August, 2014

07 August


New York was incredible

I’m back in the UK! I drove straight down to Devon to pick up Digby as I was missing him so much. He was so excited to see me as it’s been 2 months. He has settled in really well back in London, and his behaviour has calmed down a lot — he doesn’t bark at or chase joggers anymore, thanks Mum! That being said, he did run away from me today… We were walking through Battersea park and we came round the corner and bumped into five Battersea Dogs Home dogs that were walking together. Digby is generally scared of other dogs as he is so small but these were five big ones (all on leads). I knew he would be scared so I turned around to get him and he was gone. It was really scary and 40 minutes later I still hadn’t found him. By this point I was hysterical and only thinking the worst but I soon discovered that he had trotted all the way home and was patiently waiting for me outside the flat… Thank the Lord. 


It’s been amazing weather since I have been back, and I’ve been enjoying having a little break, and readjusting to living in London again. The whole experience of New York was incredible, but totally different to London, so it’s a bit of a culture adjustment. I’ve already been to Devon and I spent the weekend in Surrey, as well as spending some time with my sister.
I’ve been really pleased to see lots of great feedback for my book, The Dating Game. The sales have been huge and I’m so happy that it seems to be helping people with their relationship woes. I’ve even had friends referring back to it and using it to help them make dating decisions. All I wanted was for girls to feel empowered to make the right decisions for them and not let guys treat them badly so I’m so happy with the results :).
I’m excited to be back and working closely on Creature. I have some new designs for later in the year, I’m loving 90s style and grungy jewellery so that’s going to be my inspiration for my next collection. I’m going to visit the Jewellery Fair at Earl’s Court as it’s a great playground for inspiration and meeting buyers.
I’ve also had a few exciting and different photo shoots recently so look out for them and I will of course keep everyone updated with pics on my twitter and instagram.
The New York series of Made in Chelsea starts on Sunday the 10th of August at 9pm (new day and time) and I’m really excited for you guys to see what we got up to and how much fun we had! We start filming for series 8 soon so it’s all go go go.
Have a good week and enjoy the sun while it lasts, we all know it won’t be around for long.
Lucy XoXo (trying to be Gossip Girl)


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