August, 2014

29 August


Loved ones getting hitched and congrats to Cath!

First of all I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend (and fellow HELLO! blogger) Catherine Tyldesley on her wonderful news! She is going to be an amazing mummy! We are going to catch up over the next few days because it’s been a while since we last saw each other and I can’t wait to see her and and give her and her bump a big hug :-)

I’ve spent another lovely week chilling out at my new home and just going to the gym occasionally, and getting to know my new neighbourhood.

My new acting job starts next month so I am enjoying this down time as much as possible because it’s going to get very busy for me again in about 4-5weeks.

First of all here’s a picture from a recent shoot I did with the British Heart Foundation.


It was in conjunction with DFS about a great initiative they have – if you buy a new couch from them they will arrange for your old one to be picked up and sold in one of the British Heart Foundation stores nationwide wide to help raise funds for this worthy cause. I didn’t need this couch anymore when I moved to Essex, so that’s exactly what I did! For more info go t …

I was invited to two weddings over the bank holiday weekend and they were both such lovely days. First of all Mark was an usher at his friend Nick’s wedding to partner Ella, this was on the Saturday – here’s Mark (looking very dapper) and I.


Then we drove up to Manchester late on Saturday night to attend my stepbrother Craig’s wedding to Stacie on the Sunday…

Here’s me in a summery Lipsy dress giving my daddy Mike a hug, and one of me with one of the guests who happened to be wearing one of my Lipsy Love Michelle dresses! I was so chuffed and thought she looked gorgeous in it!


You can still get it for £60 from


And here’s me with Mark :-) I’m really looking forward to him doing Strictly and will be so proud of him. He’s going to train really hard, I bet the competition will be fierce this series!


Before both weddings I enjoyed some much needed pamper time. First of all I had LVL lashes done by a great beauty therapist called Lisa Kempley. This is one of my favourite beauty treatments because it curls your lashes and really opens your eyes up. If you have your eyelashes tinted too then there’s no need to wear mascara. It takes about 30 mins and although it’s not that comfortable sat there with your eyes closed with weird pads over them, you can just daydream a bit and listen to music. LVL lasts about 6 weeks for me and I really recommend it.

With the beautician

With the beautician

I also enjoyed playing with my new Cloud 9 Waving wand and used it to style my hair for both weddings, decided for both to leave it down with some volume and some very subtle waves.


I used a decent heat protector first – it’s SO important to use one! Kevin Murphy do a great smelling one called Damage Manager. p

I’ve still not quite got rid of the patchy skin on my forehead, I’m starting to wonder if it could be the Southern water affecting my skin?! Anyone else get it too? I have just bought some Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehls to see if that helps. It’s the dogs doodahs! blue bottle 0001

I went for a bit of a scour in the shops too this week and got myself a fab new fedora from Zara and some cute chunky knits. Yes it’s that time of year again – you may assume my favourite season is Summer but it’s not – it’s Winter and it’s not that far away! h

I love it when the weather turns and you an start to layer up your looks, wear chunky knits and big warm coats, get the knee high boots out from the back of the wardrobe, and dress an outfit up with a big statement scarf or cool hat.

I’ve also started looking for a dress for the TV Choice Awards which is Sep 8 in London. Not made my mind up yet what I will be wearing for it, I think it will probably be a suit or a cocktail dress.

I really like Sandro at the moment. Some really strong pieces in store now. Lots of tailoring sheet panels, monochrome and LBD’s …


Will be keeping my eyes peeled for a great dress!

Until next week,

Lots of love
Michelle xxx

23 August


Official 2015 calendar cover , moving dogs and chilling out down south !

It’s been a lovely lazy (and rare) week spent in Essex with my mum, brother and Mark. I was in Manchester on Sunday and then we drove down with some more things from my house and set about buying lots more nice things like bedding , utensils and glasses..

It’s definitely starting to feel a lot more like home now – and that’s because the best thing that happened this week… my babies have moved in!! Yes!

Phoebe and Pip have arrived! They are so excited about their new residence and spent hours looking around and sniffing everything ha ha. It feels like I have really moved now that they are here!
Here’s me with Pip (She’s the naughty one) who looks very settled doesn’t she!
And here she keeping guard by the door – in her little bed of course!
Here they both are together! Phoebe is so patient with Pip, who is so cheeky and barks at everyone (except me!) Phoebe is very well behaved and even does tricks but Pip doesn’t do any, she does exactly what she wants to do ..
Here’s me and my amazing mummy Jackie, she has helped me loads with the new place ( thanks mum!)… we treated ourselves to a Dominos takeaway with champagne on Wednesday night…

In this piccy I’m wearing some of my new lovely lounge wear from Peace Love Clothing – the company I told you about last week. I love it – so comfy!
Seeing as this week was a chill out week, I have spent a bit of time enjoying my beauty products and catching up on my sleep. Haven’t been to the gym, it’s actually been nice not doing much at all.  I recently got a new wand for my hair -‘from a company called Cloud 9 and have been having a play around with that. It’s very good and heats up in about 7 seconds… This one is great for creating loose curls – The Waving Wand .… A good beauty investment !
Also tried out this 3d mascara – from Younique which you apply after putting on one coat of normal mascara. You put the gel on and  then coat your lashes in the teeny tiny fibres after . It certainly gave the illusion if my lashes being fuller and a bit longer, but  some of the fibres did come off under my eyes after a while. It’s good if you need a bit of oompf though and dont like wearing false lashes!

I’ve also been trying out some new face masks as my skin has gone a bit dry and patchy recently (maybe I’m allergic to the British sun ? After all it’s been a full 2 weeks since I was abroad last ha ha)

I tried this one by Kiehls – it’s an Algae Mask! Yes Algae as in green gungy seaweed type stuff. It smelt a bit fresh, but wow my skin felt smooth afterwards. It’s not the cheapest but the tub is big and a little goes a long way… Also tried No Puffery by Origins , it was quite sticky but there was a decent improvement and my skin looked a lot clearer afterwards.
For a bargain face mask that will give you instant results I would suggest Soap & Glory – No Clogs Allowed . It’s a tenner and well worth it because it does refine your pores and leave your skin with a healthy glow. It goes on a bit like a mud mask and heats up as you apply it but soon cools down. I really like it – it’s a good one to use before a big night out , and he Morning after the night before for that matter!!
Before I sign off I can FINALLY show you the front page of my first ever official calendar. I’m SO happy with the pictures! You can pre order it from and it’s available to buy from HMV, Clintons, and Calendar Club from Sep 8th…
If you remember – I went to Pollensa Majorca back in April to shoot it with my creative team of Alan, Laura, Fay, Lorraine and Collette. We worked hard on the images, and deciding which ones made the calendar was VERY tough. Hope you like it!!!!
Until next week
Michelle xx

15 August


Partying with Brooke Vincent in Ibiza

So I’m back on UK soil, after having a fab break in sunny Ibiza. I was over there for a photoshoot and luckily got the chance to relax with my friends, including my cousin Katie who celebrated her birthday there and one of my best pals from Corrie, the one and only Brooke Vincent.

Brooke and I used to share a dressing room and we have a similar sense of humour. She’s huge fun to be around and I’ve missed her since I left in April so it was lovely to have some QPT (quality party time) together!

Here’s us in Ushuwia and us at the Lipsy Ocean Beach pool party.



We also went to Pacha which was amazing. The nightlife over there is really something.


Once back in Essex my mummy Jackie and my stepdad Dave came down to stay with me in the new house. We did some serious homeware retail therapy, I also managed to get my hands on this gorgeous new pair of new look shoes – perfect for a LBD or trouser suit at the absolute bargain price of £34.99. No, they are not home wear, but I could wear them in the house??!!


I also got this really cute necklace from @sparklingrings, I haven’t taken it off!


I have been searching for some new lounge/chill wear and spent ages wandering around Westfield some some comfy clothing… but couldn’t really find anything that caught my eye – so it was a sheer fluke this week, when I got sent this gorgeous new range from Miami.


It’s starting up in the UK via (the website isn’t live yet so if you want to get some of the range now – go to and the clothing is really soft and feels quality, fits really well and I love the slogans on the tracksuit tops and t shirts.


Reminds me a bit of the ‘Wildfox’ Brand but the cost is a little less.

Look at these! Really cute, perfect for travelling, yoga or just snuggling on the couch with a brew and a mag!!


This week I stood in for Mark Heyes who is the fashion expert on Lorraine. I really like working with Lorraine Kelly and Kate Garraway… They make presenting look so easy, and if I’m being honest – it really isn’t! You have people talking into your ear while you are talking to the camera and it’s very fast paced but the show is very professional and I always enjoy going on.

While I am on the subject of TV it won’t be long now till I can let you know what me next acting role will be!! I’m SO excited about it, it’s a serious drama and can’t wait to get started on filming which will be later next month… As soon as I can tell you more I will :-)

The second phase of my Lipsy collection was out nationwide on Wednesday. I love the campaign images, we shot it at the very cool London ME hotel here’s a few of my favourite pieces :-)


You can get the new phase on on in Bank and Lipsy stores too.

Until next week
Lots of love

Michelle xxx

08 August


Adjusting to our new home and my trip to Ibiza

I’m writing this while sunning myself on the White Island. Yes, I’m in Ibiza for a few days for a photoshoot… It’s over 100°f today … Hot hot HOT!!!

This last week has gone in a flash! On Saturday I was in Scotland doing personal appearance with my dad (Mike). He enjoys taking me to the Scottish ones in particular because he has scottish heritage, plus it’s nice for us to get some quality time together. I’m not going to lie though, the weather was SHOCKING! It rained practically the whole time we were there. There’s not much to report on the fashion front from that trip only that I kept warm in one in one of my own Lipsy designed navy blue parka jackets, blue jeans and Wellington boots…

On the Sunday I flew into London for Mark’s sister Natalia’s birthday which was so much fun and it was nice to get back to the house in Essex again too. We are really enjoying making it our home. Here’s Mark looking very pleased with himself, hosing the garden!



I had to have a relatively early night because I had a campaign shoot for Lipsy on the Monday. It was in Surrey in a hugeeeee mansion. Look at this! It was like a hotel! We did some investigating and found out that it was on sale for a modest £12million… Wowsers. Here’s a few sneaky pictures for you :-)


The shoot was for my last Winter collection with Lipsy. It’s going to be out mid October and it’s all party dresses and winter warming coats and wraps. We have started working on designs for Spring now, yes I know it’s August but that’s how it works in the world of fashion. After finishing the shoot I had to go to the Sanderson for a PR morning to release the new phase of my Lipsy collection. It’s a little more Autumnal with darker colours of Ox blood, black, monochrome, deep blue and fiery red. I have kept cuts and style simple, with more cocktail dresses, jump suits, a gorgeous tux shorts and jacket with black PU lining. It’s on sale in shops on August 13th and also on This is me wearing one of my favourite pieces- a black jumpsuit with lace panelling – I’m with top fashion blogger Danielle Peazer (@daniellepeazer ) and she is wearing another one of my dresses a nude knee length one shoulder piece which is perfect for a date night :-)


Danielle Peazer and I

fashion blogger Danielle Peazer

HELLO! Online at my PR morning !

With Ainhoa Barcelona from HELLO! Online

Look at #nailgate !!! It's got polish on it for the first time !!

Look at #nailgate !!! It’s got polish on it for the first time !!

That evening Mark and I enjoyed a date night at one of our favourite restaurants in Nobu, Mayfair. My dress is from my new Lipsy phase. Here’s us at the table.


So now I’m gonna fast forward a bit to today! It’s Friday morning in beautiful Ibiza and I am loving it here.

Laura my publicist and I in Ibiza!!

Laura my publicist and I in Ibiza!!

Managed to get a little trek out to some of the cool little clothes shops. I do love picking up gems from local boutiques. Here’s some hippy beachy dresses I spotted.


My team am I went to a really quiet part of the island for a photoshoot. The location was a ultra modern villa set into the hills. It was really something.


Not sure if I could ever live in a place like that, felt more like a set than a home- here’s a few sneaky pictures from the shoot – just look at that view!!!


Until next week,


Michelle xxx

01 August


My nail drama and spending time with family…

Sooooooooo, let’s start this next blog with the ongoing drama that is #nailgate ! Yes people, I have an update for you …. My nail is growing back!!!!
Look at this!! I think it’s only been 4 weeks till I trapped it in the front door (still makes me wince when I think about it) and luckily Mother Nature has decided to bless me with a new nail. So relieved!!! It’s still a way to go till it’s looking more normal but I’m very happy about this…
Aside from #nailgate it’s been quite a quiet week in the grand scheme of things…
Still settling into my new home. My mum and brother came down to Essex at the weekend to help me unpack and settle in. Mark was working away so it was so lovely they joined me…
After a day spent cleaning and shopping I took them both to one of my favourite restaurants in Essex- Alec’s Fish Restaurant
It’s delish!!! Here’s us sat on the balcony …
And here’s a pic of my mum enjoying a couple of cheeky cocktails. Go on Jackie!!
I headed back up to Manchester on the Monday night for a shoot on the Tuesday in nearby Whitefield. I can’t say too much about it but it was extra fun because my two dogs were in one of the pictures!
Andrew (my brother) brought Pip and Phoebe along and it was so entertaining watching them in front of the camera. Phoebe (sausage dog) is as good as gold but Pip (chihuahua with proper small dog complex) on the other hand, is a total scallywag and wouldn’t sit still and kept running round barking at the crew. Here’s a pic of her milling about near Andrews legs ha ha…
On Wednesday I went to a Lipsy fitting in Manchester Malmaison. The team came up to meet us to discuss the next photoshoot which is next week… The theme is called ‘Starburst’ and this is making me very excited!! It’s a really Christmassy one – lots of fab party dresses, long and short, an amazing play suit and some snugly jumpers and warm coats too.
We are shooting in a top secret location (it’s in the country…. In the south…. In a huge mansion …Yep, that’s all I’m giving away!)
I promise I will sneak a few pics from behind the scenes and show you next week… My Lipsy Love Michelle  range is selling really well, so thank you to everyone who has bought pieces… The next wave is hitting shops and the website on August 13th.
This one has more monochrome  pieces, body sculpting dresses, a statement jumpsuit and much more more… I hope you like it! Please keep sending me in pictures of you in your #LipsyLoveMichelle outfits . I love seeing you all in them.
To round off the week I visited a couple of Lipsy stores to meet some competition winners and see my collection in the shops.
Here’s me in the Manchester Trafford centre store with some lovely ladies who were buying dresses for special occasions.  Hope you like them Georgia, Ruby, and Lily!!
After Manchester we went to Liverpool to the launch of the Bank store there. It’s a high street store that house lots of great UK based labels including mine and I couldn’t believe the amount of people that turned up to see me. Thank you so much to everyone who to came to see me it meant so much!
Until next week,
Lots of love
Michelle xxx

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