‘I saw a different side to Phoebe in South Africa’

Hey guys,

I hope you all enjoyed the South Africa ep last night! It was such an amazing trip, seeing all the animals in their natural surrounding was incredible, but also quite scary as you can get so close. We soon realised though that the animals were a lot more scared of us than we were of them and decided to have a picnic by their watering hole, relaxed as ever. As you all know I am an animal lover so I was in my element.

I’m not going to lie — I wasn’t too happy when Phoebe turned up at the airport as we didn’t exactly get along, but we have put our differences to one side and we get along okay now. There wasn’t really any reason for us to have so much hatred towards each other and I saw a different side to Phoebe in South Africa. She too loves animals and she was a lot more warm and approachable to be around.



It was quite hard to be in South Africa with both Spencer and Jamie as I felt like one or the other were speculating when I spent time with one or the other. I found that if I was alone with Jamie Spencer would come over and vice versa. As someone that enjoys their personal space and is quite independent I found it quite invasive. Luckily back at the lodge I had my own suite (which was gorgeous) and it had a lock so I could just go in there at night and bolt the door.

It’s really hard because I love being friends with Jamie and although he’s convinced he’s in love with me, I’m not so sure. Yes I am skeptical as it is, but I think if he had me it would be a different story…. Who knows. We care very much about each other and he is extremely important to me.




Things I loved this week:

* Firstly just everything about Jembisa (the lodge) because it is the best place ever.
* Jamie and Alex’s excited “body bump” at the airport.
* Sam taking the fact that Fran is in the music industry as a reason to give her a CD with a naked picture of him on the front…. O….K!
* Alex referring to Spencer as Attenborough… The facts were overwhelming.
* The bit where we were cautiously walking towards the giraffe. I don’t think people actually grasp how surreal that was, a wild giraffe (male) that was grazing and we walked over to it with no protection. So exciting though.
* Cheska standing up for herself (and I) whilst Victoria was being her usual bitchy self.
* The South African choir. I love all their songs. “Hello my friend, hello my friend.”
* Andy’s reaction when Vita says she only eats olives at dinner, haha… unusual.


Beauty tip of the week:

I went shopping with my mum to find a new lipstick. I think it is a really great idea to buy a colour not too dissimilar from your own natural lip colour, or slightly brighter. It gives you a good colour to wear day to day, and keeps your lips glowing and moisturised throughout the day without looking “too much”. I bought “Rouge Dior nude 663″.

Speak soon.

Love Lucy xx


  1. Lucy,
    Please don’t choose Spencer or Jamie. Jamie has ADD and Spencer is behaving like an alpha dog in heat. You’ll just be a notch on his belt.

  2. I think this weeks episode has been one of the best soo far. It was really fun watching it. Besides of that I also loved Andy’s face when Vita said she is doing this diet….It was soo funny.

  3. Team Watson all the way. That Victoria is just vile!

  4. Keep up the excellent work. It has a really excellent content on this subject and your comments are quite accurate.

  5. I’m glad you chose neither – going out with someone shouldn’t be based on competition between two immature boys! Go feminism!

  6. Lucy you are really nice and great girl. You deserce someone ho will treat you like a Princess. :)

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