‘I didn’t know how to react to Jamie’s surprise’

Hi Guys,

I hope you all enjoyed the show on Tuesday  night; it was quite a finale to the season! Parts of it were hard to watch back with all the fighting – especially with Victoria. As I mentioned on Twitter I regret judging her on how she looked as it’s not kind, but I was trying to stick up for myself and Cheska. Everyone knows that Cheska’s weight is one of her major insecurities and Victoria was quick to target it.



Other than all the bitchiness it was such a Christmassy episode and was so nice to spend time with everyone all together. It was a sad time though as I was moving out of the flat with Stevie. It was hard to leave as we had a lot of fun together, but sometimes it’s good to have your own space. I personally prefer living by myself and my new flat is gorgeous. I had all the interiors done recently by an amazing designer.

I was so shocked when I saw Jamie’s surprise, it was so sweet and I didn’t really know how to react, I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Plus everyone was watching so it was slightly awkward. I realised how much I missed him when we weren’t talking (for two and a half weeks) and it really upset me not having him in my life. We both love each other and are really great friends. Watch the studio show on Monday and expect some fireworks between Jamie and I.




Things I loved this week:

- Louise’s pony, so small!
– Spencer pretending he could ride. He couldn’t even trot. Hilarious to witness though.
– me and Louise actually did look like boys in our outfits.
– Louise mistaking her leggings for a scarf “sweeeet”. Also when Andy said he got her a present. “Why?”
– Jamie and Proudlock’s tree! So shkinny!
– Francis on Skype. Haha he’s so unique.
– Jamie shopping by himself
– Alex’s speech about the seating plan
– Jamie confronting Spencer about seeing him and I together. His little face when he found out we were shopping for him!
- Spencer’s fist pump when me and Jamie were kissing in the carriage
Check back next week to see what I thought of the studio show…
Lucy xx


  1. Jamie suprise was so sweet! :) I hope you will have a good relationship and still be good friends :) I happy for you 2 :)


  3. Victoria is one of those people that has all the ingredients but none of the flavour. She is hideous. Cheska is so lovely and seems like a normal down to earth girl.

  4. I just read on facebook that you and Jamie are not a couple… :(

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