector!



“These two products are really great to give that flat clean canvas before applying make up. I like to apply them with my hands and really work them into the skin.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, which also has great anti ageing properties, the new Resultime anti-ageing mattifying liquid is fantastic, it leaves the skin hydrated and smooth, matting out areas of shine whilst also targeting blemishes!”


“Once you’ve prepped the skin and applied your foundation and powder, you now want to highlight and put that glow back into your skin in the areas where shine is flattering.

The tops of the cheekbones, the brow bone and the Cupid’s bow are areas that are beautiful to see shine. My favourite highlighters at the moment are my new favourite high-street buy from MUA ‘undress your skin’ highlighting powder- these are so cheap and absolutely gorgeous!!

Another staple in my kit and a firm favourite with my clients is Mac Mineralized skinfinish in Lightscapade, this is really subtle but really catches the light on camera.”


“As a liquid alternative Benefit also do a fantastic product called Highbeam.”


“Highbeam gives you that red carpet glow and is great to carry in your handbag. I’ve found the best way to apply this is just to tap with your finger on the tops of your cheekbone and blend away with a clean finger.”

Great advice from Emily. I love Highbeam, and I have just bought the MAC Lighscapade!

I’m starting to think about my skin for the big day, so have been using lots of my Origins Dr Weil Mega Bright serum and illuminating treatment lotion. I LOVE these products and have done for years. This collection of products really suits my skin.


I have also been trying out some products by Sisley. This face mask ‘Masque Eclat Express’ makes your skin look glowy, vibrant and feels amazing.


I also rate their lip balm too ….I have been using lots of it in the cold weather, and can feel the benefits as my lips tend to dry out at bit in the winter months.


I have also started using ‘Revitalash’ which is meant to thicken and help make your eyelashes grow. You put it on every day and night and are meant to see a difference after a few weeks. I have only been using it a few days so will let you know if there is a noticeable change.

Before I go I must thank all the ladies who have tweeted me pictures of themselves in their #lipsylovemichelle dresses. I love seeing you all looking so glammed up!

Until next week
Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Trying new products

Hey everyone, been a busy week, mainly consisting of meetings, meetings, meetings!

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about them all – sorry!!!! I’m sworn to secrecy, but there’s some exciting work projects planned for later in the year, and I have also had a recall for a really good part so fingers crossed on that one !

Mark has been on the Strictly tour again this week, so I have been in and around London mostly. We had a meeting with our wedding planner on Monday and signed off on some of the finer points of the day. We also did some food tasting which was the BEST part of the day. By farrrrrr!

I have been on a few photo shoots recently, and have been raiding the make-up artists kits for good products to tell you about, so here we go:

Firstly: I love this blusher by Illamasqua. It’s matte and a very natural looking colour and glides on your skin. It’s called Naked Rose. A must buy!


Another Illamasqua Product I rate is the ‘Precision brow gel’.


You get a clean sharp finish and and no nasty little dust on your eye as you can sometimes get with a brow powder . Make sure you get a good brush to use it with, and if you don’t like your brows to be too heavy, get a clean mascara wand and brush lightly through brows.


I also love this – it’s the only fake tan I will use as it’s so natural a colour – by Garnier Ambre Soliare Mist. It comes in three different shades , I wear ‘medium’ and it’s not too heavy on your skin. You spray it on the night before you need a tan – after moisturising your skin and you wake up to an even glowing tan without the “orange” effect.


Also I have recently been introduced to the gorgeous L’Occitane brand – perfect for a chill and pamper night. Haven’t tried them yet, will report back to you when I do, but they smell very fresh and luxurious.


Now, you all know I’m a fan of make-up contouring. I was given this by my make-up artist Collette to try by Seventeen.


It’s called the Define and Conquer Contour kit. The darker powder defines the face, while the lighter powder illuminates.
Use after you’ve applied your base to create a chiselled look! VERY impressed with this and can you believe its only £5.99 – absolute bargain! Some of the other contouring kits on the market are very expensive – I think this one is by far the best value for money… Get contouring ladies!


I’m also pretty chuffed to have been sent this box of nail polishes by Ciate London . It’s perfect for a special occasion and so many different colours to suit every occasion . I love the glittery ones especially…



Must flag up this ring from Lola and Grace, they have some funky pieces, really unique. I wore it on a shoot and I was really impressed when I checked out their website afterwards.



Decided to tweak my Soulmate food order – to the healthy eating / fitness training food plan, instead of the Paleo as I have been on it a while now.


I enjoyed this sweet spiced popcorn on a shoot the other day. Delicious! The healthy eating plan isn’t about weight loss, its about eating clean and nutritious food.

Please tweet me any of your attempts at contouring – before and afters – I would love to see them :-)

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

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