People Who Know What They’re On About part 1 – Nurse Jamie

I’ve been working in beauty for nearly thirteen years in one way or another (closer to thirty if you take into account the makeovers I used to give to my My Little Ponies) and one of my favourite parts of the job is meeting people who really know what they’re talking about. Highlights include Charlotte Tilbury shouting at me for calling brown eyeshadow boring and telling me to dye my hair, Chase Aston showing my how to use a highlighter properly and Lee Stafford cutting in a blunt fringe despite my near hysterical breakdown and being absolutely, 100% right about it.

I love when people are their own ad...

I love when people are their own ad…

But I have a new favourite person in the whole world and that person is Nurse Jamie. Get some padding for your knees, people, you’re going to be bowing down by the end of this.

I’d heard a lot about Beauty Park in Santa Monica even before I moved to LA. It’s one of those places that begins as a quiet name drop at the beginning of brunch and ends with women holding up their hair to show you their super smooth forehead when you’re three mimosas deep. There’s nothing like a before and after show and tell sesh over eggs, amirite ladies? And it wasn’t just the spa I’d heard about, it was Nurse Jamie herself. Not just a name on a bottle but an active registered nurse, practicing everything she preaches at the spa and taking care of celebs and mere mortals alike. I can vouch for this because a couple of weeks ago, she took care of me.

It's a bear! It's a pillow! It's a pillow shaped like a bear!

It’s a bear! It’s a pillow! It’s a pillow shaped like a bear!

It was a week before the Golden Globes and as you can imagine, Nurse Jamie was very busy (I won’t name names here but you know, DM me) but the whole time I was in the spa, I felt 100% seen, heard and taken care of. So, basically 100% better than at home. Within two minutes of meeting, Jamie had already worked out that I was a side sleeper and set about taking care of business. Because I, like 61% of people, sleep on my side, one side of my face was visibly sagging while the other was (almost) as fresh as a daisy. Jaime used a small amount of filler in my right cheekbone and above and below my right lip to even things out. As someone who is intensely Fillerphobic I was concerned but it was needless. Not needle-less, there was a needle but it didn’t hurt and everything was fiiiiine. One laser tightening treatment and a teeny tiny bit of practically imperceptible filler later, my face was even, toned and lifted. I left the spa make up free and so happy, I accidentally got into a conversation with a man trying to sign people up to charity on my way out. I lived in New York, people, I never fall for that shit.

ANYWAY, what I’m trying to say is, Nurse Jamie knows what she’s talking about, I trust her and you should too. While I understand Santa Monica, California is a bit out the way for some of you, the good news is you can get some of that Nurse Jamie goodness wherever you are. Her skincare is available online along with her spectacular Beauty Bear pillow, designed to ease the signs of side sleeping and help the fillerphobic amongst us avoid those lines a lot longer – hey, if it’s good enough for Khloe Kardashian to gift Kim for Christmas, it’s good enough for me. And my cat.

Anderson Cooper considers the beauty bear pillow...

Anderson Cooper considers the beauty bear pillow…

Here are some words of wisdom, straight from Nurse Jamie herself…

What’s your favourite thing about working in beauty?
Live for the makeover – even after 20 years – live for it.

And what about your most memorable moment?
When the Harrods buyer called me and wanted to meet in NY about my skin care line. I went to Harrods at Christmas time with my mom when I was a kid and I still think it’s a magical place.

Are there any trends you’d like to see disappear?
Side sleep lines are preventable – makes me crazy…. CRAZY…. crazy. Also the “Baywatch” Pam Anderson thin brows – would love for that trend to go AWAY.

I’m fascinated by EGF so I was really excited to hear you’re using it in your line.
I knew I liked you ……Retin A is so 1980 – EGF causes cell turn over without making you light sensitive/overexposed to enviro-aging.

Can you tell us a little more about your skincare line?
I created with products and gadgets that I felt were missing in the marketplace- the majority of the gadgets / products require tutorials as they are so different from industry standards. I don’t like to use the word “innovative” as it so overused but – they ARE innovative. I’ve always been ahead of my time – I started doing Botox when I was 21 (tiny drops as preventative – 21 years ago). We did vaginal rejuvenation on a housewife show 10 years ago with laser (a treatment I created) as we lose collagen everywhere not just our face. Who wants discoloration from ingrown hairs and skin tags on their bikini area and why should they be ashamed because they want to have great skin all over? The world thought we were crazy and I received a ton of flax for it …NOW it’s as much of a staple as the Brazilian bikini.

My Mantra: “Skin is an outfit you wear everyday.” Whatever you want to rock – whether its a big tush/ little tush/ big breast/ little breast – whatever …if you don’t have good skin, nothing looks good. Skin is the sexiest part of the body to me.

You can pick up Nurse Jamie’s skincare line from Net-a-Porter in the US and UK, Harrods in the UK and Sephora in Canada and of course,


Front facing camera, no filter, sweet Jesus.

Seriously, it’s love for me. This is a woman who owns her own business, has created her own skincare line, regularly appears on TV, CAN FLY A PLANE, looks amazing, is so much fun to talk with and has triplets. This is a woman we can all learn something from. This is a woman I trust with my face and quite frankly, any part of my body she wants to help out with. My EGF serum and Acellorator are on order and I haven’t gone a single night without my Beauty Bear ever since we met.

It’s True Love.

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