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My new beauty products and final prep for Our Girl

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all having a good week. I am over in Leeds for a few days filming, but have found some time to update you with all the beauty products I have been trying out, and finally sat down to type it all out …

So in my Tina and Bobby make-up bag I have got this amazing lipstick called Very Victoria from Charlotte Tilbury.


This is the main lipstick that Tina wears because it is very 80’s, matte and neutral and long lasting and because it is quite a nude/neutral tone it goes with every outfit (some of them are quite bright and patterned)

Since starting work on Tina and Bobby this has been a GODSEND!

The Colour Wow Hair Palette


This is for my blonde roots – my hair is currently bleach blonde for this role and is starting to grow out a bit now. I never even knew this stuff existed before I went blonde!

As my hair is so dark naturally the roots are very noticeable and because of continuity this palette is a godsend! You can even see my roots through some of the wigs I wear. This blonde one covers the re growth well and if I was going to stay blonde permanently this would be on my bathroom shelf as it is so handy for touching up your roots. They come plenty of other colours, last until your next shampoo and colour grey too!


This is the foundation I use on set too. I have used this one on and off a lot over the years it has a great sheen and consistency that really suits my skin and doesn’t feel cake or feel thick at all. The finish gives you a subtle glow but doesn’t leave you looking greasy skinned like some silk foundations do. It has something in it called Micro-Fil technology, now I am not sure what that is, but it works!

You can get it from most beauty halls in big department stores for £37 and the bottle lasts a long time.

After filming I have starting testing out different moisturizers to wear overnight and during the day. This one in particular is a good one by L’Occitane – it is called Crème Precieuse Immortelle.


With the summer weather my skin can get oily, especially if I am working under bright lighting. This moisturizer is pretty lightweight and smells really fresh too. If I put a tea spoon sized amount on my skin last thing at night, I wake up with a clear and smooth face. Winner! http://uk.loccitane.com/

One thing I have really noticed being a blonde is that it doesn’t stay that crisp bright blonde for very long!

After a few washes my hair goes a lot warmer, probably because it was SO dark to start with, so I have been using the Pro Voke Touch of Silver – Violet- shampoo and conditioner. It is purple and reduces yellow and more brassy tones in your hair. This is a must for me at the minute.


I have to say, it’s not as easy maintaining my blonde hair as it is when I am my natural colour. I will totally appreciate how I used to just scrag it back and air dry my hair or stick it in a bun without any product on. I have to be careful when blow drying it now and use Mark Hill Heat Protector Spray before I do anything to it (love the funky design too!) which leaves my hair feeling smoother and silkier. www.markhill.co.uk


and the amazing Windle and Moodie Essential Oils Elixir


This serum type product contains a blend of apricot, coconut, camellia and oat natural oils for nourishing hair and keeping it glossy.

It’s also non oily so doesn’t make my hair look or feel lank. As well as using it as a serum I use it as a n intensive conditioner BEFORE shampooing.

It’s £26 and a little goes a long way. Really worth it. http://www.windleandmoodie.com/hairproducts/shop/essential-oils-elixir/

On Sunday I spent the whole day doing ADR for 12 hours for Our Girl, this stands for Audio Dialogue Replacement and is the process of re recording location dialogue in a recording studio.


It has to happen if my voice hasn’t been picked up properly due to background noise or technical issues.

I watched most of the three episodes and I am seriously excited for it to be coming out on BBC1 soon, I don’t know the exact date but I think it is in a few weeks or so. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it. As soon as I know the TX date I will let you all know, I promise.

Back to the project I am working on now and here are some behind the scenes piccies I took while on set, this one is one of my props, a pram :-)


and this one is taken on location in Salford, and you can see the mix of architecture – with the terraced streets of Salford (which by the way – Coronation Street originated – not Manchester as most believe!) and the more modern developments which are becoming more common around the area.

This is me in a really lovely 70’s designer dress, it is one of the costumes I have worn on the series.

The shirt I wore out before I changed my hair colour and its from my Lipsy collection. I wanted to mention it ages ago but couldn’t find the picture I took so here it is.

I wore it on a meal out in Manchester with my family and it is very easy to style for work and for something during the day. Www.lipsy.co.uk

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and the glorious sunshine!

All my love

Michelle xxx

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