September, 2014

19 September


‘There’s lots more to come from Made In Chelsea’

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks!

I went to the TV Choice Awards and got to dress up in a black gown which was great fun. It’s always nice to go to those sorts of events with the production and people behind Made in Chelsea, as it’s an important night for them. My dress was from Forever Unique. The dress was backless so luckily I had my new Invisibra to save the day! It’s a clever product and means that I can now wear a whole range of differently cut dresses without having to worry about my bra showing!




I had a great time at the Pup Aid event on Primrose Hill. It’s a fantastic cause, and I’m really excited to be included in the cause.

I’ve got my best pal Stephanie back in the UK. It was great to watch her on Big Brother, although I could see she was struggling as she HATES germs, and that house looked pretty dirty.

I’ve been working out loads recently, mainly at Heartcore in Chelsea. The Pilates studio is super intense, and I do one hour sessions. It’s a great way of building strength and generally improving your fitness and stamina. After my work out, I’ve been drinking the Mango and Orange But the Cow drink. It’s a great way of making sure you don’t have an energy dip after your work out.


I’m really pleased everyone enjoyed the season finale of Made in Chelsea. Filming in New York was an incredible experience and such a fun thing to have done. As you can see from the teaser at the end of the series, there is so much more to come!

As my brand Creature is growing, I love going to fashion parties. Everyone is so friendly and it’s nice to be able to chat about why I started the brand and what new products I have coming out.


Make sure you have a read next week, as I will be showing you exclusive pictures of the new addition to the Watson clan.. A pal for Digby (who is currently cross because I gave him a haircut).


01 September


I could tell Stevie and Billie would make a great couple…

Hello everyone,

The past week has been a very busy one for me, filming the 8th series, working on Creature and various other things. That said no matter how busy I am I always try and make times for my friends and evenings out.
Earlier in the week I went for dinner with one of my oldest friends, Hannah, at a restaurant in Sloane Square. We were having a lovely evening but couldn’t help but notice that a couple of men (many years our senior) were ogling us in a very unsubtle way throughout the night. When the people sitting next to us paid their bill and left, the two men took their seats and continued with their stares (whilst sitting next to us this was uncomfortable and difficult to ignore). They even tried to join in our conversation at one point! When it came to paying our bill the waitress whispered “these lovely gentlemen beside you have paid it” with a wide grin on her face. No. I asked if we could cancel and pay our own bill but she said it had already gone through. This infuriated me slightly. It’s the standard situation of a man thinking he can buy his way to a woman’s attention and it is not one that impresses me. Anyway we left, we were polite and said thank you but it all felt very forced. I would love to hear your thoughts on situations such as these. Is it flattering? Or just a sexist act of thinking every woman can be bought no matter who you are.
Other than that I have been trying to focus on getting fit and losing the weight I put on in New york. I am not keen on changing my diet as I love food so the only option for me really is exercise. I tried pilates for the first time and have to say I am really impressed. Not only does it challenge your body but it also challenges your mind as you really have to think sometimes about the exercises you are doing and how to breathe etc. I like a challenge and really felt great when I left. The next morning was a different story as I felt like all my muscles had been ripped up, but I do recommend it and I’m going for another session later today. If you are not sure where to go I went to heartcore just off the Kings Road.
MICNYC has started and I’m glad to see that everyone seems to be enjoying this series. We saw Binky standing up to Alex and Jamie being let down by him. He is definitely not a popular person atm and it was shame to see Jamie that upset.
There were some happier times in the ep with Billie hanging out with Stevie. I could tell they would like each other and think they would make a great couple, however I think it is a shame she is dating one of his best friends, Spencer. It does leave Stevie in a tricky situation and I know he’s not as forward as Spencer. Anyway, I know who I’m rooting for but we’ll have to just wait and see what happens next week.
Take care and wrap up warm, Lucy x

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