November, 2013

29 November


‘I need some time just to be on my own’

Hey Guys,

I hope you all enjoyed the show on Monday night. It was so funny to see Stevie bonding with Digby in Mungo & Maud at the start. The sling looked hilarious on him, but he pulled it off! He loves Digby more than he lets on!

The questions I was asked about Spencer and Jamie in Monday’s episode were completely different and it was disappointing to see some people tweeting me calling me a liar. If Spencer had never cheated on me we would not have broken up, so without any cheating involved of course I would have chosen him, I wanted that relationship to work. I would pick Jamie now as after everything that has happened, I would never get back with Spencer. But I am glad Jamie and I decided to just be friends for the moment, I need some time just to be on my own and sometimes his behaviour doesn’t allow me to trust him whole heartedly.

New Hair!! Extensions from Lauren Pope, Hair Rehab. Hair By Mikey Kardashian.

New Hair!! Extensions from Lauren Pope, Hair Rehab. Hair By Mikey Kardashian.

Things I loved this week:

Binky referring to her and Alex sleeping together as “holding hands”.

Alex and Jamie trying to be me, prancing around in their underwear.

The psychotherapists reaction to when Spencer said he gets it wrong sometimes: “Yes……… Yes.”

Stevie’s cute little hug for Andy at The Phene when he heard the bad news.

Proudlock making Jamie eat “The Rug”.

Francis painting poor Rosie naked!

Holmes and Watson coming together to interrogate Louise.

Sams poem to Fran… What happened there, eh?

Behind the scenes at Alan Car with the wonderful Make up artist Marcos @GURGELUK

Behind the scenes at Alan Car with the wonderful Make up artist Marcos @GURGELUK

On Friday the cast and I were on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. It is always so fun talking to Alan, he is hilarious and his questions are always different and really outside the box – it’s never your average interview! On the show I wore a skirt from Of The Realm, top from Miss Selfridge, blazer by Dorothy Perkins and cuffs by New Look. You can see the outfit on my Rufflr page

Fashion Picks of the week  1. Dorothy Perkins Coat £68 2. Bertie Boots £120  3 Cami by Miss Selfridge £22 4. Of The Realm Skirt £285 5. Jumper Warehouse £42 6. Cuff from New Look £9.99

Fashion Picks of the week 1. Dorothy Perkins Coat £68 2. Bertie Boots £120 3 Cami by Miss Selfridge £22 4. Of The Realm Skirt £285 5. Jumper Warehouse £42 6. Cuff from New Look £9.99

I am excited to announce that my website is now live! Head to, to see pictures, news and fashion! I will try to upload new looks on the fashion page as much as possible so you guys can keep up with my latest looks according to season and I will include a variety of day and evening outfits : ).

Film of the week: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Jennifer Lawrence is such a bad ass and generally a really strong woman. I think she’s great. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and seems not to care too much about what people think. The second film is just as good as the first and has a really good twist – but I won’t spoil it for you! It’s a definite must-see.

This week my nails have been struggling from using shellac so often. For the last 6 months I have literally worn a colour for 10 days, had it removed, then reapplied a different colour for another 10 days. My nails haven’t had a chance to breath and they are extremely brittle now and keep breaking. Depressing. So I went and bought some beaut OPI colours and their Nail Envy Strengthener to use as a base and top coat. The ones I bought are in a pic below (lots of natural colours):

Love these OPI colours!

Love these OPI colours!

Yesterday I got my new car delivered. It’s really nice to be back behind a steering wheel as, since I got rid of my BMW six months ago, I have been getting taxis everywhere. I enjoy being in control of the music again haha and the speed…! Much prefer that then being driven around everywhere by other people. Independence is key.

Tweet me if you have any questions or if theres something you’d like to see more of in next weeks blog.


20 November


‘Monday night’s ep was quite awkward’

Hey guys,

You would have all seen me consult Andy and Louise, they are both my friends so of course I was going to give them advice. I always stick up for what I think is right and I felt that Louise ought to know what Andy had been up to as well seeing as he has given her such a hard time about the situation with “that guy”.

I hope you all enjoyed the show last night. It was quite awkward watching the scene with Binky where we argue, we watched it together and laughed it off. I know her really well and can tell when she is upset, but It was in no way meant to be patronising. Binky is beautiful and is a real catch, I just wish she believed it more. All I want for my friends and family is for them to be happy and it’s unfortunate we argued about a guy. The first and last time!


Things I loved this week:

Jamie plotting to get me to fall in love with him, quite cute.

Andy and Spencer casually going shooting together, is anyone else surprised this didn’t end in a fatality?

Stevie being taught how to ride a bike by obi wan Francis

Andy spotting the girl he’d got with a few nights previous… Busted! This mysteriously naughty side to him is hilarious and so unexpected!

Me telling Louise “I’d go f*cking mental” and then her awkwardly going mental at the girl when I actually meant at Andy.

Last Thursday I attended the Kardashian Kollection Lipsy Launch in the Natural History Museum. The party looked great amongst all the historic ornaments in the museum, although some of the fossils etc. kind of freaked me out! There was a mini fashion show, showcasing all the outfits and Khloe looked amazing. To the event I wore the Kardashian Kollection Faux Leather Shift dress, Office shoes and a necklace from New Look.

Kardashian Kollection For Lipsy - Launch Party - Arrivals


This week I am looking forward to The Big Red Ball, the event is for a worthy cause as the donations from the evening will help to improve the lives of children are affected by war, disease and poverty.

At the moment I love shopping for cute items for Digby; Mungo & Maud have some really cute items. Their new Paige denim dog beds are great and look comfy – they also suit Digbys style!


15 November


Making up with Louise was the right thing to do

Hey Guys,
I hope you are all having a good week so far and enjoyed Monday night’s episode. It was good to spend some time with Louise and chat about things. I know in the past we have had our differences, but she is a nice girl and means well, plus Spencer has messed us both around, so we have that in common.

Things I loved this week:

* Making up with Louise – way overdue and just the right thing to do
* Stevie’s reaction to Jamie pressing send (shock&horror combined)
* Me running with my dog which I do all the time… Haha.

This week I am really excited to attend the launch of the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy launch party on Thursday. I am sure some of you already know but I love the Kardashians. I think they are such an interesting family and all seem like they have a lot of fun together. If I had to have a family round for dinner it would definitely be them, it would so entertaining!

As many of you know I am really against animal cruelty and products tested on animals, such as make-up. Too Faced products are great and the brand doesn’t test on animals. The Shadow Insurance is the perfect primer for eyeshadow – it ensures that it will stay in place- perfect for nights out. Plus the Sweetheart Beads give a really natural glow to the skin.

Below are a few of my beauty lusts that are animal friendly :


1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

2. The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

3. Witch Mattifying Moisturiser

4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

5. Stila Brighten & Correct Concealer

6. Stila Custon Colour Blush in Coral

7. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Below is a picture of my make up look from last night’s episode. I think experimenting with different looks is really fun. For this look I went with a bold lip, I think the bold lip is perfect to for the evening if you are going out for drinks etc. This look is also nice with simple make up – i.e. not heavy eye make up and a black/dark coloured outfit.


Below: Pic of my Gym kit from this weeks ep.


Digbys new friend!


06 November


‘I don’t like being messed around’

Hi Guys,


Welcome to my new HELLO! Online weekly blog. I will be talking to you about my life, style, the show and much more.


I hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode of Made In Chelsea. Going to the Spa was good fun and nice to have some girl time and get pampered. We all got quite drunk on the first night and passed out relatively early. The next morning I was feeling a little bit fragile… probably an element that lead to me being quite emotional.


It was good to catch up with Binky and talk about everything that was going on. I’m really supportive of her blossoming relationship with Alex. Andy’s gig was a tad explosive but aside from that I am really proud of Andy, he has a really good voice and it’s great he is starting to showcase his music more.


The situation with Jamie was a tough one. I don’t like being messed around and I don’t put up with s**t from guys. He is a close friend of mine and I find the whole situation very confusing. I’m not someone that enjoys putting their feelings on the line.


Things I loved this week:

* Francis’s comical input. He took his scary story telling very seriously which was cute.

* Cheska munching on a cake whilst I was crying about my feelings at the spa. Haha.

* Stevie’s dating techniques, such innocence.

* Binky and Alex together, cute couple right!

* Seeing how Jamie is pretty much the same with Phoebe and I.

* Spencer’s constant readjusting of his quiff.


I love hanging out with my dog Digby, he is the main man in my life. I literally don’t want to go anywhere without him. He is starring in the show and he gets along with Scrumble (Binky’s dog) and the cast members really well – it was so cute seeing him on screen when he was a lot smaller!


I had a lot of compliments about my outfits this week. The one I wore to Scrumble’s birthday in particular. My tartan dress was from Missguided, my leather jacket Miss Selfridge and my cute black boots with gold buckles are from office. If you like what I wear you can check out my rufflr page ( and find out where I buy my outfits from/similar products and items I like. Above is a picture from the Spa weekend – I’m wearing an oversized shirt from Boohoo, necklace from New Look and shoes from Office. My sunglasses are from Ray Ban.



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