Dear Diary… January 19th

Well, this week has had its fair shares of ups and downs.

It started out great because I ANNOUNCED A NEW I HEART BOOK! That’s right! Angela and the whole gang are coming back, back, back in September this year and I cannot wait. I can confirm the book is primarily set in New York and just when everything looks perfect, Angela’s entire universe gets completely rearranged. SO EXCITING. But the universe giveth and the universe taketh away and we had to cap off a wonderful week with the nonsense of President Donald. Can’t pretend to be OK with it, don’t want to get into it here. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @lindseykelk for some sensible, considered debate generally communicated through the medium of Buffy gifs.

What I Watched


Maintaining my cinema-going streak, last weekend I went to see Amy Adams in Arrival and I loved it sooooo muuuuch. Sooner or later, I know I’m going to see a film I’m not entirely obsessed with but truly this is such a good film. It’s clever without being pretentious, it’s tense without being cheesy and it really makes you think about life. Cannot say enough good things about it and yes, Amy Adams is my fantasy Hollywood best friend. Please make this happen, universe.


Where I Went


This week LA hosted the Indie Beauty Expo, a really fun trade show that also opened to the public for one night of shop, shop, shopping. Because nothing takes the edge of the end of the world like a new lipstick. I met some really great people and learnt about a lot of new brands – just when you think you know everyone! There will be a post dedicated to the wonders of the Indie Beauty Expo next week. Possibly two. MAYBE EVEN THREE! Who knows what will happen in the crazy days ahead…


What I Wore

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.24.14 PM

Goldsheep leggings. Not just because my friend makes them but because they’re AWESOME. I mean, check out these designs? I know there is a school of belief out there that says leggings aren’t pants, I’ve even flirted with it myself in the past but I WAS WRONG. Leggings CAN BE PANTS. Especially when they’re the ombré leopard print pair above.

Between you, me and the lamp post, there’s a reason for my commitment to activewear. I’ve been to the gym almost every goddamn day for the last two weeks. Can anybody say ‘January’? Actually, my newly found dedication has a lot more to do with the fact my best friend is getting married in a month and I have to be bridesmaid and my boyfriend can’t come but two of my exes will be there and oh god, someone pass me a carrot.


What I Bought

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.24.37 PM

Does a tattoo count? HE’S SO CUTE. Any suggestions for a name? Clearly this was taken immediately afterwards and you can still see the outline of little patch on his head that I declined and my very red arm. This is my fifth tattoo. MADNESS.


Best Beauty Bits

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.56.39 PMOther than the expo, it’s been a slow week on the beauty front. Inspired by the amazing new Bobbi Brown Glow collection, I’ve been all over my Extra Lip Tint. I have the Pink shade that they launched last year and am itching my get my mitts on the Bare Popsicle and Bare Melon. You know I love anything that alters according to your skin’s pH (sorry, I’m a nerd, I know). It is rather expensive for a lip balm but if you’re looking for a luxe treat to make these dull January days skip by a little faster, I can heartily recommend these badboys.

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