‘It’s hard to be friends with an ex’

Hey guys,

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s show! This episode had quite a lot of funny bits… Especially that rap that Stevie performed – who would have thought he had it in him! It was so nice to welcome Poppy to the show, you could see that Stevie was really happy, apart from when I mentioned his pyjamas – he looked a little embarrassed. He knows it’s only playful… Although watching back I may have been a tad harsh with my jokes! Poppy didn’t look too impressed.

It was quite a surprise when Spencer walked into the salon, I mean I was just getting my hair done which i find quite relaxing! I meant it when I said that I don’t hate Spencer, it takes too much time and effort to constantly hate someone and I have moved on. That doesn’t mean friendship is on the cards – I have a close knit group of friends, all that are very loyal and close to me. I think it is hard to be friends with an ex, sometimes impossible, especially when the relationship ended in a similar manner to the way ours did (badly).


Things I loved this week:

  • Stevie and Andy’s impressions of me… I can agree, they were spot on. Those boys know me so well!
  • Jamie telling Stevie to “tuc tuc it” with poppy. Pretty sure he means those bike things but is that really the way to a woman’s heart? Personally find the experience quite frightening.
  • Stevie and Poppy in general. Just aw.
  • Sam trying to undo Fran’s coat… Hahaha… What. And the mistletoe, I can’t.
  • Louise taking the piss out of Sam. She showed her jokes side.
  • Stevie bringing out his inner ‘G’ … “badaboombadabing”

Winter Wonderland has just opened up and I’m so happyyyy!! It is the best time of year. I intend on going A LOT. I went with Proudlock on the opening day and went on some preeetty scary rides. and then with Jamie the other day. We spent around £100 on the games where you throw things to win a bear because I really wanted a big bear. Managed to get a bear but it wasn’t quite what I meant… Still cute though!



Christmas shopping… I don’t know if anyone else has started theirs yet but I went to Westfield the other day with my sister. I was thinking about Christmas the other day and how I’m going to be so upset when I don’t get a stocking anymore (a day I wish never comes). And then I realised my mum doesn’t get one! She lives by herself in Devon and hasn’t had a stocking for years. This saddened me. So me and my sister bought her one and have filled it with magnificent gifts. Take note guys; the parents deserve stockings too. P.S. In case you’re wondering about my Dad, I’m pretty sure my stepmum buys him one each year so fear not!


Anyway hope you enjoyed reading and make sure you all behave this week. Santa is watching. Xx




  1. Lovely blog. Keep being a role model for girls who need to be shown how to act with self respect. Well done. You have come through it x

  2. Lucy, love this. You are so right and I love your honesty. Keep it up, Kimx

  3. Lucy,

    You are a gem on this show. Because of your honesty and integrity, people like Phoebe just don’t stand a chance.

    Keep up the good work, girl!

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