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My nail drama and spending time with family…

Sooooooooo, let’s start this next blog with the ongoing drama that is #nailgate ! Yes people, I have an update for you …. My nail is growing back!!!!
Look at this!! I think it’s only been 4 weeks till I trapped it in the front door (still makes me wince when I think about it) and luckily Mother Nature has decided to bless me with a new nail. So relieved!!! It’s still a way to go till it’s looking more normal but I’m very happy about this…
Aside from #nailgate it’s been quite a quiet week in the grand scheme of things…
Still settling into my new home. My mum and brother came down to Essex at the weekend to help me unpack and settle in. Mark was working away so it was so lovely they joined me…
After a day spent cleaning and shopping I took them both to one of my favourite restaurants in Essex- Alec’s Fish Restaurant  http://alecsrestaurant.co.uk
It’s delish!!! Here’s us sat on the balcony …
And here’s a pic of my mum enjoying a couple of cheeky cocktails. Go on Jackie!!
I headed back up to Manchester on the Monday night for a shoot on the Tuesday in nearby Whitefield. I can’t say too much about it but it was extra fun because my two dogs were in one of the pictures!
Andrew (my brother) brought Pip and Phoebe along and it was so entertaining watching them in front of the camera. Phoebe (sausage dog) is as good as gold but Pip (chihuahua with proper small dog complex) on the other hand, is a total scallywag and wouldn’t sit still and kept running round barking at the crew. Here’s a pic of her milling about near Andrews legs ha ha…
On Wednesday I went to a Lipsy fitting in Manchester Malmaison. The team came up to meet us to discuss the next photoshoot which is next week… The theme is called ‘Starburst’ and this is making me very excited!! It’s a really Christmassy one – lots of fab party dresses, long and short, an amazing play suit and some snugly jumpers and warm coats too.
We are shooting in a top secret location (it’s in the country…. In the south…. In a huge mansion …Yep, that’s all I’m giving away!)
I promise I will sneak a few pics from behind the scenes and show you next week… My Lipsy Love Michelle  range is selling really well, so thank you to everyone who has bought pieces… The next wave is hitting shops and the www.Lipsy.co.uk website on August 13th.
This one has more monochrome  pieces, body sculpting dresses, a statement jumpsuit and much more more… I hope you like it! Please keep sending me in pictures of you in your #LipsyLoveMichelle outfits . I love seeing you all in them.
To round off the week I visited a couple of Lipsy stores to meet some competition winners and see my collection in the shops.
Here’s me in the Manchester Trafford centre store with some lovely ladies who were buying dresses for special occasions.  Hope you like them Georgia, Ruby, and Lily!!
After Manchester we went to Liverpool to the launch of the Bank store there. It’s a high street store that house lots of great UK based labels including mine and I couldn’t believe the amount of people that turned up to see me. Thank you so much to everyone who to came to see me it meant so much!
Until next week,
Lots of love
Michelle xxx

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