I feel I was very harsh on Riley…

I have been shopping… A LOT. I never really have time to shop in London and my schedule is a lot less hectic here which is nice. Bloomingdales is my favourite and there’s this really great sunglasses shop nearby (can’t remember the name) where I bought three new amazing pairs. I think sunglasses are a really great way of tying up am outfit or making a plain one more appealing. You can never have enough. Here’s a picture of the ones I bought:


The top ones are from Wildfox and the bottom two are from Illesteva. Also, I am loving my rings from Pandora and Hemmings and Co, here’s a picture of them: 


I am obviously missing Digby lots, and was sad to discover the lack of laws there are in the US about buying animals, particularly dogs. There is a pet shop near my apartment, and you can literally just walk in and buy a dog over the counter. They are all in cages and it concerned me to think what happens to them once they aren’t puppies anymore, if no one has bought any of them. It’s a difficult topic, because whilst I think that there should be regulations and laws around buying animals, there is nothing to stop people illegally trading animals, and I’m not sure that it fundamentally stops the problem of people abusing them. I am involved with dogs charities, as well as PETA, and it is something I feel strongly about. Although people know from watching the show that I bought Digby from Harrods (which makes me seem like a massive hypocrite) he had been there for four months and I kept seeing him there. No one wanted him and I felt bad he had been behind that glass window for such a long time. So in my eyes – I rescued him.


I hope everyone enjoyed the show on Monday, I know a lot of my friends and family liked the fact that it was on earlier as sometimes people want to get an early night on a Monday.

I didn’t like to watch the jealous side of me, I feel I was very harsh on Riley and that’s not the person I am. Only when I realised that Jamie may have been playing her did I snap back to my usual girl power Lucy. As angry as I was with her I felt slightly protective at the same time. She is younger than me and although it may not come across this way on screen, I sometimes see her as a younger sister. Jamie is the last guy I cared about and although he is my friend you don’t really stop caring about that person until you find someone else. And I haven’t yet.

Anyway I hope England is fun, I hear the weather is great so enjoy it while you can x

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