‘What I’m doing for Valentine’s Day’

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a good week so far, despite the awful weather! I can’t remember the last time England was sunny for more than a couple of hours – walking Digby has been a very damp experience on many occasions, but he loves it. Me on the other hand, not so much. But there is always a silver lining and I have recently got the new Sony Xperia phone that happens to be waterproof.



 Fashion Look from my Fashion section at www.lucy-watson.com

This week I am really looking forward to A New York Winter’s Tale premiere on Thursday. It is a love story starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay. As you all know I am not a big lover of Valentines Days, but I do love romance films and as the premiere doesn’t fall on Valentine’s Day I feel it’s ok!  Speaking of Valentine’s Day, it is fast approaching. I always feel like it is better not to go too over the top with gifts (men take note) but if you are struggling for gifts – flowers are always a safe bet, as well as cupcakes!



 Healthy eating! Rocket, Quorn, Mange Tout, Red Peppers, Mushrooms and balsamic glaze

This week I am loving Nip + Fab Post Workout fix as I am training a lot at the moment. The gel helps to cool muscles and give your body an instant boost post–workout!


Valentines gift ideas for her (guys don’t get it wrong this year!)


1.     Candela Box (Monthy candle subscription) £25/ Month

2.     Boss Orange Woman Eau de Parfum £45

3.    Fossier Raspberry Macaroons £7.50

4.    Philippa Craddock Twenty Rerd Roses £120

5.    Fauchon Ribbon Heart Chocolate £25

6.    Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath £30

7.    Lola’s Deluxe Valentines Cupcakes £19.50


‘Seeing my nude billboard is weird…’

Hi guys,

This week has been pretty exciting for me, especially as I launched my new PETA campaign. I am passionate about building awareness of the cruelty behind fur and highlighting the fact that it is by no means glamorous. Faux fur is a really great alternative and much better for your conscience… Faux fur these days is gorgeous and soft. I am really happy that there is a billboard up outside West Brompton of the campaign – its quite daunting to think people will see it everyday, but if it gets the message across, I really don’t care. To the unveiling I wore faux leather trousers from Bank and a Miss Selfridge coat.


You may have seen me tweet about it but I have been working on the fashion section for my site Lucy-Watson.com, where I will be uploading outfits every few weeks for you all to see. I am pretty relaxed with my style, I tend to wear what I like, but there are a few others I look to for ideas. At the moment I am loving Kylie Jenner’s style, its really laid back and sort of grungy – she doesn’t wear too much colour. I enjoy giving people details on where to get my clothes as I am constantly getting questions about it on twitter.



At the moment I am loving all Champney’s products, especially the bath oil – it really helps you to relax!


Until next week

Lucy x

Getting in shape and getting my hair done!

Hey guys,
I hope you are all well this week. I have a seriously bad chest infection so I am on penicillin antibiotics to clear it up – I blame England’s weather. So far this week I have been housebound, but I am kick starting my fitness and eating regime to mainly be healthy and also to get in shape. I have started to train with Richard Callender, it is early days yet, but I am really enjoying it already, it’s bringing out my competitive side and can’t wait to see the results. #strongnotskinny
To accompany the training regime I am going to try and eat healthily. I have bought almond milk and gluten free foods and lots of fruit and veg. At the moment I love Lizi’s original granola,  it’s amazing with natural yogurt and fruit. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal as you can have so much variety – I am a bit stuck sometimes though as I don’t like it to get too repetitive. Tweet me your pictures to help give me some inspiration!
I got my hair done the other day at Michael Van Clarke in Marylebone and was really pleased with the results. The salon is all about hair care and making sure your hair is looked after the best is can be to avoid breakage and damage. I really like their methods and learnt a lot about the products on the market today that are slightly misleading… And walked away with their great leave-in treatment. I really recommend going there if your hair is damaged or you struggling to grow  it or  just want a relaxing hair salon experience.
Today I’ve been promoting a PETA anti-fur advert on Chelsea Bridge – I’ll give you all the details next week!
Until next time
Lucy x

Lucy Watson blog: Kate Moss and Keira Knightley

Hi guys,

I hope you are all having a good week so far. I am finally back to normal sleeping hours after a week of the WORST jet lag. I have been having a relatively relaxed week, doing chores and admin things and catching up with friends along with a few events here and there.

On Thursday my friend Hannah and I attended the Kate Moss exhibition at the Imitate Modern. Hannah is such a big fan of her work, so I knew it would be something she would like to go to. It is crazy to think how long she has been a model and the fact that she is still doing huge campaigns at 40 is an achievement respected among most! I’m not sure if she is the best role model but she has definitely had an admirable career.

It was so interesting to see the photographs of her work from when she started to now.

To the event I wore trousers and a jacket from Bershka, baggy t–shirt, United Nude shoes and a vintage Chanel bag from Vintage Heirloom.

My Monday nights are slightly less hectic these days without MIC airing so I went to the Jack Ryan premiere with my sister. I love Keira Knightley and Chris Pine is very attractive in the whole action genre role — the acting of course did not disappoint.

I wore a black dress with lace detail from All Saints, black buckle boot heels from Office, silver ear cuff from Topshop and finished off my look with dark eye make up and my hair swept to one side.


As it is so cold, it’s important to protect your lips, at the moment my must have is Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips – perfect for when you’re on the go as it also adds a natural tint of colour.

Anyway that’s all for this week. Make sure you wrap up kids, just cos the sun shines now and then don’t mean it’s gonna be any less chilly for the bones!

Lucy xx

‘I’m reunited with my bestie’

Hey Guys,

This week I am trying to recover from jet lag, so far its not going well. I get up at 3am – 5am wide awake. The upside is it means I can get more things done!

I am glad to be back in England, as I have finally been reunited with Digby – he was staying at my mum’s and now is very well behaved, almost a different dog. It’s so nice to have my bestie back.



Last night I appeared on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side… It’s always fun to be on the panel and discuss what is going on in the house. I have been catching up since coming back, and I am sure some of you saw I am not the biggest fan of Lee! This year seems to be a very good mix of people, great entertainment. Of course I am rooting for Ollie, he is such a nice guy and deserves to do well. On the show I went for a monochrome look wearing a black blazer from Bershka, black jeans from Zara and shoes from Dune. My necklace and ring are from my brand Creature that will be launching soon.

This week I am excited to attend the premiere of Girls season 3. I think it’s such a great show and I love the fact its about a group of girls finding their way in NYC, its like a younger version of Sex and the City. A lot of the qualities in the characters resemble those of my friends, so it makes it even funnier.



At the moment I cant get enough of the Nails Inc. Gel Effect polish, it’s the perfect quick fix when you don’t have time to get shellac done. My favourite has to be Kensington High Street, the deep red is a good colour for nights out and goes with a lot of my wardrobe as I mainly wear dark or plain colours.


lucy-3Lucy x

My lunch with Stephanie Pratt

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having a good week so far, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets from people who are sad the show is now over for the series! It is a shame but we’ll be back before you know it.

As mentioned I decided I needed a break for the UK and to go somewhere hot and sunny – Los Angeles! I am still here and having such a great time, the weather is amazing (wish it was like this in England). I have a few friends out here so have been catching up with them.




Yesterday, I went to the beach and chilled there until sunset, which was beautiful. I love the fact you can be in a city, but also be so close the beach. I have met some really cool people out here and am probably gonna struggle a bit fitting back in to my routine in London. The nearest thing I have to a beach there is the Thames.

As I am out here I wanted to also see Stephanie (Pratt). Once all the initial drama on the show passed, we got on well, contrary to a few articles that were released at the time. She’s a really sweet girl and we are similar in a lot of ways. I found out from her yesterday that she has also done work with PETA, which I think is so great. She took me for Lunch in Malibu and it was pretty amazing to eat whilst watching dolphins dance about in the sea in front of us. She also took me shopping briefly – biiig mistake. The shops here are incredible and I wanted to buy everything. Spent a lot.



As it’s the new year I have decided to try a few new products that I didn’t get round to trying in 2013! I have just started using Moroccan oil hair products. My hair got pretty wrecked by some micro bond extensions (if you have fine hair, don’t get them. Seriously) and so far the products have really helped my hair get back to its healthy state. And they smell amazing.
My brand of the week is Boohoo – love their Floral Playsuit that I wore to lunch with Stephanie!


Until next week

Lucy xx


‘I love Jamie as a friend’

Hey guys,

I hope you all watched the end of season show with Rick Edwards on Monday night. A lot has happened since the last episode of the show so it was good to catch everyone up.

Obviously due to recent articles in the press I was getting a lot of tweets telling me Jamie had cheated on me. Which is sweet as it’s nice to know people are looking out for me but me and Jamie have never been a couple because I don’t feel ready to commit. I can understand where he was coming from when he said he cant wait around for me, but as I said a week is not very long to leave it if you are madly in love with someone. Obviously I love him as a friend and I always will, but in relationship terms I can’t trust him and seeing him gallivanting with girls in Miami a week later cemented my worries! It was so surprising that Spencer agreed with me about the fact that Jamie wouldn’t have behaved that way in Miami if he had feelings for me; I appreciated having someone see my point of view.
It has been so nice to have some time off over Christmas. As I mentioned before, I spent it down in Devon with my mum and although the weather was terrible, it was a great day full of eating, eating and more eating. I much prefer giving presents and watching reactions than receiving them as I am so privileged with what I have…
I’m off to L.A. today — I’ve never been before but will definitely keep you all updated on the goings on… Who knows what could happen! I left Digby in Devon so my mum could look after him while I’m away. It’s the first time we’ve been apart for this long and I’m seriously struggling! I know it sounds pathetic but he is like my bezzie mate as he’s with me 24/7. We’ve face-timed a few times and I’m glad he’s with my mum who he loves rather than in a kennel.
I hope you all had a good NYE.

Lucy xx

‘I didn’t know how to react to Jamie’s surprise’

Hi Guys,

I hope you all enjoyed the show on Tuesday  night; it was quite a finale to the season! Parts of it were hard to watch back with all the fighting – especially with Victoria. As I mentioned on Twitter I regret judging her on how she looked as it’s not kind, but I was trying to stick up for myself and Cheska. Everyone knows that Cheska’s weight is one of her major insecurities and Victoria was quick to target it.



Other than all the bitchiness it was such a Christmassy episode and was so nice to spend time with everyone all together. It was a sad time though as I was moving out of the flat with Stevie. It was hard to leave as we had a lot of fun together, but sometimes it’s good to have your own space. I personally prefer living by myself and my new flat is gorgeous. I had all the interiors done recently by an amazing designer.

I was so shocked when I saw Jamie’s surprise, it was so sweet and I didn’t really know how to react, I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Plus everyone was watching so it was slightly awkward. I realised how much I missed him when we weren’t talking (for two and a half weeks) and it really upset me not having him in my life. We both love each other and are really great friends. Watch the studio show on Monday and expect some fireworks between Jamie and I.




Things I loved this week:

- Louise’s pony, so small!
– Spencer pretending he could ride. He couldn’t even trot. Hilarious to witness though.
– me and Louise actually did look like boys in our outfits.
– Louise mistaking her leggings for a scarf “sweeeet”. Also when Andy said he got her a present. “Why?”
– Jamie and Proudlock’s tree! So shkinny!
– Francis on Skype. Haha he’s so unique.
– Jamie shopping by himself
– Alex’s speech about the seating plan
– Jamie confronting Spencer about seeing him and I together. His little face when he found out we were shopping for him!
- Spencer’s fist pump when me and Jamie were kissing in the carriage
Check back next week to see what I thought of the studio show…
Lucy xx

‘The situation with Jamie is difficult’

Hi guys,
I hope you all enjoyed the show on Monday night! Only one more left to go now and it’s a good one, lots of Christmas spirit about!
As Binky’s friend it was quite hard to watch, as it must be slightly difficult for her to know that Alex hasn’t loved anyone since Phoebe, but at least he was honest.;lucy-real
It was quite funny to see Jamie doing his washing at my house; he was clearly very confused about how to use the machine!
The whole situation with him is difficult as I don’t want to give him mixed signals but at the same time I’m constantly battling with my own confusing emotions.
I think it was right for me not to go to Binky’s for supper, as we need our space and to define some boundaries. You can’t have someone that close to you tell you they love you and then carry on normally as if nothing has happened.
Things I loved this week:
  • Jamie being a creep and staring at pictures of me.
  • The boys’ poker faces. Aha!
  • Andy’s eyebrows… They’ve taken over from the nostrils? Very emotive.
  • Phoebe to Fran: “I don’t like you”. She has a way with words that one… Cracked me up!
  • Watching the episode and finding out that Jamie’s washing machine was actually working. I knew it!
  • The Icelandic band Ásgeir, they’re really good! I didn’t think I would like their music.
  • Jamie saying I didn’t know how to dance. Haha… Haha… What.
  • Proudlock greeting me with “whatsup whatsup whatsup y’all”. Such a G.
  • Me sitting at home alone kissing my dog whilst my friends are down the road having a dinner party. Mrs Cool.


 Excited to Launch my new Jewellery range Creature next year


Last week I went to the Anchorman 2 premiere. I have to admit I couldn’t really remember what happened in the first film, but the second film was hilarious! Will Ferrell is so funny, but I have to say Brick is my favorite character; he is so awkward and very honest! To the premiere I wore a Lipsy skirt, Dorothy Perkins cami and blazer and Dune shoes, all on my Rufflr page. http://bit.ly/1kRrW0s


Christmas is coming up and it is always hard to buy presents – especially for girls! So here’s a small gift guide to help the boys along.

Until next week…

Lucy xx


1.    EOS lip set – £24

2.    Stila Colour Me Glossy lip glaze – £30

3.    Jo Malone Candle – £30

4.    Michael Kors Watch – £259

5.    Aqua Di Parma Iris Noblie eau de parfum gift set – £70

6.    Clarisonic £120

‘I saw a different side to Phoebe in South Africa’

Hey guys,

I hope you all enjoyed the South Africa ep last night! It was such an amazing trip, seeing all the animals in their natural surrounding was incredible, but also quite scary as you can get so close. We soon realised though that the animals were a lot more scared of us than we were of them and decided to have a picnic by their watering hole, relaxed as ever. As you all know I am an animal lover so I was in my element.

I’m not going to lie — I wasn’t too happy when Phoebe turned up at the airport as we didn’t exactly get along, but we have put our differences to one side and we get along okay now. There wasn’t really any reason for us to have so much hatred towards each other and I saw a different side to Phoebe in South Africa. She too loves animals and she was a lot more warm and approachable to be around.



It was quite hard to be in South Africa with both Spencer and Jamie as I felt like one or the other were speculating when I spent time with one or the other. I found that if I was alone with Jamie Spencer would come over and vice versa. As someone that enjoys their personal space and is quite independent I found it quite invasive. Luckily back at the lodge I had my own suite (which was gorgeous) and it had a lock so I could just go in there at night and bolt the door.

It’s really hard because I love being friends with Jamie and although he’s convinced he’s in love with me, I’m not so sure. Yes I am skeptical as it is, but I think if he had me it would be a different story…. Who knows. We care very much about each other and he is extremely important to me.




Things I loved this week:

* Firstly just everything about Jembisa (the lodge) because it is the best place ever.
* Jamie and Alex’s excited “body bump” at the airport.
* Sam taking the fact that Fran is in the music industry as a reason to give her a CD with a naked picture of him on the front…. O….K!
* Alex referring to Spencer as Attenborough… The facts were overwhelming.
* The bit where we were cautiously walking towards the giraffe. I don’t think people actually grasp how surreal that was, a wild giraffe (male) that was grazing and we walked over to it with no protection. So exciting though.
* Cheska standing up for herself (and I) whilst Victoria was being her usual bitchy self.
* The South African choir. I love all their songs. “Hello my friend, hello my friend.”
* Andy’s reaction when Vita says she only eats olives at dinner, haha… unusual.


Beauty tip of the week:

I went shopping with my mum to find a new lipstick. I think it is a really great idea to buy a colour not too dissimilar from your own natural lip colour, or slightly brighter. It gives you a good colour to wear day to day, and keeps your lips glowing and moisturised throughout the day without looking “too much”. I bought “Rouge Dior nude 663″.

Speak soon.

Love Lucy xx

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