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One of the greatest things about this blog is the fact it gives me a platform to shout from the rooftops about my incredibly talented friends. Today, I’m screaming in your ear about the wonderful Jo Tutchener-Sharp and her epic new children’s brand, Scamp & Dude.

I met Jo approximately a million years ago when I stared beauty blogging (OK, it was ten years but when we’re into decades, it’s just splitting hairs) and I was a wee assistant editor with a passion for lipstick I couldn’t afford and she was a super swank beauty PR. Back in those days, blogs were just starting out and a lot of companies and brands didn’t want to give me the time of day and TBH, why would they? I was some random twenty-something, writing to them and begging for my homemade website to be added to their mailing lists. Nowadays, It’s hard to imagine a world without vloggers, let alone bloggers, but seriously, it was a nightmare back then and if it wasn’t for people like Jo giving me a chance, I wouldn’t be writing to you today. Seriously, if I hadn’t kept up my blog, I might never have written my first book and would still be sat behind a computer, writing Shrek sticker books and generally having a cry so THANKS, JO.


I digress. Today is all about Scamp & Dude, a new brand of clothing and lifestyle accessories for kids. In 2015, Jo suffered a brain haemorrhage and underwent life-threatening (and as it turned out, saving) surgery, leaving her two little boys at home for an extended period of time. My dad had the same problem when I was 18 and even though I was considerably older than Jo’s ridiculously adorable children, I distinctly remember that feeling of fear and uncertainty, and when my dad thankfully came through the other side, he told us he had felt the same way as Jo, terrified of leaving her kids alone.


With that in mind, she created Scamp & Dude, a super cool range of clothes and products designed to help children feel more secure. As well as looking amaze, the clothes have a secret identity of their own. Inside their sleeves, there is a tiny embroidered superpower button so kids can give themselves a boost of power when they need it the most. Um, can I have one please? OH WAIT, I CAN! Because Jo has made adult sizes of some of the most desirable sweaters. Clever lady.


As well as the epic unisex designs, including washed out leopard prints and graphic illustrations of the most awesome superheroes I’ve ever seen (kitty cat superhero? Yes please) Jo has created the Superhero Sleep Buddy. Yes, it’s a cool cuddly toy but it also has a pocket for a photo of a child’s loved one, to make them feel extra safe and secure. For every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, Scamp & Dude will donate one to a vulnerable child in need.

No, I’m not crying, you’re crying… FINALSLEEPBUDDYBUNNYFRONT

Scamp & Dude is available now at and Liberty’s of London, just in time for your Christmas shopping, so jump online and order up. You’re not just buying the funkiest kids’ clothes ever, you’re also supporting a small indie brand and helping children who need a hug. How often do you get a win-win-win? That’s three wins? That’s never!


So, congrats to Jo and I can’t wait for my Superhero Sleep Buddy to arrive! It’s definitely a present for my friend’s little girl and not for me.
Almost definitely.
I’ll decide when it gets here.
She’s not having it.

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