My lunch with Stephanie Pratt

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having a good week so far, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets from people who are sad the show is now over for the series! It is a shame but we’ll be back before you know it.

As mentioned I decided I needed a break for the UK and to go somewhere hot and sunny – Los Angeles! I am still here and having such a great time, the weather is amazing (wish it was like this in England). I have a few friends out here so have been catching up with them.




Yesterday, I went to the beach and chilled there until sunset, which was beautiful. I love the fact you can be in a city, but also be so close the beach. I have met some really cool people out here and am probably gonna struggle a bit fitting back in to my routine in London. The nearest thing I have to a beach there is the Thames.

As I am out here I wanted to also see Stephanie (Pratt). Once all the initial drama on the show passed, we got on well, contrary to a few articles that were released at the time. She’s a really sweet girl and we are similar in a lot of ways. I found out from her yesterday that she has also done work with PETA, which I think is so great. She took me for Lunch in Malibu and it was pretty amazing to eat whilst watching dolphins dance about in the sea in front of us. She also took me shopping briefly – biiig mistake. The shops here are incredible and I wanted to buy everything. Spent a lot.



As it’s the new year I have decided to try a few new products that I didn’t get round to trying in 2013! I have just started using Moroccan oil hair products. My hair got pretty wrecked by some micro bond extensions (if you have fine hair, don’t get them. Seriously) and so far the products have really helped my hair get back to its healthy state. And they smell amazing.
My brand of the week is Boohoo – love their Floral Playsuit that I wore to lunch with Stephanie!


Until next week

Lucy xx


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