‘I love Jamie as a friend’

Hey guys,

I hope you all watched the end of season show with Rick Edwards on Monday night. A lot has happened since the last episode of the show so it was good to catch everyone up.

Obviously due to recent articles in the press I was getting a lot of tweets telling me Jamie had cheated on me. Which is sweet as it’s nice to know people are looking out for me but me and Jamie have never been a couple because I don’t feel ready to commit. I can understand where he was coming from when he said he cant wait around for me, but as I said a week is not very long to leave it if you are madly in love with someone. Obviously I love him as a friend and I always will, but in relationship terms I can’t trust him and seeing him gallivanting with girls in Miami a week later cemented my worries! It was so surprising that Spencer agreed with me about the fact that Jamie wouldn’t have behaved that way in Miami if he had feelings for me; I appreciated having someone see my point of view.
It has been so nice to have some time off over Christmas. As I mentioned before, I spent it down in Devon with my mum and although the weather was terrible, it was a great day full of eating, eating and more eating. I much prefer giving presents and watching reactions than receiving them as I am so privileged with what I have…
I’m off to L.A. today — I’ve never been before but will definitely keep you all updated on the goings on… Who knows what could happen! I left Digby in Devon so my mum could look after him while I’m away. It’s the first time we’ve been apart for this long and I’m seriously struggling! I know it sounds pathetic but he is like my bezzie mate as he’s with me 24/7. We’ve face-timed a few times and I’m glad he’s with my mum who he loves rather than in a kennel.
I hope you all had a good NYE.

Lucy xx

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  1. Hmm, cant help through all this to sympathise with Jamie a little bit. Understandably Lucy questioned his sincerity of committing himself given his past record, but judging by the way he came across in the following ways 1.) Risking his friendship with spencer to pursue Lucy 2.) Openly admitting that he was falling in love with her which for guys is no laughing matter. Most importantly he was sober when saying it. Imo, Jamie either has deep feelings for Lucy or he deserves an Oscar. I may be wrong but judging on how much chemistry these pair have i dont think Jamie would simply put himself in a relationship with Lucy only to hurt her in the future. As for Miami, yes some may say a week later and look what Jamie’s up to, but for someone who has just been devastated by the person who they love but doesn’t love you back, sometimes getting drunk is just a way to ease the pain and if some girl so happens to want to kiss you, then again, it may just be a way to feel wanted when ‘The One’ doesn’t want you. I do really hope these two somehow end up together as they do seem to have genuinly strong chemistry, way more than any other couple throughout the entire show. Then again, who am i to put pressure on “show couple” that may in the end just be the result of a well written love script. I’m just a sucker for a happy ending.

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