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Hello Kitty at the Japanese American National Museum



I don’t keep my love of Hello Kitty a secret but it is something that needs to be managed. Once upon a time, my house was practically a shrine. Everything from the cushions on the settee right down my potato peeler (via a shower curtain) was covered in Kitty. In hindsight, the fact that my live-in boyfriend at the time didn’t put his foot down about it should have been a red flag right there.

Nowadays, I try to keep my HK obsession to a more private place, a hand mirror in my bag, a key fob, maybe the odd pen or notebook. And, you know, two pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, a sandwich toaster and a pair of roller skates. But you would never walk into my apartment and see those things! They’re just for me. And my friends. And me again. Seriously, if you’ve never sat on your settee watching WWE wearing nothing but a pair of Hello Kitty roller skates and your pants, you’ve never lived.



Hello Kitty sphinx by TokiDoki. It was massive and it was amazing.

That aside, very few things have made me quite so happy as late as Hello! Exploring the Super Cute World of Hello Kitty, an exhibition currently showing at the Japanese American National Museum in LA. Truly, it is a celebration of all things Kitty and if we’re honest, I could have roamed around for hours but given that I went with a friend, I managed to get in and out inside two hours. It was hard. I took a few pics so those of you not lucky enough to be LA-bound could also enjoy but they’re a bit shit, sorry. No flash allowed. DAMN YOU, KITTY, DAMN YOU TO HELL. LK’s capsule review is this – if you’re a Hello Kitty fan, you’ll be like a pig in shit. If you’re not, you’ll wonder what the hell you’re doing there. It’s very simple, really.



Remember the Hello Kitty for Mac collection? Totes still using that blusher on the reg.

Now, I know some of you had your world rocked when it was announced that Kitty is in fact not a cat but since I wrote a few books for Sanrio some years ago (aka that time my life’s dream came true) i was already well aware of that fact. She’s not a cat, she’s a little girl called Kitty White and she lives in London and she’s three apples tall. We’re not sure what kind of apples.



Why yes, this was terrifying! Thanks for asking.


Whatever. Clearly the most important question to ask is not whether or not Hello Kitty is a cat but how can I get my hands on one of these sets of Hello Kitty braces? Because tomorrow I find out whether or not I need to get train tracks and if I do, there’s only one way it’s happening…



LK Brace Face

You can find out more about the exhibition here and it runs until the end of May. I can also heartily recommend the Chando tea house behind the museum for a spot of afternoon tea. They didn’t seem to mind when my friend and I spent two hours gossiping over one sandwich, so fair play to them… THANK, YOU GUYS.

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