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28 January


Keeping my New Year’s resolution and the NTAs

Hello all,

It’s been a serious reality check since being back from Australia and settling back into the cold weather has not been easy… I have kept up my New Year’s resolution of not drinking coffee and feel so much better for it. I have a lot more energy, I have also kept up with exercising. I am training with Ashton Turner who worked with us on the MIC fitness DVD. I forgot how great exercising makes you feel and I really want to stick with it – long term.

Another thing I have been trying out is cold pressed juices. I have heard a lot of people rave about them and I thought I would give them a go. I would never do a juice diet as that is just not my thing, but I think they are perfect to have with meals or in between meals. The juices I love the most are from The Juice Smith ( They have a really great variety and the texture is beyond smooth! My favourites are the almond milk ones. They taste delicious, I was seriously surprised as I’m very fussy. Like chocolate milk.


Last week I went to the NTAs which was cool. Although we weren’t nominated (shame) it was still great to be there. I love the industry I work in and I enjoy every aspect of it so I take an interest in who is winning what. I was in a box with a few of the TOWIE lot and they were all pleasant and lovely! There is no rivalry and it’s cool to hang out with people that do a similar thing to what you do.


This week I have been really busy setting up everything for the launch of my new blog. To give you the low down, there are a few different aspects to it. I understand that a few people think it is going to based solely on style. There will be a section which includes my “look of the day”. I’m lucky that people take an interest in what I wear and I thought it would be fun to do. As well as that there will be a section on beauty, I will be uploading videos each week where I try out all different kinds of products that are cruelty free. I think it’s important that people realise there are some great brands out there that don’t test… And if you aren’t educated on animal testing but love animals, you should do some research. It’s a lot more common than you think and although it is illegal to test on animals in the UK, there are brands that supply products to China where it is compulsory that products ARE tested on animals.


On my blog I will also be showing you some of my beauty tricks, so feel free to check it out and if there is anything you want me to talk about I would love to know!

Don’t let the January blues get you down!

Lucy x x

05 March


I love that Ellen gave out pizza at the Oscars…

Hey guys,


I hope you are having a good week so far.  I have been quite busy this week, so have been trying to get my flat in order so when I come back it’s all peaceful and relaxing. I have been investing in a lot of candles, I have recently found a brand called Milana – I love their Drive In Romance candle!


Last night I watched the Oscars (was too late to watch it live). I thought they were amazing and Ellen DeGeneres made them so entertaining. I loved the fact she gave all the stars pizza (quite interesting to see who ate it and who didn’t!) and of course Jennifer Lawrence tucked into a piece – she is great and not afraid to be herself! She looked beautiful on the night in her red Dior gown and of course fell over on the red carpet!




My best Oscar moments

–       The famous Selfie

–       Meryl Streep dancing with Pharrell

–       The pizza

–       Cate Blanchett winning Best Actress


Worst Oscar Moment

–       The look on Leonardo DiCaprio’s face when he didn’t win, and the fact he didn’t win – heartbreaking!


Outfit of the week: I attended the PETA Party at Mahiki and wore an outfit by AQAQ. It was a great party for an even better cause!


Training must-haves: Reebok ZQuick TR Trainers I have been wearing them whilst training and they are great. The shoes are light and supportive and perfect for both gym and park!


Brand of the week: Wilby – the brand have created a range of vegan bags. The brand is committed to creating cruelty free clutches that are certified with the Vegetarian Society.


At the moment I am loving Simple’s Radiance Brightening range, especially the moisturizer, which is perfect to give you skin a bit of glow.


Until next week,


Lucy x


06 November


‘I don’t like being messed around’

Hi Guys,


Welcome to my new HELLO! Online weekly blog. I will be talking to you about my life, style, the show and much more.


I hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode of Made In Chelsea. Going to the Spa was good fun and nice to have some girl time and get pampered. We all got quite drunk on the first night and passed out relatively early. The next morning I was feeling a little bit fragile… probably an element that lead to me being quite emotional.


It was good to catch up with Binky and talk about everything that was going on. I’m really supportive of her blossoming relationship with Alex. Andy’s gig was a tad explosive but aside from that I am really proud of Andy, he has a really good voice and it’s great he is starting to showcase his music more.


The situation with Jamie was a tough one. I don’t like being messed around and I don’t put up with s**t from guys. He is a close friend of mine and I find the whole situation very confusing. I’m not someone that enjoys putting their feelings on the line.


Things I loved this week:

* Francis’s comical input. He took his scary story telling very seriously which was cute.

* Cheska munching on a cake whilst I was crying about my feelings at the spa. Haha.

* Stevie’s dating techniques, such innocence.

* Binky and Alex together, cute couple right!

* Seeing how Jamie is pretty much the same with Phoebe and I.

* Spencer’s constant readjusting of his quiff.


I love hanging out with my dog Digby, he is the main man in my life. I literally don’t want to go anywhere without him. He is starring in the show and he gets along with Scrumble (Binky’s dog) and the cast members really well – it was so cute seeing him on screen when he was a lot smaller!


I had a lot of compliments about my outfits this week. The one I wore to Scrumble’s birthday in particular. My tartan dress was from Missguided, my leather jacket Miss Selfridge and my cute black boots with gold buckles are from office. If you like what I wear you can check out my rufflr page ( and find out where I buy my outfits from/similar products and items I like. Above is a picture from the Spa weekend – I’m wearing an oversized shirt from Boohoo, necklace from New Look and shoes from Office. My sunglasses are from Ray Ban.



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