‘Monday night’s ep was quite awkward’

Hey guys,

You would have all seen me consult Andy and Louise, they are both my friends so of course I was going to give them advice. I always stick up for what I think is right and I felt that Louise ought to know what Andy had been up to as well seeing as he has given her such a hard time about the situation with “that guy”.

I hope you all enjoyed the show last night. It was quite awkward watching the scene with Binky where we argue, we watched it together and laughed it off. I know her really well and can tell when she is upset, but It was in no way meant to be patronising. Binky is beautiful and is a real catch, I just wish she believed it more. All I want for my friends and family is for them to be happy and it’s unfortunate we argued about a guy. The first and last time!


Things I loved this week:

Jamie plotting to get me to fall in love with him, quite cute.

Andy and Spencer casually going shooting together, is anyone else surprised this didn’t end in a fatality?

Stevie being taught how to ride a bike by obi wan Francis

Andy spotting the girl he’d got with a few nights previous… Busted! This mysteriously naughty side to him is hilarious and so unexpected!

Me telling Louise “I’d go f*cking mental” and then her awkwardly going mental at the girl when I actually meant at Andy.

Last Thursday I attended the Kardashian Kollection Lipsy Launch in the Natural History Museum. The party looked great amongst all the historic ornaments in the museum, although some of the fossils etc. kind of freaked me out! There was a mini fashion show, showcasing all the outfits and Khloe looked amazing. To the event I wore the Kardashian Kollection Faux Leather Shift dress, Office shoes and a necklace from New Look.

Kardashian Kollection For Lipsy - Launch Party - Arrivals


This week I am looking forward to The Big Red Ball, the event is for a worthy cause as the donations from the evening will help to improve the lives of children are affected by war, disease and poverty.

At the moment I love shopping for cute items for Digby; Mungo & Maud have some really cute items. Their new Paige denim dog beds are great and look comfy – they also suit Digbys style!


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  1. Can’t wait for your next post on this weeks mic! This week ep was crazy. Besides of that i think the best thing about you is that you don’t do so many mistakes over and over agan like some of the other casts… You are strong:)

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