Dear Diary… December 11th 2016

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for Christmas? I’m SO ready for Christmas and thankfully the festive gods have seen fit to send sweater weather to LA so I’m merrily rolling around in festive jumpers and hoovering up every last thing with the slightest hint of gingerbread seasoning.


What I Watched

This week I was lucky enough to see La La Land and Manchester By The Sea. Pretty much opposite ends of the cinematic spectrum but both genuinely great movies. La La Land, you’ll be pleased to hear, is everything you want it to be. Catchy songs, gorgeous wardrobe and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling show off their amazing chemistry once again (as well as some impressive soft shoe skills none of us knew about). It’s a winner and if you can see this film without having a bit of a cry at the end, you have a cold, black, tiny heart. Thankfully there’s an easy test for that, just pop in to see Manchester By The Sea immediately afterwards. In the space of ninety minutes, I cried approximately seventeen times. I Loved This Film. Casey Affleck is genuinely amazing and if he doesn’t scoop up every award going, you can address all future post to me at Shocked and Appalled, Los Angeles.


What I Ate

Well, obviously everything but the most memorable thing was a veritable bucketful of ice cream at Milk, our neighbourhood ice cream shop. I live in Silver Lake, it’s ridiculously hipster and yes, of course we have an ice cream shop. Having eaten more or less all the ice cream on earth, I feel well qualified to say it’s some of the best I’ve ever had – especially the macaron ice cream sandwiches. Because, macaron ice cream sandwiches. La Swoon.


Where I Went

Even though I know this is a bit of a letdown, most weeks aren’t terribly eventful TBH. I work from home, I’m constantly on a deadline and getting out the house only gets as exciting as going to the supermarket or the dentist. But not this week! I had a friend visiting from the UK so I took the opportunity to get out and about, playing tourist in my own city. We spent the weekend staying at one of my fave hotels, The Fairmont Miramar and then we hit the road to Anaheim and spent the day at Disneyland, as all the best days should be spent. If you ever get the chance to visit the Disney parks at Christmas, please do. I’m a huge Disney fan at the best of times but when you pop up a Christmas and pipe carols all through the park, you might as well stick a fork in me because I’m done. Truly the happiest place on earth. Apart from all the pushchairs. SO MANY PUSHCHAIRS. I’m not sure how I’m imagining people will get their children around without them but I’m thinking something like inflatable cots made out of helium balloons?


What I Bought

The other good thing about my friend coming to visit was the enhanced shopping opportunities… I really ought to call her bank manager and apologise. Obviously, being the good friend that I am, I didn’t want her to feel awkward so I did a fair bit of my own shopping, just to make her feel more at home. And since one good deed deserves another, I was rewarded with shopping karma in the shape of these incredible Charlotte Olympia Kitty shoes. They glitter and they’ve got cats on them and they were in the sale! I mean, how was I supposed to not buy them? Yes, they’re a size too big and they’re massively impractical but that’s what insoles are for now stop rolling your eyes – I SEE YOU.

This week I will be mostly trying to make up for the entire week of lost work and eating Quality Street so next week’s diary should be SCINTILLATING.

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