Working out and watching films…

Hello guys,

This week has been a manic one and I seem to have damaged my hand whilst boxing last week! It was a new thing my trainer and I decided to do and it seemed like a really good idea but I got way too into it and took it a tad too seriously haha. So now my hand won’t stop shaking and I may have to get it checked out. Apart from that I have really enjoyed working out recently and have managed to keep it up since Janurary. I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon and the results make it really worth it.
Last week I went to the Insurgent premiere. I took my friend Julia with me and my sister, Tiff, hadn’t seen the first movie Divergent before but Julia and I had and are serious fans of it. It’s very similar to Hunger Games but also has a splash of Maze Runner. The Insurgent movie was SO GOOD – I was on the edge of my seat and even felt like shouting at the screen at one point which would have been embarrassing as there were a lot of people in the room, so I refrained. I’m really glad I went to see it, I think Shailene Woodley is a great actress, her chemistry with Theo James was amazing and I was so jealous of their relationship. The only thing is, if you do go and see it, I think it’s important you watch the first movie before you go, you will get slightly lost otherwise as it is quite complex.
I did a shoot last week for a new TV channel and I was promoting the fact that they’re showing seasons 1 – 4 of Game of Thrones ahead of the new series by posing with their nights watch boyfriend pillow. It was quite a funny shoot, I thought the pillow was quite creepy at first and then I actually enjoyed his company. He was really nice to snuggle up to.
On Saturday I shot some photos for the style section on my blog which I’m really excited to show everyone as I shot the pictures with one of my best friends, Hannah, as the photographer. It was so cool to work with one of my friends and she’s really very talented. I also did some make up videos which I’ll be uploading later this week so watch out for those!
This week I’m loving the Leighton Denny SS15 collection. The colours are so fun and bright, perfect for spring, and they don’t chip. Hurrah!
Have a good week everyone, xxx

London Fashion Week and my birthday weekend!

Hello All, 

The last few weeks have been busy and this one has been particularly busy for me. Not only has it been LFW but I celebrated my 24th birthday also!
On the Thursday night before my birthday I went out for a lovely meal at Novikov in Mayfair with some of my family. It’s always nice to do things with your family on your birthday and the food there is exquisite. I also managed to receive one of those embarrassing Happy Birthday songs from the staff and some of the restaurant! I rarely get embarrassed but with all eyes on me and candles coming my way I did go a tad red.
On my birthday I went to Somerset House and watched the Eudon Choi show. I always like going there because you see so many different people walking around with such individual style and I kind of love people watching in that respect. The show itself was great and my favourite pieces were the floral patterned bomber and the blue patterned flares. The turn out was amazing and I wore a jumper, shirt and trench from his line with some adidas gazelles and a little leather mini. Then I went on to meet Andy across the road at the ME Hotel for some birthday drinks! We got slightly carried away and then I went home to get changed for the evening of birthday celebrations. I had my suspicions that my sister had something planned for me as none of my friends were really asking me what the plan was. I am a slight detective so I did feel for her in trying to keep it a surprise. My agent Emily picked my up and drove me to The Phene where I was “surprised” by a group of my closest friends! All in all the evening was fun-filled and I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends.
On Saturday I was pretty much out of action due to my birthday night celebrations however on Sunday I did pop down to Brook Street to see the new Aspinal x Etre Cecile collection. The collection is great and I loved a few of their silver bags from the orignal Aspinal collection, the new shapes this season are much more varied and there are a few that I am going to need to get my hands on…
The previous week I went to St Pauls girls school to judge their charity fashion show. I was joined by Stella McCartney, Nancy Gibbs (who photographed Stella’s new adidas collaboration) and Jessie Lethaby. It was really cool to meet all of them and I enjoyed being a judge for the evening! The girls had put in so much effort for their designs and being at their school really brought back memories from when I was at school. I felt weirdly free as I never really enjoyed school and have mainly bad memories of it, so it was nice in a way and I felt very grown up/old.
My favourite product of the week is this cute ring from Pandora Jewellery, made for stacking! I love them all!
My website finally launched this week and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it so please do check it out
Lucy xxx


New shoots and showing off my tan

Hi all,

This week has been a busy one. I have had a few shoots for both a high fashion mag and a commercial brand. It has felt great to get back behind the lens and I really enjoy being on set with a team, can’t wait to see the final images!

I also managed to hit a few events this week. The Oh My Love party was great fun, I wore one of their velvet playsuits which was really cute. Although it was freezing outside, I wanted to show off my tanned legs from Australia over Christmas! There were loads of photographers, which is fine, but they made a real effort to get photos of my crotch. Don’t really see how that is acceptable these days, a bunch of men with cameras aiming them “down there” and snapping away. Oh well, I made sure they didn’t get anything!


This week I posted a selfie with my cat (well kitten) ahead of Big Cat Week next week. He was really hard to take photos with and it made me think, does he fit in the family? Jokes, but I’m sure he could learn some great tips off Digby, he’s become a real pro at the whole selfie game.

So Big Cat Week is a television event exclusively on Nat Geo WILD. It runs from Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd February every day at 8pm. If you have an interest in animals and what’s going on in the world then I think it’s really important you tune in.


Big cats such as lions and tigers are some of our most magnificent creatures on earth. The programmes will be both interesting and educational and we will be able to get closer to these animals than ever before through the beauty of film, we will learn of their struggles to survive. We need to help save big cats otherwise they face extinction. To think of a future without them is strange, but very real. They cannot speak for themselves therefore it is down to us to do something about it. You can donate to the cause here:

Hope you all have a productive week, and don’t forget to watch!


Keeping my New Year’s resolution and the NTAs

Hello all,

It’s been a serious reality check since being back from Australia and settling back into the cold weather has not been easy… I have kept up my New Year’s resolution of not drinking coffee and feel so much better for it. I have a lot more energy, I have also kept up with exercising. I am training with Ashton Turner who worked with us on the MIC fitness DVD. I forgot how great exercising makes you feel and I really want to stick with it – long term.

Another thing I have been trying out is cold pressed juices. I have heard a lot of people rave about them and I thought I would give them a go. I would never do a juice diet as that is just not my thing, but I think they are perfect to have with meals or in between meals. The juices I love the most are from The Juice Smith ( They have a really great variety and the texture is beyond smooth! My favourites are the almond milk ones. They taste delicious, I was seriously surprised as I’m very fussy. Like chocolate milk.


Last week I went to the NTAs which was cool. Although we weren’t nominated (shame) it was still great to be there. I love the industry I work in and I enjoy every aspect of it so I take an interest in who is winning what. I was in a box with a few of the TOWIE lot and they were all pleasant and lovely! There is no rivalry and it’s cool to hang out with people that do a similar thing to what you do.


This week I have been really busy setting up everything for the launch of my new blog. To give you the low down, there are a few different aspects to it. I understand that a few people think it is going to based solely on style. There will be a section which includes my “look of the day”. I’m lucky that people take an interest in what I wear and I thought it would be fun to do. As well as that there will be a section on beauty, I will be uploading videos each week where I try out all different kinds of products that are cruelty free. I think it’s important that people realise there are some great brands out there that don’t test… And if you aren’t educated on animal testing but love animals, you should do some research. It’s a lot more common than you think and although it is illegal to test on animals in the UK, there are brands that supply products to China where it is compulsory that products ARE tested on animals.


On my blog I will also be showing you some of my beauty tricks, so feel free to check it out and if there is anything you want me to talk about I would love to know!

Don’t let the January blues get you down!

Lucy x x

‘I learnt a lot last year’

It feels SO good to be on home soil. As some of you may know, I have been away in Australia for just over two weeks. We headed to the Gold Coast for Christmas… Something I have never experienced before is a warm Christmas and I really do recommend it. Personally I love being outdoors and making the most of your day and that is a lot easier to do when you are a) by the water and b) not freezing your butt off.  


We had some really precious family time with my Uncle and his gorgeous wife and kids. We went jet skiing, which I have done many a time, but this was different… We were surfing the waves on the ski and it was a brilliant workout! And it gives you a massive adrenaline rush. Especially when you’re as fearful of the sea and everything within it as I am, a fear that annoyed a few of my family members, but when you watch as many documentaries as I do it’s hard to forget everything you know about the dangers that lie beneath… 


We (my sister and I) then headed to Sydney for New Years. We have quite a few family members that live there and Proudlock also happened to be there with his family. We enjoyed delicious brunches in the morning by the water, it is so much easier to be healthy over there. We also enjoyed welcoming a new member to the family, my cousin Sarah’s baby boy, Harrison. So sweet and of course has the expressive gene with his never ending facial expressions! 
All in all I love Australia – it will be always be a home from home and I have more family there than I do here. However, I will always slightly resent it for being so so far away. The plane ride is a bitch and not something I want to do regularly. 


My favourite products while I was away were the after sun by Hawaain tropic – not only did it soothe my skin but it smells amazing. And the leave-in lifesaver from Michael van Clarke which stopped my hair from drying out while I was on the beach. 


I’ve learnt a lot over the last year… A crazy amount. I’ve learnt to respect myself even more that I used to and I no longer intend on wasting my time on anyone or anything that doesn’t feel worth it. I trust my gut more than anything and let it lead me through life. Deep, but true. 


I hope this year anyone reading this will do the same. Always respect yourself. And always aim high. X

Spending Christmas in Australia and spending a day with the guide dogs charity

Coming up to Christmas and I think it’s a bit hectic for everyone… So much to do, so little time? I spent the majority of my weekend wrapping presents. I like to pretend I’m santa and go all out with the gifts. Nothing better than seeing the people you care about have wide grins spread across their faces with large sparkling eyes in excitement. I’m currently at the airport waiting to fly to Australia. I’m going with my mum and sister Tiffany, as we have family out there. I absolutely cannot wait. 2014 has been amazing but it’s been hard work and I’m really looking forward to a break.


Last week I spent a day with the guide dogs charity ahead of their awards show. I got to meet a few of the gorgeous puppies in training. I wanted to get involved with this charity as I think it’s a great one that brings both people and animals together, showing how great the partnerships between species can be. Anyone that knows me will know that I am an animal lover and I think it’s amazing what these creatures can do to improve people’s lives when they have lost their sight in one way or another. Sight is something most of us are born with, and perhaps a lot of us take for granted. Surprisingly someone in the UK will lose their sight every hour. I know that if that was me I would want to have a guide dog by my side to not only provide me with constant company but to provide me with some form of vision.



The guide dogs charity receives no funds from the government and therefore relies very heavily on donations from the public. Guide dogs do not come cheap and in their lifespan will cost around £50,000 for training, upkeep and vet bills etc. If you read this and would like to help, please check out their website

This week I discovered the new Hawaiian Tropic™ Silk Hydration Face SPF 30, Satin Protection Sun Lotion SPF 30 and the NARS Laguna Bronzer. I don’t wear make up when I am on holiday, and these are the perfect products.

Silk Hydration FaceLaguna-BronzerLR

My find of the week is Abbott Lyon – an amazing watch brand I wore on my style take over for This Week I’m Wearing. I’m wearing the yellow one in the picture. All the styles are available at

Have an amazing Christmas and New Year and Tweet me @imlucywatson with your holiday plans!

Dubai and France with MIC!

Last weekend I went to Dubai to visit my friend Carly who lives out there. I needed a bit of a break from this cold weather and I’ve never been to Dubai but have heard from Carly that it’s amazing. I ended up staying in the new Four Seasons hotel on the beach, which only opened a few weeks ago. It was beautiful and squeaky clean as you can imagine. The environment over there is so different, all the building are so tall and quite spaced out with a lot of glass, I felt like I had flown to a different planet! The weather was glorious though and I managed to lie out a bit while I was there.


I didn’t get the chance to explore as much as I would have liked as I was only there for 3/4 days. Carly managed to organise the whole weekend for me and we went out on the Friday night for dinner and then on to Mahiki. On the Saturday night we went to the Atlantis spa and had massages… They were the dream and the spa there is huge! The only thing I didn’t like was the aquarium. It shocked me how many fish has been shoved into such a small space I mean they were all pretty much swimming on top of each other. As an animal lover I found this quite hard to see…. I understand why people have aquariums but that was too many fish. Maybe a quarter of the amount would be slightly more acceptable.



I managed to go to one of the big malls there and there are so many rules! I tried to wear some shorts and a t shirt and Carly was like you cannot do that you’ll get kicked out. I learnt that you can’t kiss people in public either so it is a very strict environment! I can see the positive affects though. She said if you get caught with drugs out there you get sent straight to prison, which I think is great as it prevents people from using.

On Mondays episode of Made in Chelsea we all went to France! The chateau we were staying in was huge and lovely and I think we all felt extremely fortunate to be there.


One of the main situations for me was Tiffany and Sam’s relationship or there lack of. When we spoke to Fran about what had happened I think we were both surprised to hear that he had in fact tried it on with her that night. Not only had he promised tiff that nothing had happened but Binky had also assured me. So it was a bit of a shock. Having said that it was good to know the truth, like with every situation, so you can know where you stand and who you are really dealing with. Tiff and I don’t appreciate being messed around by boys, and we don’t spend our time with people that are going to waste it. You’re only young once and you want to look back at your youth as time well spent being happy with your friends/family etc. Not look back and thing Jeez I spent a lot of my teenage years/20s being dicked around by boys and being sad. Some people didn’t really seem to agree with my methods and think I’m being harsh. However, it works for me and I’m not about to give up my single life for someone I’m unsure about and neither should Tiff. Although I do realise the Sam situation could have been a lot worse, I am very aware of that. I think it was the lying that threw me as if you are capable of that once you could do it again very easily. The actual situation itself wasn’t horrendous. From my experience if you feel unsure it’s best to leave it, but I know how much Tiff likes Sam and I appreciate that she is younger than me and needs to learn on her own. In the next ep you see me speaking to Sam and him, I guess, trying to win me over.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week and if you get a chance, pop down to winter wonderland! It truly is a fun day out. X

‘There’s lots more to come from Made In Chelsea’

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks!

I went to the TV Choice Awards and got to dress up in a black gown which was great fun. It’s always nice to go to those sorts of events with the production and people behind Made in Chelsea, as it’s an important night for them. My dress was from Forever Unique. The dress was backless so luckily I had my new Invisibra to save the day! It’s a clever product and means that I can now wear a whole range of differently cut dresses without having to worry about my bra showing!




I had a great time at the Pup Aid event on Primrose Hill. It’s a fantastic cause, and I’m really excited to be included in the cause.

I’ve got my best pal Stephanie back in the UK. It was great to watch her on Big Brother, although I could see she was struggling as she HATES germs, and that house looked pretty dirty.

I’ve been working out loads recently, mainly at Heartcore in Chelsea. The Pilates studio is super intense, and I do one hour sessions. It’s a great way of building strength and generally improving your fitness and stamina. After my work out, I’ve been drinking the Mango and Orange But the Cow drink. It’s a great way of making sure you don’t have an energy dip after your work out.


I’m really pleased everyone enjoyed the season finale of Made in Chelsea. Filming in New York was an incredible experience and such a fun thing to have done. As you can see from the teaser at the end of the series, there is so much more to come!

As my brand Creature is growing, I love going to fashion parties. Everyone is so friendly and it’s nice to be able to chat about why I started the brand and what new products I have coming out.


Make sure you have a read next week, as I will be showing you exclusive pictures of the new addition to the Watson clan.. A pal for Digby (who is currently cross because I gave him a haircut).


I could tell Stevie and Billie would make a great couple…

Hello everyone,

The past week has been a very busy one for me, filming the 8th series, working on Creature and various other things. That said no matter how busy I am I always try and make times for my friends and evenings out.
Earlier in the week I went for dinner with one of my oldest friends, Hannah, at a restaurant in Sloane Square. We were having a lovely evening but couldn’t help but notice that a couple of men (many years our senior) were ogling us in a very unsubtle way throughout the night. When the people sitting next to us paid their bill and left, the two men took their seats and continued with their stares (whilst sitting next to us this was uncomfortable and difficult to ignore). They even tried to join in our conversation at one point! When it came to paying our bill the waitress whispered “these lovely gentlemen beside you have paid it” with a wide grin on her face. No. I asked if we could cancel and pay our own bill but she said it had already gone through. This infuriated me slightly. It’s the standard situation of a man thinking he can buy his way to a woman’s attention and it is not one that impresses me. Anyway we left, we were polite and said thank you but it all felt very forced. I would love to hear your thoughts on situations such as these. Is it flattering? Or just a sexist act of thinking every woman can be bought no matter who you are.
Other than that I have been trying to focus on getting fit and losing the weight I put on in New york. I am not keen on changing my diet as I love food so the only option for me really is exercise. I tried pilates for the first time and have to say I am really impressed. Not only does it challenge your body but it also challenges your mind as you really have to think sometimes about the exercises you are doing and how to breathe etc. I like a challenge and really felt great when I left. The next morning was a different story as I felt like all my muscles had been ripped up, but I do recommend it and I’m going for another session later today. If you are not sure where to go I went to heartcore just off the Kings Road.
MICNYC has started and I’m glad to see that everyone seems to be enjoying this series. We saw Binky standing up to Alex and Jamie being let down by him. He is definitely not a popular person atm and it was shame to see Jamie that upset.
There were some happier times in the ep with Billie hanging out with Stevie. I could tell they would like each other and think they would make a great couple, however I think it is a shame she is dating one of his best friends, Spencer. It does leave Stevie in a tricky situation and I know he’s not as forward as Spencer. Anyway, I know who I’m rooting for but we’ll have to just wait and see what happens next week.
Take care and wrap up warm, Lucy x

New York was incredible

I’m back in the UK! I drove straight down to Devon to pick up Digby as I was missing him so much. He was so excited to see me as it’s been 2 months. He has settled in really well back in London, and his behaviour has calmed down a lot — he doesn’t bark at or chase joggers anymore, thanks Mum! That being said, he did run away from me today… We were walking through Battersea park and we came round the corner and bumped into five Battersea Dogs Home dogs that were walking together. Digby is generally scared of other dogs as he is so small but these were five big ones (all on leads). I knew he would be scared so I turned around to get him and he was gone. It was really scary and 40 minutes later I still hadn’t found him. By this point I was hysterical and only thinking the worst but I soon discovered that he had trotted all the way home and was patiently waiting for me outside the flat… Thank the Lord. 


It’s been amazing weather since I have been back, and I’ve been enjoying having a little break, and readjusting to living in London again. The whole experience of New York was incredible, but totally different to London, so it’s a bit of a culture adjustment. I’ve already been to Devon and I spent the weekend in Surrey, as well as spending some time with my sister.
I’ve been really pleased to see lots of great feedback for my book, The Dating Game. The sales have been huge and I’m so happy that it seems to be helping people with their relationship woes. I’ve even had friends referring back to it and using it to help them make dating decisions. All I wanted was for girls to feel empowered to make the right decisions for them and not let guys treat them badly so I’m so happy with the results :).
I’m excited to be back and working closely on Creature. I have some new designs for later in the year, I’m loving 90s style and grungy jewellery so that’s going to be my inspiration for my next collection. I’m going to visit the Jewellery Fair at Earl’s Court as it’s a great playground for inspiration and meeting buyers.
I’ve also had a few exciting and different photo shoots recently so look out for them and I will of course keep everyone updated with pics on my twitter and instagram.
The New York series of Made in Chelsea starts on Sunday the 10th of August at 9pm (new day and time) and I’m really excited for you guys to see what we got up to and how much fun we had! We start filming for series 8 soon so it’s all go go go.
Have a good week and enjoy the sun while it lasts, we all know it won’t be around for long.
Lucy XoXo (trying to be Gossip Girl)


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