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From luxury yachts to family catch ups!

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday to you all ! Its Episode 3 of Our Girl tonight, hope you all enjoy it as much as the last two.

So, to recap, I’m starting to feel a bit better, as I have been battling a bad cold this last week or so. I do tend to get them when I am working a lot, or when I am run down. I remember I had a dreadful cold after I finished working on Coronation Street.

I think my body just says “give me a break!” so I have been doing that, and stocked up on vitamins, Berocca, had lots of sleep and am eating healthy food. I am definitely feeling a lot more ‘me’ now.

In fact I am feeling so much more myself, that here I am on my first trip back to the gym!


Uffft it was hard work, but I am glad I went, and once you do that first trip back, the next one isn’t quite so bad. I’m pretty quiet on the work front for a while, so I now have the time to train 3-4 times a week and I am doing this because it makes me feel good, plus eating healthy will boost my immune system after my lurgy. I have started doing HIIT for 20 mins, I can’t stand running on the treadmill, it bores me to tears, but I needed to get my fitness levels up so I figured this way it’s all over a lot quicker, and I don’t find it quite so mundane as a jog.

For those of you who are not familiar with it – HIIT stands for: High Intensity Interval Training, and it is basically short intense bursts of exercise, where you go hell for leather, followed by brief recovery periods (so like 30 seconds work, then 30 seconds rest) and it is designed to kick start your metabolism.

I have found a good demo on You Tube called Pure HIIT, so I stick that on my phone, put my headphones on and go for it!

For my gym attire I swear by full length leggings, a good fitting sports bra (this is essential for keeping everything firmly in place!) a vest over the top, and decent lightweight sports trainers.

Brands I like are New Look, Nike, Gym Shark, Adanola and Victoria’s Secret and I am never really bothered about matching either. As long as it all fits well and I’m comfortable…that’s what matters!

After all the training I make sure I have a warm shower and have been loving this by Clarins Eau De Jardins – its a shower gel and lightweight fragrance that refreshes me as it smells really clean and zingy.


(Hard to describe exactly what it smells of , I think its floral with a bit of wood it in too. Have a smell next time you are near a Clarins counter!)

I have launched my latest collection with Lipsy London this week so have been busy doing lots of promotion around my Autumn/Winter range.


I love this snug parka coat with blue faux fur trim hood and we have released a reversible parka coat which I think will be a big seller too.


My favourite look is this desk to dinner outfit where I am wearing fitted suit trousers and crop black top and a smart matching suit jacket. Its not very often we do suits in the Lipsy collections, I think this will be also be a popular choice. http://www.lipsy.co.uk/store/michelle-keegan for more info ..

 This weekend I wore some of my new Lipsy range out for my sister in law Jessica’s 31st birthday celebration. I adore this leather mini with the gold buttons (the buttons make it a tad more eye catching), the lace top I am wearing is very similar to one from my collection two seasons ago, but we tweaked it slightly, added longer sleeves, and brought it out again as it sold out so quickly .

Jess’s birthday bash was at 100 Wardour St which is in the heart of Soho in London. I went with my cousin Kate and friend Helen, and all of Jess’s friends too. On arrival we had some nibbles and a cocktail or two, and then went downstairs into the club area.  All the ladies get on really well so we had a fun and girly evening. Happy 31st Jess! :-)


The uber-cute light gold ankle boots I wore that night are from BCBG. I got tweeted loads about them, but I don’t know if they make them anymore as I bought them over a year ago when I was in America. This was the first time they got an outing and I’m so glad I wore them because they were SO comfy! You need that when you are on your feet dancing all night! I will be wearing them more for sure.


The clutch bag is from Lulu Guiness – its a typical Lulu piece with her trademark red lips and I think its a cute finish to an evening outfit. http://www.luluguinness.com

This weekend my brother Andrew came down to stay with us in Essex and we went for a slap up Sunday lunch at The Blue Boar which is in Abridge. I actually didn’t know he was coming, so it was a bit of a surpise, but a lovely one all the same as I don’t get to see as much of my bro as I would like.


Also last week I opened the Southampton Boat Show which I really enjoyed. I have never been to a boat show before, however I love being on the sea and would never say no to a trip out on a luxury yacht!





I had a mooch round a super-sexy Sunseeker boat worth £7 million. It was STUNNING and the kind of boat you dream of owning. Seriously cool.


My outfit that day consisted of Topshop jeans, Gucci wedges and the box jacket I got from a small boutique in England a couple of years ago. Sorry, I can’t remember where! But its been in the back of my wardrobe for ages, and when I spied it I thought it would be suitable for the occasion.



I am obsessed with dainty jewellery at the moment, it’s so pretty and feminine and the good thing is that there is plenty of it around, especially on the High Street. I think I have mentioned Laura Gravestock before, but I adore her pieces, especially her stack rings where you can buy a couple of rings the same size and stack them on one finger and they look really cool.


I got this pair of cute yellow gold star earrings from her last week, and I am wearing them day and night. Love them!


So I have had my hair re-dyed again, again with a vegetable based colour. I need this to happen every fortnight for the next month or so, because this process will be kinder to my hair, and in between the process, this Pureology is fab at keeping the colour intact because it repairs with nutrients, it is sulphate free, and leaves my hair looking sleek and shiny.


My hair is feeling loads better to be honest. You can get the products from Amazon , Look Fantastic.com or plenty of salons stock it too.

Must dash as I have a trip to London to get ready for ….Don’t forget to tweet about Our Girl!

Until next week

All my love

Michelle xxx

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“From luxury yachts to family catch ups!”
  • Love Our Girl so much, it’s the best thing ever, Dad doesn’t normally watch TV but the entire family makes time for this! It is so intense and captivating!
    P.S love your blogs too and you are a great actress- keep it up!!

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