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Dear Diary… February 5th

Hello pals! How is it that time of week again, already? Full disclosure, I barely left the house this week but in my defence, that’s because I’ve been working on the new I Heart book and it’s so exciting. I think. I hope. Probably. Anyway, here’s what went on over the last seven days that didn’t involve, Angela, Jenny, Alex and their inadvisable shenanigans…

What I Watched

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.03.37 PM

I’m preparing for the end of The Vampire Diaries by attempting to transfer my love to Riverdale, the new CW show on the block. Yes, it’s kind of based on the Archie comics (which most likely means nothing to you if you’re in the UK) but it’s more like a teeny Twin Peaks, one of my favourite shows ever. The dialogue is super snappy and everyone is scorching red hot so I think it’s worth an hour of your time. I’m two episodes in an so far, it’s a thumbs up from me.


Where I Went


Seriously, I barely left the house. I went to the gym, I got my haircut (didn’t take a photo – beauty blogger fail) and that was about it until Friday and Saturday when I dared to meet some friends for drinks. On Friday night, we went to Bar Bandini, one of my absolute favourite drinking holes in all of LA. I love it here, it’s all dark and atmospheric without being pretentious in the slightest, in fact it’s perfect for casual friend drinks or, even better, a cosy date night. Just a gorgeous, little bar in Echo Park that sells beer and wine, plays great music and has enormous and very clean toilets.

My needs for a Friday night out have changed, y’all.


What I Wore


I know everyone’s saying Emma Stone is a lock for best actress at the Oscars but I think it’s a crying shame that the Academy overlooked my turn as ‘Procrastinator #1′ in the ongoing movie ‘Lindsey’s Life: You Couldn’t Make It Up’. As such, I’ve been sporting this chic sweater from my beloved Bando all week in the hope that someone will at least invite me to a gifting suite. Let’s be honest, that’s all the actors are in it for, right?


Best Beauty Bits


I’ve spoken of my love for Colourpop cosmetics before (many times if you follow me on the socials) and their new pressed eyeshadows are, thankfully, not a letdown. Call me cynical but every time a brand that excels with a small collection of products expands, I panic. TURNS OUT THERE WAS NO NEED. I bought half a dozen of the pressed powder shadows, most a metallic neutrals and then the gunmetal bad boy pictured above, Goody Two Shoes and I’m in love. Each shadow is just FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS EACH (sorry for shouting, it’s been a rough week) and the quality is fantastic. If I’m using one of the neutrals for a sweet daytime wash of colour, I don’t bother with a primer and it lasts just fine but if I’m working something a bit more dramarama for the evening, I would recommend a primer.

Each shadow comes packaged in a little cardboard slip so you do need a Z palette or similar to store the individual pans but when you’re only paying $5, you’re still coining it in.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.40.15 PM

While you’re there, the Hello Kitty Hello Pretty collection is on sale for $35 and quite frankly, if you don’t buy it, I’m not sure why we’re friends.

Right, I’m off to watch the Super Bowl adverts and halftime show then scarf chips and dip during the actual game. American Football… it’s not for me. Snacks though, I’m totally down for snacks. See you next week!

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