December, 2014

22 December


Spending Christmas in Australia and spending a day with the guide dogs charity

Coming up to Christmas and I think it’s a bit hectic for everyone… So much to do, so little time? I spent the majority of my weekend wrapping presents. I like to pretend I’m santa and go all out with the gifts. Nothing better than seeing the people you care about have wide grins spread across their faces with large sparkling eyes in excitement. I’m currently at the airport waiting to fly to Australia. I’m going with my mum and sister Tiffany, as we have family out there. I absolutely cannot wait. 2014 has been amazing but it’s been hard work and I’m really looking forward to a break.


Last week I spent a day with the guide dogs charity ahead of their awards show. I got to meet a few of the gorgeous puppies in training. I wanted to get involved with this charity as I think it’s a great one that brings both people and animals together, showing how great the partnerships between species can be. Anyone that knows me will know that I am an animal lover and I think it’s amazing what these creatures can do to improve people’s lives when they have lost their sight in one way or another. Sight is something most of us are born with, and perhaps a lot of us take for granted. Surprisingly someone in the UK will lose their sight every hour. I know that if that was me I would want to have a guide dog by my side to not only provide me with constant company but to provide me with some form of vision.



The guide dogs charity receives no funds from the government and therefore relies very heavily on donations from the public. Guide dogs do not come cheap and in their lifespan will cost around £50,000 for training, upkeep and vet bills etc. If you read this and would like to help, please check out their website

This week I discovered the new Hawaiian Tropic™ Silk Hydration Face SPF 30, Satin Protection Sun Lotion SPF 30 and the NARS Laguna Bronzer. I don’t wear make up when I am on holiday, and these are the perfect products.

Silk Hydration FaceLaguna-BronzerLR

My find of the week is Abbott Lyon – an amazing watch brand I wore on my style take over for This Week I’m Wearing. I’m wearing the yellow one in the picture. All the styles are available at

Have an amazing Christmas and New Year and Tweet me @imlucywatson with your holiday plans!

10 December


Dubai and France with MIC!

Last weekend I went to Dubai to visit my friend Carly who lives out there. I needed a bit of a break from this cold weather and I’ve never been to Dubai but have heard from Carly that it’s amazing. I ended up staying in the new Four Seasons hotel on the beach, which only opened a few weeks ago. It was beautiful and squeaky clean as you can imagine. The environment over there is so different, all the building are so tall and quite spaced out with a lot of glass, I felt like I had flown to a different planet! The weather was glorious though and I managed to lie out a bit while I was there.


I didn’t get the chance to explore as much as I would have liked as I was only there for 3/4 days. Carly managed to organise the whole weekend for me and we went out on the Friday night for dinner and then on to Mahiki. On the Saturday night we went to the Atlantis spa and had massages… They were the dream and the spa there is huge! The only thing I didn’t like was the aquarium. It shocked me how many fish has been shoved into such a small space I mean they were all pretty much swimming on top of each other. As an animal lover I found this quite hard to see…. I understand why people have aquariums but that was too many fish. Maybe a quarter of the amount would be slightly more acceptable.



I managed to go to one of the big malls there and there are so many rules! I tried to wear some shorts and a t shirt and Carly was like you cannot do that you’ll get kicked out. I learnt that you can’t kiss people in public either so it is a very strict environment! I can see the positive affects though. She said if you get caught with drugs out there you get sent straight to prison, which I think is great as it prevents people from using.

On Mondays episode of Made in Chelsea we all went to France! The chateau we were staying in was huge and lovely and I think we all felt extremely fortunate to be there.


One of the main situations for me was Tiffany and Sam’s relationship or there lack of. When we spoke to Fran about what had happened I think we were both surprised to hear that he had in fact tried it on with her that night. Not only had he promised tiff that nothing had happened but Binky had also assured me. So it was a bit of a shock. Having said that it was good to know the truth, like with every situation, so you can know where you stand and who you are really dealing with. Tiff and I don’t appreciate being messed around by boys, and we don’t spend our time with people that are going to waste it. You’re only young once and you want to look back at your youth as time well spent being happy with your friends/family etc. Not look back and thing Jeez I spent a lot of my teenage years/20s being dicked around by boys and being sad. Some people didn’t really seem to agree with my methods and think I’m being harsh. However, it works for me and I’m not about to give up my single life for someone I’m unsure about and neither should Tiff. Although I do realise the Sam situation could have been a lot worse, I am very aware of that. I think it was the lying that threw me as if you are capable of that once you could do it again very easily. The actual situation itself wasn’t horrendous. From my experience if you feel unsure it’s best to leave it, but I know how much Tiff likes Sam and I appreciate that she is younger than me and needs to learn on her own. In the next ep you see me speaking to Sam and him, I guess, trying to win me over.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week and if you get a chance, pop down to winter wonderland! It truly is a fun day out. X

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