Mini trip to Spain, the monkeys in Gibraltar and my latest beauty must-haves

Happy BANK HOLIDAY weekend everyone!

So… it’s the last long weekend of the year… I am heading off to the white island of Ibiza for a weekend of work and play with Lipsy London…

We are going to Ocean Club on the Sunday for a fun pool party and I am doing a photoshoot over there too. I cant wait! Some of my friends are meeting me there too so it will be a weekend to remember I am sure …


Anyway, to recap on what has been going on… Last week Mark and I went Spain for 2 days because Mark’s cousin Elliott was opening his new restaurant called Olivia’s in La Cala De Mijas, it’s a gorgeous restaurant and the launch had a great atmosphere. Well done Elliott! For more info go to:


During this mini trip, we went to Gibraltar for the day, to visit some of my family who still live there.


Mark’s never been so I really enjoyed showing him round, I showed him where my Grandma used to live when she was growing up, then we went up The Rock!



Untitled-5This picture makes me laugh!

It was so funny because half way up out of nowhere you are greeted with monkeys who are just walking around pinching food off tourists, they pinch anything they get their hands on, ice creams, crisps, juice cartons, and they get away with it because they’re so cheeky!



Untitled-7So cute!

For the opening of La Cala I wore this very cute I Miss Selfridges co-ord set. It’s quite simple in design why I added a coloured lip to finish look off.


I wore a Kiko lip precision lip pencil, it prolongs the wear of any lip color. Applying lip liner before your lipstick or lip gloss helps prevent the color from bleeding or feathering (which I hate) –making it a dream for dark lipstick lovers like myself.


Then filled it in with a GOSH lipstick called… Divine. And it is! I love this colour and the lipstick is really reasonably priced at around a fiver.


Products of the week

Body Balm


I’m taking the fantastic Benefit “Bathina” to Ibiza with me… It smells soooo good!!! A body balm that you put on your legs and arms it leaves your skin looking silky and smooth!


This lasts for ages too and gives your skin a very subtle sheen.

Body scrubs


Orgins Incredible Spreadable

One of my favourite all time scrubs – it smells amazing and really leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. I apply with a mit, scrub in circular motions and then rinse off. If you love the smell of Ginger then use the Origins Ginger Cloud body balm lotion afterwards. you smell like a gingerbread woman!


Origins Clear Improvement Detoxifying Charcoal Scrub

This scrub contains sea salts and brown sugar to exfoliate your dead skin away. It is a thick black cream so looks a little odd but it really does the trick! I have been using this for my pre Ibiza preparation.

Face scrubs


Soap and Glory “The greatest scrub of all”

The more you scrub, the more you smooth (this scrub is like a DIY microdermabrasion). It is formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking clear and fresh.

I’m also loving …

My new Autumn jacket… From Zara… £79.99


I love this key piece, perfect if you want to jazz up a plain outfit… I wear it with jeans and a T-shirt.

There’s lots of jackets around at the moment going into Autumn like this, they’re an essential for an autumn wardrobe and this one will last for years.i love all the embroidery and detail..

Hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday,

Lots of love from

Michelle xxx

Start spreading the news…. NYC trip

Happy Friday everyone!

Who is off to V Festival this weekend? I love V!

I usually go to the Weston Park site but I can’t make it this year as I am going to a friends for a bit of a get together.

The weather doesn’t look great for Staffordshire, so make sure you pack a good coat or mac and a hat !

I know my friends Brooke Vincent and Katie McGlynn are going, so if you see them – give them a holla :-)


Anywayyyy, the last part of my US trip was a few days spent in the city that never sleeps – NEW YORK!


I have been there once before but it was only for a few days so I was very much looking forward to going back and experiencing this amazing place once again.

The first day we got there we just walked around, like tourists.


We went in SAKS, and also took a trip to the top of the Rockefeller centre…wow!


That evening we went to a sushi restaurant in the ultra trendy Meat Packing district… I’m a massive fan of Japanese food, we had sushi, rock shrimp, black cod and a few cheeky cocktails…


The next day we grabbed food from a local café and had a picnic right in the middle of Central Park… It was so lovely to sit outside in the sunshine and look out to the New York skylines…


The weather was beautiful too, really sunny!


michelle-ny8That evening we went STK which is a restaurant and bar in down town New York, there’s one in London, but New York one was the original!


It was such a cool vibe in there, while some people were eating their dinners others were dancing on the dance floor! I wore my gold Morgan skirt which I wore it with my ASOS boobtube body.


To finish off this look I used my LYDC black and gold clutch bag.


While I was out there I treated myself to a silk bright pink Michael Kors dress… It went perfectly with my gold strappy heels from River Island, and looked great for dinner and drinks with Mark.


We had an incredible trip – it’s nice to be back in the UK but we loved every minute of our American adventure!

I picked up some very cool Anastasia Beverley Hills products while I was in the US – including this gorgeous palette called the Shadow Couture World Traveller.

It is a limited-edition, eye shadow kit. Twelve shades—ranging from a neutral peach to a vibrant blue with finishes include matte, satin, and metallic and you can apply them to your eyes – wet or dry.


I also got this Pro Pencil for your eyebrows. It is a full-coverage pencil that effectively conceals brow hairs that are growing in and helps create a clean, defined arch. The multi-tasking pencil can also be used over lids as a shadow primer, or around the lips to perfect colour.


I don’t think you can buy the brand in this country but you can get it online at:

I have been giving my face a bit of TLC as I think my skin was looking a bit dry and dull – probably after all the flying over the last few weeks. I have got a load of great products from the good old Body Shop I will be trying for you all.

It’s been a few years since I used any of their products but I think they are really good value for money and they have a huge range to cater for all tastes. I tried these the other night – The Vitamin E Serum Oil for your face and the Vit C Powder mix -and so far so good ! I think my pores look a bit more refined and my skin feels taut and smoother.


The smell of the powder mix is quite strong but thats not off putting. I think these are really worth trying out if your face needs some TLC.

I have also been using one of my favourite masks – Drink Up by Origins.

This is great after lots of travelling – it contains Algae Extracts which give your skin lots of hydration…

Anyway, I need to dash I have loads to do before the weekend,

Have a good one !

Until next week

Michelle xxx

Trip to The Hamptons and my latest beauty must-haves

Hi everyone, and a happy Friday to youuuu!


So, after our trip to LA, Mark and I flew to NYC – because we were invited to stay at his uncle’s house at The Hamptons.


The Hamptons, are a group of villages in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, which are south of Long Island, New York. It’s about a two and a half hour drive from New York City.


It’s one of the most affluent areas of America to live and as soon as we arrived I could see why. The weather was gorgeous, and the towns are so peaceful and pretty.

It’s one of THE destinations for Americans to go on ‘vacation’, one of my favourite Sex and the City episodes when the girls got the Hampton Jitney (a bus) to the Hamptons for a holiday.

Plus Gossip Girl and the Kardashians have all filmed up there. It’s a very relaxing and friendly place.


We spent most of our days there on the beach playing with Mark’s younger cousins or in his uncle’s back garden.


Every morning we borrowed some bikes and did a 5km bike round the village (basically for a nosey at some of the huge houses here!)


I feel like after the pace of LA, this was the perfect wind-down week.


This is the Hamptons fairground – so much fun and check out that sunset too!

We have spent the last few days in The Big Apple but I am saving this for the next blog!

While I have been chilling out I have been catching up on my beauty reviews for you all and I have a few to share.

First of all The Big O

The ‘O’ range is by Cloud 9. if you haven’t heard of them before – they are a high end hair tools company – best known for their wands.

On a shoot a while ago, a hairdresser used an O on my hair. I was really impressed.

It is basically heated rollers which are designed to deliver vibrant volume and bounce to your hair in just seconds.

Cloud Nine have basically done their own take on the heated roller- to give you hair that looks like you have just had a blow dry.

The rollers heat up in your hair and not in your hand.

The Velcro rollers heat up in less that four seconds. The easy in, easy out rollers are kind on your hair, and as they are heated from the inside, they are kind on your fingers too!


When I have used heated rollers before I have burnt my fingers, so I am loving this! The O gives serious bounce and is so handy because it is very easy to use and takes next to no time.

You can get the O from Amazon, or the website

The whole kit is £160 which yes , is a lot – so either one for the Christmas present list – or justify it in your head by working out how much money you will save for not going to a hair salon!

Contour Cosmetics

This palette is a godsend to all who love a bit of contouring ( like myself!)


I took mine out with me to America. What is great about this product, is that it has 6 cream shades in one palette – so that im not fumbling around for different coloured powders or creams. The shades suit all skin tones ( for contouring)

The only drawback is that it only fits in a standard handbag – there’s no chance of getting it in an evening clutch! The palette comes with good quality brushes and a ‘how to apply’ guide. Well worth investing in – you can buy it from:

Again, it’s not on the cheap side – as the kit with brushes is £70 but as one palette with a certain very cool cosmetics firm beginning with ‘M’ is around £20 then I think its value for money. You can get the contouring set on its own for around £38.


I have been on a lot of flights and I find my skin and lips get very dry and dehydrated. Even with short haul flights. I think it’s the chang in weather, the cabin pressure and the air con. Anyway, to combat that I don’t drink any alcohol on flights, and instead just stick to water.

I also carry some miniature sized products to slather on my skin so that it doesn’t get too dry. I really love the ‘Creme d’Elegance Repairateur’ by Kiehls.


This cream is for very dry skin, leaving even the most moisture-depleted, parched skin, soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel oily either which can feel quite grubby when you are on a flight.

I also love the L’Occitane Vanilla Lip Balm and their Cherry Blossom Hand cream.


I never used to bother with my hands but I try and carry this around with me when ever I am traveling. Both products are small enough to put in your hand luggage.

Before I go, just letting you know that my new Lipsy Love Michelle Autumn Winter range has just been released.

I hope you like it and don’t forget to send me pictures of you wearing the pieces on Twitter – @michkeegan !


Next week’s blog will be all about the Big Apple, we did rather a lot of sightseeing and even enjoyed a picnic in Central Park, can’t wait to share this with you all ..!

Until next week,

All my love

Michelle xxx

A sun-soaked trip to the City of Angels

Sorry I am late with my blog for you all this week, but I am on a time difference and have been soooooo busy… Mark and I decided to take some time off together,  so we headed across the pond to The US of A!We are actually in New York now, but for the last 5/6 days we were in California… We loved LA soooo much!! The lifestyle and everything about it is just incredible.Michelle1
There’s a few reasons why we are here but mainly because I have never been to LA and have always wanted to go, and also because we have both been invited over for meetings around work.
We happened to both have some time off and thought we should make the most of it.
Mark has family in NY so we decided to split the trip into two and catch up with them – more about that next week – this week is all about La La Land!
Soooo, firstly… Here’s a couple of my outfits for these meetings. Day 1, I wore my Zara shoes, Topshop skirt, and Lipsy Love Michelle top!
50s skirts are very on trend. I loved wearing this one, they are very flattering and feminine, the sky blue colour suits all skin tones too.
This is the outfit I wore for meetings day number 2.
The cute tea dress is from Topshop, perfect for a day looks with flats, but also an evening going out look just changed to heels.
Not everyone always likes stripes – but I think this dress is very summery… I’m wearing it with my fave white pearl anklet from The shoes are Aldo, bag is Topshop and my sunglasses are Michael Kors.
Products I’m loving at the moment:
I’m using Cetaphil at the min for a quality and quick to use moisturiser… It’s so quick to apply, it absorbs right into your skin without feeling sticky and greasy that you can get with some body moisturisers – which means you can get dressed straight away.
If I’m not in a hurry to go out then this velvety and rich body cream by L’occitane “Balm De Velours” is really good too, but it does take a while to sink into your skin so it’s one for when you’re going to bed ladies!
Summer fragrances need to be fresh and light. I love citrus ones at the moment especially this one – also by L’Occitane “Clos De Verveine”. It reminds me of lemon orchards and flower gardens. Totally gorgeous!
I’m also loving stacked rings… STILL!
Hand bling which instantly makes an outfit look cool! Yes I know I have worn them for a while but I think stacked rings are very ‘me’…
I always mix and match which ones I have… I get a lot of mine from H&M and Freedom just because you get more for your money. I also mix silver and gold. A few years ago it was a big no no but now i think it’s cool to mix it up a bit…
These are from Freedom at Topshop:
And this cool set is
I have to say that my ‘LA’ experience made me think I was in a film at times – jumping from cab to cab going from meeting to meeting… We also got to eat at some amazing restaurants. We were in one and John Legend and his wife were there and then Sly Stallone walked in. Amazing place for people watching…
We made sure we had one day for sightseeing and shopping. Mark found this cool and healthy Greek yoghurt place  for a “good” treat…
However I went here for mine pahahahaha!
We walked down Rodeo Drive – one of the most famous roads in LA…
It featured in the film Pretty Woman (one of my fave all time films!)… The shops were incredible and the women were very glamorous, I even treated myself to a pair of gold boots from BCBG… Can’t wait to wear them in the autumn!
The fashion in LA is one extreme to the other, either the women are really dressed down in denim shorts, flip flops and shades with hardly a trace of make-up on, or they are very glamorous in their designer heeled shoes and handbag with a tailored dress and jacket!
I must say that there is a real importance to living a healthy lifestyle in LA, to keep up with everybody around you it seems like the gym and keeping fit is as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning…
You see people constantly walking around in gym outfits, trainers and a healthy smoothie in hand!
I’ve loved my time in LA, next week I’ll let you know all about the Big Apple!
All my love,
Michelle xxx

Hawaiian parties, fun times with friends and how to get beachy hair

Happy Friday everyone !

Hope you have all had a great week. I have been back to my home town of Manchester this week to catch up with my family and friends. It’s been lovely to be back up north, despite the mix of weather!

Last week was quite a fun and eventful one, My friend Beckie (who was my maid of honour at my wedding) came down to Essex on Friday with her partner Sam, and we took them to Sheesh in Chigwell.


Sam and Beckie both said they were craving the food since the wedding and it didn’t disappoint!! The good is just sooo good and always a favourite with our friends and family…

It’s pretty healthy too which is always good…well, the main courses are – but these puddings were definitely treats!


My brother Andrew came down too for the weekend as he is a teacher and now enjoying the 6 week summer holiday…! We were joined by Mark’s mate Freddie!

As the weather was nice, I kept it casual and wore my jeans, with a Lipsy Bardot black fringed top from my new Autumn Winter Lipsy range, and I finished the look off with a classic tailored black blazer from Zara.


unnamed4We all had a lovely night – but decided to have an early-ish one to keep ourselves fresh for the following day!

Mark and I also decided to throw a garden party at our house for all our friends, and because it’s Summer we decided to go with a Hawaiian theme.


Mahiki which is a Hawaiian themed nightclub in London and Dubai.


Mark and I have been going for years to both clubs, we love the atmosphere and their cocktails, and now the brand have started doing ‘Mahiki at home.’


This is where where Mahiki pop up’s travel to someone’s house or party and offer a little bit of paradise at lots of cool events.


Mahiki at Home offers the most exclusive hospitality package, we had bar staff who made the BEST home-made cocktails, DJ’s who took over the music in the evening, the whole garden got turned into a Hawaiian paradise. Look at the attention to detail!


Shots got brought out on surf boards, people were drinking out of coconuts and pineapples.


Not only that we also got the sunshine (we really didn’t know what we would have done if it had rained… its not quite the same having a cocktail out of a coconut, while sat on your settee is it ?!!)


It was a perfect day and party.

We had all of Mark’s mates there and a few of my mates travelled down from Manchester, everyone said it was the best Summer party they’ve ever been to!

The following day I can safely say , the house was a bit of a mess, but we all mucked in to clean up.

Sea Spray

Because it’s Summer I very rarely blow dry or style my hair just because the humidity changes it anyway. So I’ve been using lots of this cult product: Bumble N Bumble Sea Spray…


To use I spray it through my damp or dry hair; let dry naturally or blast my hair with a cool hair-dryer, with my head upside down. The less you touch it, the longer it will hold.


It just gives you a sun-dried, beachy look style and it’s sooo easy. You can get it anywhere, it’s on sale at Boots for £21.50.

There’s lots of variety on the market all varied in price. Here’s some more sea salt sprays!


I can’t wait to try this ‘super shot’ drink. It’s the only one on the market that contains 3 anti-ageing ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins.


All you have to do is drink one once a day for glowing skin, healthy hair and stronger nails.

Available at Holland & Barratt or online

I have heard good things about it, so will let you know how I get on!

I’m back to the South now for more meetings and auditions.

Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Mini break to Palma, hair oompf and make-up must haves

Spanish weddings

So Mark and I went on a short weekend trip to Palma in Spain last weekend, because Mark had work over there. I love Mallorca and try to go whenever I can. I can’t actually count how many times I have visited, I think it must be around 20 or so times, and I never get bored… It’s a beautiful island with so much to offer, and is such a short flight that you can just go for a night but feel as though you have had a proper little break.


Normally when we go away we relax and sunbathe but this time we decided to have a day out in the beautiful city of Palma and soak in all the Spanish culture!


We went to visit the cathedral but when we got there, there was a wedding about to take place, so we weren’t allowed in. Instead of leaving I wanted to stay and watch…


It wasn’t long before the bride arrived.. Wow, she looked beautiful, a typical Spanish bride, wearing lots of lace and a breathtaking veil surrounded by her little flower girls.

I was in awe and didn’t stop taking pictures!


I’m wearing a cute playsuit from my Lipsy London collection which was great to wear in the hot weather, and my gorgeous real white pearl anklet is handmade, by a company called Pearlescence. You can get them here:

We had lunch there too in a side street right in the middle of the town, we ordered tapas, Parma ham, spanish chorizo and tomato bread. We even treated ourselves to a jug of homemade sangria!


I was in heaven!

New make-up must haves

I like changing my make-up up and trying new brands, this week I’ve been using my new Illamasqua products, the eyeshadow pallet has the perfect colours for dark eyes, the plum tones and the sheer base really gave my eyes a pop, plus the eyeshadows are a mixture of powders and creams so they stay on all night!

I find cream eyeshadow a blend better than powder ones, however they don’t tend to stay on your eyes as long. To make sure your eyeshadow looks as good at the end of your night as it does from the start – and to avoid that awful shadow crease thing you can get – use a base.


image_6NARS have a smudge proof eyeshadow base for £19.50 and this nifty potion prevents smudging or caking of your eyeshadow.


For an all rounder product I would say The Benefit Pore-fessional face primer is one of the best on the market . It quickly minimises the appearance of fine lines and pores, giving you smother than smooth skin.


Don’t do what I first did though when I tried this product – and put loads on because your foundation and eyeshadow can go very patchy. You need to use a foundation brush and use a large pea sized blob to cover your whole face – I just put it on my eyes, nose and forehead.

I’ve also been using the Illamasqua highlighter. It is amazing!!


To be honest I used it everywhere on my eyelids, underneath my brows, on my cheekbones and a little on my chest.

It gives your skin an healthy dewy glow without being too gold or glittery, and again it comes in cream form so once it’s on it lasts for ages!!! I love a bit of highlighter!

I have been wearing their ‘BARE’ lippy every day too , it’s perfect for summer because I like to keep my lips nude , and it goes with any looks – day or night…


Hair products that give you ooomph!

I have been trying out hair care products shampoos that promise to give you more volume in your locks. I do have a lot of hair but it is quite fine, so I tend to go for volume/thickening lotions and potions.

Ojon Volume Advance Mouse – you apply this to your damp hair and it works on contact (especially heat – so dry with a hair dryer) to give your hair plenty of lift and body.


Maria Nilla Shampoo and Conditioner . I think the shampoo in particular is great at adding thickness and volume to your hair. Neither of these contain parabens either but they do have lots of vit b5 which is really good at improving the overall condition of your locks.


Windle and Moodie Fortifying Spray. This is a Multi purpose spray that thickens and protects against heat damage. So you should put it on before you blow dry or use straighteners or tongs on your hair. Smells great too.


Oh and before I sign off, I must thank the people at Soap & Glory for sending me this! They must have seen that I love their body butter, because this arrived for me recently… My very own tub of ‘Righteous Butter” Pahahahaha ! Love it :-)


Until next week
All my love
Michelle xxx

Hen party fun in Marbella and beach fashions

Liz’s hen party

This week I’ve been away for my friend Liz’s hen do in Marbella, she is engaged to Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher.

Sun sea sand and plenty of sangria!!!! Oh my goodness it was such an epic trip…

I didn’t actually know I was going until a few days before because I thought I was going to be working all last weekend but it turned out that I wasn’t so I managed to find flights and join the group!


There were 25 of us in total and we had the BEST time. We really did…. The weather was glorious at around 30’s every day…

Me and the girls

Me and the girls

On the day we got there we just relaxed, sunbathed and all caught up with each other, then went to a gorgeous meal at Tibu then strolled around a few of the cool bars round the marina.




On the Saturday, bridesmaid Hayley who’s also one of my best friends and who I have known since school, arranged a dance lesson in a proper studio where all 25 of us learnt the dance routine to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.


Such a good idea and it was absolutely hilarious!!!!

Everyone had SO much fun, and it’s now an added bonus we all can pull out our fabulous Beyonce moves on nights out! Hahahaha! Seriously though, if anyone reading this is planning a hen party I would heartily recommend this or similar as an activity for everyone to get involved in.. We all loved it !

Shot time for Liz!

Shot time for Liz!


I posted a picture on Instagram of me wearing my Bikini Reef Jewelled bikini and had really good feed back from it…

mich163-aLoads of people commented on how pretty it is with the extra ties around the sides and they liked the nude colour too.

I own a lot of their bikinis, just because I love how unique and girlie they are. Follow them on twitter … @Bikini_reef

On Instagram bikini_reef or email for more information.

They also do kaftans, I wore one of their kaftans on my hen in Dubai and they customised it to say ‘bride to be’ on the back! It went down a treat…


All the hens wore black ones too so we all looked very ‘hen like’ when we were poolside.

Other bikini brands that I love are Melissa Odabash brand – and I have my eye on her brightly coloured pieces such as the Sumatra Bandeau Bikini in yellow.

mich1611-aAnd her Peach coloured Portugal halterneck bikini with tie sides.


She also does lovely cover ups. This strapless floor length “Dru Floor” white dress is super cool and would look great for dinner at a Marina too, as well as on the beach (or a super yacht of course ha ha!)


Denim shorts

I’m also loving the old denim shorts. A must have in any summer holiday suitcase. In this picture – my friend hayley is wearing a pair from Miss Guided with cute Daisy’s on them – they were only £13! What a bargain!


A decent pair of denim shorts never goes out of fashion. You can wear them day or night and they are pretty inexpensive.

Pretty Little Thing have some cool frayed ones for £15

I also love these white ones by Top Shop for £35

New toy
I took my new splurge away with me too…. I decided to invest in a decent camera in April, mainly because although my phone is decent at taking pictures I wanted some excellent quality ones, so that I can get certain pictures blown up and printed in my house, or give large prints to friends as keepsakes of our trips away. It’s a Fuji AX2 and I first took it away on honeymoon so we have lots of pictures to treasure for ever now… It’s also really good because it takes selfies! Yes you can take piccies on a timer. So handy!!

I will probably take it with me to London Fashion Week in September as I am hoping to visit again and enjoy some key shows.

Decent moisturisers

My product must haves are ones I have mentioned before but they are just SO good, especially on sunny trips away. I always wear this moisturiser Origins Mega Bright because it has an SPF of 30 in it. As I am getting older I am realising just how important it is to look after your skin, especially on your face.

I also still use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate.

It is a rich moisturiser that can also be used as a primer and also a make-up remover. This cream is only around £13-20 on various beauty websites and I think you can also buy it in Boots too. It leaves my skin very plumped and smooth.

Keep safe in the sunshine!

Until next week
Michelle xxx

Fashion shoot in South Africa and Henley Royal Regatta

Travel bunny

In my job I am lucky enough to get to travel to some fantastic places and see some truly beautiful parts of the world, and last week was no exception. I flew to South Africa to shoot my next Autumn/Winter Lipsy collection.

I went to Johannesburg, the weather wasn’t great because it is their Winter at the min but it was nice enough to have a lovely walk round the shops on my day off and although it was cold it was still bright and fresh…


I went into a department store out there and saw a picture of myself in their Lipsy concession, yep alllllll the way over in South Africa!

This totally shocked me because I didn’t expect it! So, of course, I had to take a quick picture without anyone noticing! Haha…


Over the few days I was out there, we shot the next collection in 2 different locations… One was a really modern family home set back in the hills with a gorgeous infinity style swimming pool, and the other was a town house which was decorated with slate and stone and had it’s very own bar… The houses out there are insane!

Here is a picture I took of a typical lunch during the trip.


Everyone automatically assumes that in the fashion world, most people are on silly diets, and don’t ever eat any carbs …. Wrong! Look, here is some proof of this:


We ordered pasta and pizza which was so tasty and everybody got stuck in, it was totally delicious!

Personalised jewellery

As you know I’m a big fan of Laura Gravestock jewellery, I hardly ever take my gold horseshoe off…

As a wedding gift she made me this gorgeous M&M gold plated bracelet and I haven’t taken it off since…


She creates intricate feminine jewellery which you can personalise, perfect for gifts…. I also love this personalised ring that she does which is £61.

Her website is

There is another brand that do personalised gifts too called Monica Vinader. Have a look at her gorgeous friendship bracelets:


They vary in price from around £95 , you can put messages in them up to 19 characters long and come in nice packaging.

There’s another company that does lovely personalised jewellery called . I really like their double hoop or ‘infinity’ necklace, and you can add a message on it up to 24 characters. Again, great for gifts!


Henley Royal Regatta

The weather has been amazing !!! All last week was GORGEOUS!

After a day of house sorting and running errands, myself , Mark and a few of our friends decided to go to Henley Royal Regatta.

These were really refreshing, but had alcohol in them – hence the adults only sticker!

We had such a great afternoon. We were guests in the Mahiki tent which over looked the river so we could watch the races while sipping on exotic cocktails.

The atmosphere was fab and everyone had a good time . There was even a bit of a sing song at one point!

I wore a black bandeau crop top by Top Shop and a white gypsy style flared skirt by Zara. I did wear shoes, I had just kicked them off by this point!

NB: Zara has some gorgeous pieces in at the moment… plus there is a decent sale on too.

This is my friend Helen, we were loving the cocktails out of the pineapples for added fruity-ness!

Helen was wearing one of my new collection peachy/nude Lipsy dresses, which you can get online now at for £65.



After a few days of rain and storms, apparently it will be warm and bright again this weekend.

I will be grabbing my sunnies and making the most of it!

Speaking of sunglasses, here are a few pairs I have my eyes on (‘scuse the pun), all from the good old High St:


Topshop Luna Brow Bar sunglasses £16.00

Topshop Pru Portugal glasses £16.00

Primark Enamel Round Sunglasses £3.00

Zara Two Tone sunglasses – in the sale at £5.99

Until next week

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

Cambridge days out and summertime barbecues

OK, so first things first – as you know, I am partial to the odd ray of sun here and there, so shall we discuss….. the AMAZING WEATHER?!

Hurray! It’s sunny! I love England in the Summertime, long days sunbathing in your own back garden, flip flops on and best of all…… Barbecues!!!!

This week, Mark and I held our very first BBQ. We didn’t move in properly last year until the end of Summer, and as the weather was on the turn was we didn’t bother getting a BBQ, but this year because of all the nice weather it’s been a must have!


We invited some pals over and got it going (when we actually read the instructions on how to do this!) Mark’s cooking skills weren’t too bad either. We enjoyed lots of burgers, chicken and king prawns with salads and cold beers. Was such a lovely day and by the sounds of the weather reports – it won’t be the only one we have this year, woo hoo!


Last week my husband and I had a rare day off together so we decided to make the most of it and visited Cambridge for the day. It’s not far from where we live and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. The press made out that we went there celebrating our 1 month anniversary, to be honest we actually didn’t know it’s been one month since we got married until we spotted a story about it – Pahaha. So it was a nice memory to have….


We had such a lovely day, we went punting down the river, a guide was telling us all about the history of Cambridge, the colleges and the universities.


I found it really interesting because I love history, but I think Mark was just enjoying the ride.


Plus the guide also told us that William Shakespeare studied at the university and the award winning film ‘The Theory of Everything’ was also filmed there.


We stopped off for some delicious ice creams and had a look round the markets…


It was a perfect way to spend a truly British summers day. Can’t wait to go back!

As the weather has been tremendous I wore my cut off dungaree shorts this week… I had so many people asking where they were from… They’re from Mango £34.99, and now they’re in the sale at a BARGAIN price of £19.99.


I’ve always been a fan of dungarees, I love the denim look and I find them so easy to throw on for an effortless cool look!!! Zara also do some similar in a lighter colour if the ones in Mango have sold out… Here are some others I have my eye on.

These are super cute from Boohoo and are only £25.


And I also love these black ones from ASOS for £28. You could also dress them up for more of a cool evening look and wear them with heels and a black bandeau underneath…


I have been trying out a new face mask this week and I have to say… Origins – it’s pretty impressive!


It’s called “Original Skin” Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay, and helps gently clean and refine your pores leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed. Great product and you just leave it on for about 10- 15 mins.

I’ve been using Revlon Colour Burst lip balms this week.


The colours are amazing!!!!! Really vibrant and they last for ages and because they’re balm they really replenish your lips. Great value for money and they come in a great variety of summer colours. Here’s my two faves

My new Autumn/winter range with Lipsy came out in Thursday in all Lipsy stores and online at

A lot of the pieces are 70’s inspired this was a total new direction for myself and Lipsy. I can’t wait for you guys to tell me what you think!


Here are some of my favourite pieces, I love this parka and before the sunshine I was wearing it loads.

I also really like this snugly belted waist tie coat, the sexy black halterneck fringed black dress is really cool, and this 70’s flowery dress and faux fur gillet I love!


Finally I just want to say congratulations to my old Corrie friend Helen Flanagan on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Matilda.

Can’t believe you are a mummy now Helen! Wonderful, happy news :-) and all the best to you and Scott.

Until next week

Lots of love from

Michelle xxx

Chips, highlighter tips, and my new drama role

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a great week. Did you enjoy my Twitter chat on Tuesday? I thought it went really well… I reckon I will do another one soon, it was great to speak to you all despite my phone battery nearly running out twice…

Thanks for all the suggestions about new gym tunes. I have downloaded a few new tracks to keep me motivated, I love upbeat dancey ones the best, oh and a bit of cheese never hurt anyone either! …. However, my healthy eating has kind of gone down the drain this week, I have enjoyed some yummy treats including home made ice-cream on a day out with Mark in Cambridge, and a huge portion of Mancunian fish and chips when I nipped home last week. My god they were good!


Like I have always said – everything in moderation! There is nothing wrong in treating yourself. It is all about balance.

I have been back to Manchester again in the last week mainly because I didn’t get chance to visit friends and family a lot in the run up to the wedding, and I know I will be getting busy again with work soon so its been lovely catching up with everyone and sharing stories about the wedding and hen party…

Here are some pictures I took on the way back on the motorway… look at this gorgeous rainbow!


New role

The news is finally out about my new role. I am going to be filming a five part drama for BBC1 one called Our Girl.

I am over the moon about this. I loved the first series with Lacey Turner in it, and can’t wait for my next big challenge and where it will take me.

I can’t really tell you much about the character I am playing, as its all still pretty hush hush, but when I can I will let you know.

Cult body moisteriser

My new body moisturiser obsession is good old ‘Bio Oil’


I would say it is my must have product at the min… I use it everywhere, body, face and body. This small product goes a long way and dries quickly so it’s great if your in a rush… It feels amazing on the skin. I know mums to be rave about it to combat stretch marks but it’s such a good all rounder – especially because it is so reasonably priced and is stocked everywhere between £5-£8

Bio-Oil has won 224 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 18 countries since its global launch in 2002. Not bad going really! Try it out!

New summer bag

My over the shoulder brown tassel bag is from Zara…. I wear it all the time and keep money, sunglasses and phones, the things that get lot in a big bag… It’s a perfect item for this festival season because it’s just the right size for a day spent watching bands and you can sling it over your shoulder which is safer than holding a bag your hand all day, and a bum bag is never a cool look either, sorry!


I love a good jumpsuit

My new denim jumpsuit is from Mango… I’m loving the denim look this season, the long sleeve and cropped trousers look great with the British summer cause the weather sometimes changes and this never looks out of place. OK, so it’s a bit of a faff when you need to go to the loo, but this jumpsuit is ultra comfy and very fashionable.



I’m trying a new highlighter too from Illamasqua called… GLEAM. You can use it body and face, it looks great on the cheekbones and it’s in cream form not powder so it gives it a dewy finish and works better on your skin in hot weather – a good one to stick in your holiday make-up bag.


These ones are also pretty good:

Benefit’s Highbeam … I have been using since my late teens. It’s such a good product – a great all rounder


Benefit also do a Sunbeam – which is one to use for your jollies as it gives a more golden sun kissed look than Highbeam.


For a product that is more affordable , e.g. – under a tenner I think Rimmel Good To Glow is pretty fantastic!


It is an instant build able illuminator and highlighter. The lightweight liquid texture can be used on face and body, and can be worn alone or blended with foundation for a subtle all over glow.

The trick here with any highlighter is don’t go overboard – otherwise your face will just look shiny and even worse – greasy! Think about where the light hits your face and body and just blend it there.

Body magic

This divine body cream by Temple Spa is seriously wow. It’s rich and leaves my skin soft supple and radiant. This one is an investment purchase, but a little goes a long way and I only use a tiny bit after a bath at night, you don’t need a lot, so the jar should last for ages.



Before I go – I must show you my new lippy too – again from the brilliant Illamsqua… it is called BARE it’s my perfect shade… Nude with a hint of warm pink.


Until next week,

Lots of love

Michelle xxx

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