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Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan

My time in Mallorca, back to brunette, and Our Girl launches on BBC1

Hi everyone!
Happy Tuesday!
Thanks for all your feedback on Twitter from my last two blogs, it’s very appreciated – and while I am on the subject of feedback – THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT COMMENTS ABOUT OUR GIRL!
I couldn’t believe how many messages of support I got – my phone went crazy last Wednesday, it was so overwhelming and flattering to have so many people say nice things about the first episode. The next one is full of nail biting drama and action, and in parts it is pretty tense too!
So, as you know, my last blog finished when I was having some downtime over in Mallorca.

Beautiful scenery….. I could never get bored of this view.
I have enjoyed quite a few of these!

And quite a lot of this!

I wanted to tell you about one of the other places we visited on our mini break.

One evening we visited Abaco, in La Lonja, which is in the old town of Mallorca and is renowned as one of the best bars on the island. It’s perfect for a date night if you are wanted to go somewhere a bit special.
I wore this classic little black dress from Zara.

You step back in time to an era of Spanish opulence, when you pass through the deceptive old wooden doors (it has a hidden entrance, we quite enjoyed trying to find the place!)


Inside it is very pretty, with flowers and fruit everywhere, the décor is classic Spanish…
The cocktails are not cheap, but it’s worth it to sit in the enclosed courtyard listening to the birds sing, and just generally soak up the atmosphere.

Here’s some pictures of other outfits I wore on the mini break…..
This yellow print sundress is Zara.

This super feminine white Spanish style dress was an impulse purchase from a small boutique in Palma. I can’t remember the name, I just saw it in the window and ran in for it!

So, after our lovely few days in Mallorca I came back to England for lots of promo for Our Girl.

For the screening (of which I was VERY NERVOUS!) I wore a black Lipsy suit jacket from my 2015 collection and teamed it with matching cigarette style black trousers, and shoes from Office. I decided to wear this suit because it is a classic suit, fits me really nicely and is timeless style wise.

I am super impressed with these false lashes too, they look so natural and you can use them a few times…

I also trialled the HD Brow Palette, again, very impressed – a good blend of colours that stick to your brows an the angled brush gives your a precise finish.


The launch was a good opportunity to catch up with the cast and one of the directors, Jan which was fab as I hadn’t seen them all for a while. Mark also attended which was lovely.

Afterwards myself, Mark and some of the lads from the cast all hit one of our favourite London nightspots – Mahiki, and enjoyed a few of their cocktails which was a perfect celebratory ending to the day!
The following day was the day I went brunette again! It didn’t take nearly as long as it did to go blonde let me tell you! I think it was about three hours in total.

Bye bye blondie!

My hairdresser Lisa Laudat did it for me. She took me back to my natural colour with a vegetable dye, it’s going to be a gradual process because it will take a while for my hair to hold the dye.

Back to me!
After having a close inspection of my barnet, it’s not really that damaged, especially considering it was bleached four times! I think that is mostly down to me looming after it and using Olaplex.

And using Ojon hair masques which I used nearly every time I washed my hair.

It’s made by the Origins brand (of which I have always been a huge fan). Sometimes I would slather it on my hair after shampooing and a quick towel dry, loosely pin my hair up, wrap in a towel and sleep in it, so that all the good stuff in the mask seeped into my hair overnight.

Speaking of Origins I have been using lots of my Dr Weil Mega Bright Serum. It’s one of my favourite all time day serums.

I love the way it glides on my skin and it doesn’t leave it greasy at all. In fact it leaves my skin looking luminous. You can get it in two sizes. I tend to get the smaller one so that it will go in hand luggage as its good for using mid flight if you are prone to dry skin from plane air con (www.origins.co.uk).
So after I had my hair done (and feeling and looking much more like ‘me’) I travelled up to Manchester for another Our Girl screening, this one was all the more special because my mum, step dad Dave, dad Mike and step mum Lynne and brother Andrew were my special guests.

For the Manchester screening I wore a black off-the-shoulder Bardot style top from Lipsy. You can also get it in white – www.lipsylondon.co.uk.
After the screening we had a bite to eat in Media City and met some army veterans and had some pictures with them and the Mayor of Manchester, which was pretty cool!
I wasn’t in Manny for long, I had to head back to Essex, which was where I watched the first Our Girl episode.
We had a house full! Everyone loved it, and again, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me for Our Girl. It means so much to me.
This week I am going to have a bit more down time, I am getting over a cold, so once I feel better I am going to hit the gym again! Yes it has been a while since I have had the time to go regularly but intend to get back into training….
I’m also at the Southampton Boat Show on the 16th at around 11am, so I’m looking forward to that! Come and see me :-)
Until next week,
All my love
Michelle xxx

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