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Dear Santa… Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy

Hey Santz,

Still haven’t heard back from you… is it because you bought some of that awesome Body Shop milk bath and now you can’t get out of the tub? Totes understand if it is. If you’re just playing it cool so I’ll be super surprised with all my presents at Christmas then well played. Here are a couple more ideas of things you can drop down my non-existent chimney on the 24th.

Estée Lauder is, without a doubt, a fantastic all round brand. I will be the first to admit, when they announced their partnership with Kendall Jenner, I didn’t necessarily get it but now it’s making all kinds of sense. Hands up if you thought of Estée Lauder as a brand your mum used? And hands up if you thought it was kind of too expensive and old for you? But realistically, it’s not more expensive than other premium counter brands and so many of their products are incredibly good, from skincare through cosmetics and right on to fragrance.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.57.10 PM

When I sat down and thought about it, although I hardly ever talked about my Estée Lauder products, they’re in every aspect of my beauty regime. I use the Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Gelée in the shower to wash my face, I use Advanced Night Repair as my serum, I use the Lash Primer almost every day as a top coat to stop whatever mascara I’m wearing from running away in the LA heat and I have a whole collection of their perfumes. One of my earliest memories is my aunt giving me an almost empty frosted glass pump dispenser of Estée Lauder’s Beautiful body lotion. It was such a prized possession and I still love the scent to this day.

So, FC, I’m pretty much up for anything EL that you’ve got in your sack but if I could be so bold as to make a request, I’m super keen on the new Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer. It promises to plump, hydrate and smooth the look of lips, all of which I’m totally on board with.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.56.47 PM

And if there’s a tiny bit more room in your bag, I’d love to boost my collection of the Liquid Lip Potions. I’ve already bought Cold Fire and Wicked Sweet (thanks for finally stocking Estée Lauder, local Sephora!) but I’m completely sold on these so yeah, really any of the others would be grand.

Love you!

Lindsey xoxo

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