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Nanny Pat, New York and Lip Sync Battle

Hi Everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Nanny Pat
Sorry my blog is so late for you however I have been in New York, and then just after we arrived back in the UK , beloved Nanny Pat – Marks grandmother, passed away.

She will be so very missed by all those whose lives she touched. She was a kind , funny, and very lovely lady who will be sorely missed.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has contacted myself, Mark and the family, it’s very much appreciated and your support means so much to us all.

New York

Prior to this, myself and many members of Mark’s family went to New York. We went out to visit and stay with Mark’s uncle who lives just outside New York in The Hamptons.


It was such a great trip because there were so many of Mark’s family out there, all of Mark’s uncles and most of the cousins who live in all different places, you know what its like with big families! Getting everyone together under one roof is so rare, but it was extra special that this happened so close to Christmas.


We spent a couple of days with them and then we headed into Manhattan. How could we not visit the most amazing city in the world? The city that never sleeps!
I tried to do some ice skating, which I was pretty chuffed with as the last time I ever attempted this was when I was around eight years old on a school trip. And YES I did fall over a couple of times but I guess that’s all part of the fun!



Mark and I also held off doing a lot of our Christmas shopping in the UK because we knew we were popping to NYC for a few days and the shopping here is AMAZING .


New York is one of my favourite places to go in the world, and there’s something really magical about it when you go around Christmas time. I never get bored of going , there is so much to see and do and you really do feel like you are walking around a movie set.

I took my skirt to wear from ‘Self Portrait’ and I wore it with a beige polo neck from Zara…


Another one of my fave outfits was a backless long sleeve dress that I treated myself too from Selfridges and I wore it with my cream ankle boots from Zara, and my brown shoulder bag also from Zara.


Lip Sync Battle

I’m a massive fan of the American TV show ‘Lip Sync battle’.

LL Cool J presents it with Chrissy Teigen. They’re now bringing over to the UK so I was over the moon when I got asked to take part…


I won’t tell you which songs I ‘performed’ and who I was against, because it will ruin the surprise but I had SO much fun I’ve always loved performing on stage however I can’t sing, so this was the perfect show for me! Pahahaahah!


The fantastic Mel B and Professor Green who are presenting the show were lovely with me . Thanks for having me on guys! Can’t wait for you all to see it…

Girls get together in Essex

So every year for the last six years , it has been a tradition for a group of school friends and I to take it in turns to host a pre Christmas get together.

I lit this gorgeous candle from Origins who sent it to me as an early Christmas present. It smelt gorgeous thank you Origins!!!!


We had just had the news about Nanny Pat but as things had already been planned for the girls to take time off to come down and stay we decided to go ahead. It was so lovely to see them all. There was one missing – Hayley who lives out in the Middle East and works as a teacher for primary school children , but hopefully I will see her soon.


We had so much fun, luckily I had Becky to help me in the kitchen so I didn’t have to do it all myself.

We had a great night eating great food, drinking mulled wine and champagne and having a good old gossip. We did a secret santa too!


We usually play party games, and in the past they have been in the form of dares and the likes ! We were a bit more refined this year but I am sure we will make up for it in Christmas 2016!


I tried out my new Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay eye-shadow kit that night

I am really impressed with the colours , its mix of neutrals , bold colours, sparkly strong pigmented tones that the brand does so well and classic matte neutrals to suit any eye and skin tone.


I really love the Punk and Baby colours the best. Its reasonably priced at £40 , the compact is very sturdy and the mirror is huge for a eye-shadow kit. Well worth investing in for a late Xmas present to yourself (if you didn’t already get one!)


Then just before Christmas I released my next collection for Lipsy.

My favourite pieces from this collection are the Aztec Batwing Jumper and this slim fitting stone coloured Parka coat. Looks great with dark blue jeans and keeps you very warm too.

All that is left to say now is that I am now back in Manchester with Mark, enjoying a few very fun and special days with all my family. My mum Jackie made Christmas dinner for everyone, she always does a great spread!

Treasure your loved ones and enjoy the time you spend with them.
Thank you for all your special Christmas wishes on Twitter
Until next week
Lots of love and a very Merry Christmas!
Michelle xxx

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