I feel I was very harsh on Riley…

I have been shopping… A LOT. I never really have time to shop in London and my schedule is a lot less hectic here which is nice. Bloomingdales is my favourite and there’s this really great sunglasses shop nearby (can’t remember the name) where I bought three new amazing pairs. I think sunglasses are a really great way of tying up am outfit or making a plain one more appealing. You can never have enough. Here’s a picture of the ones I bought:


The top ones are from Wildfox and the bottom two are from Illesteva. Also, I am loving my rings from Pandora and Hemmings and Co, here’s a picture of them: 


I am obviously missing Digby lots, and was sad to discover the lack of laws there are in the US about buying animals, particularly dogs. There is a pet shop near my apartment, and you can literally just walk in and buy a dog over the counter. They are all in cages and it concerned me to think what happens to them once they aren’t puppies anymore, if no one has bought any of them. It’s a difficult topic, because whilst I think that there should be regulations and laws around buying animals, there is nothing to stop people illegally trading animals, and I’m not sure that it fundamentally stops the problem of people abusing them. I am involved with dogs charities, as well as PETA, and it is something I feel strongly about. Although people know from watching the show that I bought Digby from Harrods (which makes me seem like a massive hypocrite) he had been there for four months and I kept seeing him there. No one wanted him and I felt bad he had been behind that glass window for such a long time. So in my eyes – I rescued him.


I hope everyone enjoyed the show on Monday, I know a lot of my friends and family liked the fact that it was on earlier as sometimes people want to get an early night on a Monday.

I didn’t like to watch the jealous side of me, I feel I was very harsh on Riley and that’s not the person I am. Only when I realised that Jamie may have been playing her did I snap back to my usual girl power Lucy. As angry as I was with her I felt slightly protective at the same time. She is younger than me and although it may not come across this way on screen, I sometimes see her as a younger sister. Jamie is the last guy I cared about and although he is my friend you don’t really stop caring about that person until you find someone else. And I haven’t yet.

Anyway I hope England is fun, I hear the weather is great so enjoy it while you can x

I’m writing my first post from New York City!

Hi guys,

I’m writing my first blog post from New York City!!

I can’t tell you much about what I’m up to, but I’ll be out here for the next couple of months filming some exciting new additions to Made in Chelsea. So far I’ve managed to go to Bloomingdales, Central Park, Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret. Not really into the touristy things… more the shopping! But I do plan on visiting Ground Zero with Stevie at some point.



New York is great, very similar to London, just more hectic. I keep eating bagels and it’s a serious problem for me. Someone told me the other day that they are equivalent to half a loaf of bread… Awk.


This week, I was really proud to be unveiled as the face (or legs) of the new Wilkinson Sword campaign. We shot a TV advert, which was a super long day, but it was an amazing team of people. I love being on set, and I think it really shows when you actually enjoy the work. I’m excited to see my face on all the packaging in stores across the UK, so make sure you look out for me. “You don’t need boys to have fun” haha.


I also did a photo shoot for my jewellery brand Creature, this week. I styled the shoot a little darker than any looks I’ve done before, as I really wanted to embody the freaky, more animalistic side of the brand. They will be up on the Creature website soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I’m really proud of the jewellery and the designs so I hope you guys like them.


Although the show isn’t airing here ATM I have been keeping up to date with the episodes. In the last one I was having a bit of a shitty week! I’m a very passionate person and I wear my heart on my sleeve so if I’m upset by something I can’t really hide it. I may have been slightly harsh on Riley… But when you’re working in an office with the last guy you were seeing and he starts dating your intern it is quite awkward.



You start to see my friendship with Binky crumbling, which is hard to watch back. I guess in my argument I had with her I was scared that she was going to stop hanging out with me now that she is back with Alex. She got defensive about this and stormed out which I wasn’t expecting. This reaction was hard to see and kind of showed me how things are just different now. While growing up I’ve learnt that the experiences we go through define us and sometimes relationships grow apart in the process.

Lucy x

‘Dating is a minefield’

I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks! I went to Greece for a couple of days. It was a really last minute holiday, but I was lucky enough to have a few days off over the weekend, so I thought I should make the most of it. I also got to try out my new Figleaves swimwear. I went away with Stephanie, and we have a great couple of days, topping up our tans and relaxing on the beach. Even if it did rain most mornings…


I am going away over the summer, so I have had to leave Digby with my mum. I hate leaving him, but obviously he can’t travel with me. He has been enjoying his gifts from Precious Pets, so he is happy. My mum lives in the south of England and has dogs herself so he gets to play with them. Last time I went away, I tried to Skype him, but he got so confused and just ran upstairs, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that again!


I had the press day for the collection from Lipsy that I have modeled for this year. It was a great day at The Sanderson hotel, but I was so exhausted at the end of it. I went straight from there to the BT Sports Industry Awards in Battersea Park, as I was presenting an award with Vernon Kay. I was a little nervous beforehand, as I’ve never actually presented an award before, and I was scared that I might trip over on the stage. The room was full of some of the most incredible athletes, and at the beginning of the event, they showed a montage of the highlights from the past year. It showed some incredible talent in the British sporting world.


This week is very exciting for me as it marks the launch of my new book on the 22nd of May. I really wanted to create a handbook style book, that explains some of the difficult situations I have had to deal with navigating my way through the minefield of dating.  I didn’t want to preach about what I have learnt, but I wanted to put something together that allowed girls to relate, and hopefully if they can read it and learn from the mistakes I have made, then that’s a bonus! We have also included Snaptag videos. You can scan them with your smartphone and it takes you to a video of me giving make up and dating tips. I also explain some of the photos from each chapter.

Keep posted for next week, as I have some exciting news!

‘I have Binky’s back’

Hi guys!
Now that Made in Chelsea is back on air twitter has been going cray and I’m so happy that all the fans are loving the new series. We have been filming for a couple of months and it’s always exciting to see it on television. Sometimes we forget exactly what was said, so it can be fun to watch it back. We usually all get together on a Monday night as it’s a nice experience to share with the rest of the cast. This time Stevie came over and we watched it together. I enjoyed rinsing him about his poem but secretly I did think it was quite good. It’s hard to watch one of my best friends getting upset and what she is going through hits home with me and experiences from my past (before the show). It’s a tricky situation and although I like Alex, I have Binky’s back always.
This week, I made the announcement that I will be releasing a book – The Dating Game. I wanted to write the book as an offering to my 15 year old self. I have been through a lot and had many different experiences, which have led me to where I am today, and due to what I have gone through I like to think of myself as a strong individual. I felt that there was a lack of material available to young girls written from a really bold and honest perspective. I didn’t want to preach in the book, rather, offer a chance for people to hopefully relate to the situations that I have been in, and prevent them from making the same mistakes, or at the very least, understand that these mistakes are normal. I hope the book can provide people with a better understanding of why I am the way I am, but also I would like it to empower girls to have the confidence to make decisions based on what is going to make them happy. It is available for pre order on Amazon now! I truly am proud of it so I hope everyone likes it.
On Monday I shot the new campaign for Lipsy. It was an amazing shoot in Surrey at a beautiful polo stud. I grew up with horses, and my dad lives quite close to where we were shooting, so it was nice to spend the day there. The weather was amazing and it was fun shooting outside. We were shooting the VIP collection which will be available in June! There were some amazing behind the scenes images – have a look on my instagram (imLucyWatson) and let me know what you think.
I am obsessed with Manuka honey. I have unfortunately been getting really run down and unwell recently, and I find that the honey makes me feel so much better. It’s also great for a sore throat. My mum preached to me about it for years and for some reason when someone really wants me to do something it makes me really not want to do it. So I never used it. I spent basically every other week with a cold/flu so was desperate for an antidote. Turns out mum was right! I have also discovered the dr.organic Manuka Honey foot scrub – it’s amazing!
I am looking forward to seeing the film The Other Woman. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the premiere as I had filming commitments, but I can’t wait to see it in the cinema! Girls ganging up on a douchey guy… Sounds like my kinda film.
I get a couple of days off this week for the Easter break and I’m really looking forward to spending a couple of days at home with my family and Digby. I hardly ever get days off back to back, so it’s a great chance to recooperate! And my mum misses me. I hope everyone has a great Easter, enjoy the eggs, I know I will.
Lucy x


‘I’m so excited for the new series of MIC!’

Hello everyone!

This week I got my hair done again at Michael Van Clarke. Because of my hair extensions I have to be careful about which products I use so that I don’t make the roots of my hair too oily. I really wanted to perfect a dark ombré look so the Michael Van Clarke salon team has been helping to darken my roots. I love my new hair!




Recently I went for dinner with Jamie. He’s such a good friend of mine that its always really fun when we hang out. We love spending time together, but you’ll have to see how things turn out in this series of the show!

Last week I went to Andy’s Launch for his new clothing range Jam. It was really exciting seeing him launch the brand at Broadway in Fulham. He’s been working on it for such a long time and I’m really proud of him. Andy is such a good singer and performer, and with his tour coming up this summer he’s going to be really busy. If you haven’t got tickets to see him yet, make sure you do!



This has been an exciting week as I’ve made my debut as cover girl for FHM! I had such a great day shooting and the team were amazing. I was allowed to have loads of input into the style and theme of the shoot which was great, and I deliberately chose to go down a sporty route but I want to focus on being healthy and fit. When you read the interview, make sure u take it with a pinch of salt as sometimes sarcasm doesn’t travel. I think it’s okay to talk about ways you experimented, especially if you’re an adult in a committed relationship.

On Thursday night I went to Bounce launch. Bounce is a new mini cab app in London. The fares are super cheap and it’s so easy to use! I’ve been whizzing around London, and the cars always arrive super quickly. If you download the app, you get a free £10 credit, and everyone you refer using your code, both of you get another £10!



My product of the week is the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit. It’s an amazing gel polish kit that lets you do your nails at home with a professional result. It’s amazing for when you’re travelling and it’s so easy to top up. You can have perfect nails in less than 20 minutes! The starter kit is £65.95 and gel polishes are £12.95 each. You can get the kit and polishes at redcarpetmanicure.co.uk.



I’m super excited about the new series of Made In Chelsea on Monday night! I hope you have all seen the trailer? Make sure you tweet me and let me know what you think @ImLucyWatson.

Until next week!

‘Made In Chelsea is hitting New York!’

Hi everyone,
We were able to release some really exciting news this week – Made in Chelsea is hitting New York! We will be filming 6 episodes out there and it should take around 2 months to do. We are unaware of who is going just yet but hopefully we’ll find out soon. I would love to go, have never been before and I’ve always thought it would be my kinda place. Plus American guys are hot!

One of my outfits this week

This week I have been using ‘Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser’ from Kissed by Mii. It’s made with sea lavender, inula flower and coral seaweed. The product uses plan collagen to prolong the life of your tan – perfect as we begin to creep into Summer. It feels lovely on my skin, and it doesn’t smell. It’s a great product for getting the most out of my tan!

Digby taking a selfie

Speaking of tanning, I am very much looking forward to the weather changing. The winter is so depressing, and especially having a dog and living in London, it’s so much nicer to be able to get outside. I read this week that we are supposed to be having the warmest summer on record, and it’s supposed to be starting as early as April! I’ll believe it when I see it…

I’ve been training hard this week


I’m still training hard, and have been kitting myself up in a whole new gym wardrobe from Reebok. I honestly do think that it makes a difference to have clothes that you feel really comfortable in, but also that look nice. I tried to get out of training as I have been ill, but my trainer was having none of it! He took me to Whole Foods to load up on great, healthy snacks, and I’m feeling much better. Manuka Honey has changed my life.
There are two big announcements that I’m desperate to share with you but I have been sworn to secrecy! You will have to check in over the next few weeks to see what they are. Next month is an exciting one for me.
Quote of the Week; ‘I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can.’

‘Details about my new Lipsy campaign…’

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a good week. I am so excited that my jewellery brand, Creature, is finally available for pre-order from creaturejewellery.com. It has been a long time in the making as I am a perfectionist and everything had to be right! I love every single piece, especially the Gold Ram horn earrings. For Creature I wanted to take something unique and individual from animals, so I chose their most unusual features, and designed each piece with future trends in mind.



I am not feeling too well this week but it has been exciting so far. I am pleased to announce I am the new face of the Lipsy VIP range! I had a creative meeting earlier this week at Lipsy HQ ahead of the photoshoot happening in a couple of weeks and love the concept behind it. I also got a sneak preview of the collection – you are all in for a surprise. I don’t want to give too much away but prepare yourself for some amazing fishtail dresses, a hero bandeau jumpsuit and much much more!

This week Digby has been very badly behaved, he is definitely in need of training — I have had a few people in the park tell me this! Its tricky because there are so many dog trainers around, so picking the right one is going to be hard! Do any of you know any London based trainers that I should contact? If so tweet me @imlucywatson.



Product of the week is PAWPAW – so great for soothing and moisturizing chapped lips. It comes from Australia and my family out there swear by it!

Quote of the week — “It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho the rest of your life.”



Until next week,

Lucy xx

I love that Ellen gave out pizza at the Oscars…

Hey guys,


I hope you are having a good week so far.  I have been quite busy this week, so have been trying to get my flat in order so when I come back it’s all peaceful and relaxing. I have been investing in a lot of candles, I have recently found a brand called Milana – I love their Drive In Romance candle!


Last night I watched the Oscars (was too late to watch it live). I thought they were amazing and Ellen DeGeneres made them so entertaining. I loved the fact she gave all the stars pizza (quite interesting to see who ate it and who didn’t!) and of course Jennifer Lawrence tucked into a piece – she is great and not afraid to be herself! She looked beautiful on the night in her red Dior gown and of course fell over on the red carpet!




My best Oscar moments

–       The famous Selfie

–       Meryl Streep dancing with Pharrell

–       The pizza

–       Cate Blanchett winning Best Actress


Worst Oscar Moment

–       The look on Leonardo DiCaprio’s face when he didn’t win, and the fact he didn’t win – heartbreaking!


Outfit of the week: I attended the PETA Party at Mahiki and wore an outfit by AQAQ. It was a great party for an even better cause!


Training must-haves: Reebok ZQuick TR Trainers I have been wearing them whilst training and they are great. The shoes are light and supportive and perfect for both gym and park!


Brand of the week: Wilby – the brand have created a range of vegan bags. The brand is committed to creating cruelty free clutches that are certified with the Vegetarian Society.


At the moment I am loving Simple’s Radiance Brightening range, especially the moisturizer, which is perfect to give you skin a bit of glow.


Until next week,


Lucy x


‘How I spent my birthday’

Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a good week so far. Last week was my birthday. It was a day full of delicious food and fun — I was treated to lunch at Harrods with my mum and sister and enjoyed a glass of champers with my favourite, truffle macaroni cheese. In the evening I celebrated at The Phene Pub with my nearest and dearest, including my favourite – Stevie Johnson – although he did come empty handed… It was a great evening filled with champagne, canapés and of course cake from the delicious Hummingbird Bakery! Which, in my tipsy state, I ended up giving to the staff when we left. I regretted this the next day!
The Wednesday before my birthday I had a really exciting shoot that I can’t wait to share with you all. Throughout the day I wore jewellery from my own brand Creature (launching next week). I loved my make-up on the day done by Natacha Schmitt, she used Smashbox make-up which is cruelty free,.I love their eye shadows – they are great for a smoky eye!
I cant wait for… Shrove Tuesday! I love pancakes and lived off them when I was growing up. Its best to make them, so I will show you some images next week of my creations. I learnt how to make them from scratch when I was just six years old. My mum used to make them for me every morning before school. My favourite toppings are fresh lemon and sugar, golden syrup and butter and last but not least – strawberries and whipped cream. I really want to get some more inspiration – so please tweet me your topping ideas… @imlucywatson.
My product of the week is Palmers Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion – I’ve always used the original cream moisturiser, but this one is easier to apply, especially when you are in a hurry, which I am most of the time.
Favourite moment from this week? My friend Lucas bought Digby an American Apparel hoodie. I’m not really into dressing up my dog but he actually really likes his hoodie. He is particularly cocky when wearing it, but it cracks me up every time.
Take care,
Lucy x

I’m working on some secret projects… all will be revealed soon

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having productive weeks (ha ha why am I your teacher). I have had a busy week with lots of exciting projects in the mix that I wish I could share, but bear with me, all will be revealed soon… As well as projects I am also concentrating on my new jewellery line, Creature. The name sort of says it all, but of course the collection is based around animals and their unique features. The line has been in development for a long time but it looks like everything is finally coming together, and it will be launching very soon.


Finally the sun came out on Sunday so Binky and I spent the day together walking Digby and Scrumble and just having girl time – it’s always needed. We got a bit keen with the few rays of sun and put the roof down, surprisingly warm! We let the dogs run wild in Richmond Park, they were a muddy state by the end and I gave up on keeping my car clean. We had a lovely Sunday lunch and then headed to the pub to see some friends.


My new discovery of the week – vegetarian marshmallows! They are delicious and practically guilt free… well to me anyway, probably not to Richard my PT (ha ha, sorry Rich)! They have no added sugar, no gelatine and no dairy – perfect! I would definitely recommend!


Rainy days are better with… the new Walking Dead series, I’m obsessed! I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet as I’ve been so busy but I can’t wait.

Song of the week… the new Little Mix song Word Up. Binks and I were listening to it in the car and I had to shazam it, such a good upbeat song for when you’re driving.

Quote of the week… “Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.” Quite deep but I think it’s right… So many people can feel pressured into fitting in with other people’s standards and really, everyone is different! We need to be otherwise it just gets boring and people become sheep.

Until next time,

Lucy xx

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