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I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with my products from the Ciaté cosmetics collection, swatching, wearing and generally chucking in my handbag and losing in the car. If you can’t work it out from the last sentence, all of the products I was sent to test have found their way into my every day life and I’m pretty much in love with everything I’ve got my hands on.

Since it’s a big collection, I’m breaking down my reviews into three posts – lips, eyes and face. Now, I haven’t got everything and there are a few products I’m dying to get my mitts on (hello, eye chalks!) but here’s where I’m at so far…

IMG_6677Patent Pout Lip Lacquer

I had expected the Lip Lustres to be my hardcore faves but I keep finding myself reaching out for this bad boy more and more often. The coverage is intense, the pigment is true and the colour hangs around long after the shine has gone but don’t worry, the shine isn’t going anywhere fast.


Patent Pout in Bombshell and Canoodle

The product feels pleasantly present on the lip – you know it’s there but it isn’t sticky or offensive – and I love the applicator. The handle isn’t too long, the does foot picks up plenty of product. Overall, these are such a lovely option for the lips, I’ve been more than happy to find them in my make up bag.

IMG_6678Lip Lustre High Shine Balm

I feel bad for not gushing over this because it’s a very lovely lip gloss but really, that’s all there is too it. The colours are great, theformula is nice and it wear well. Ciaté are pushing it as a balm/gloss hybrid as it contains vitamin E but,while I didn’t find it drying at all, I can’t say I found it to be especially hydrating.


Lip Lustre in Wild Fire

As I say, it is lovely but I worry I’m suffering from gloss fatigue right now and this bad boy is getting the shitty end of that stick. As glosses go, it’s a winner but it’s not the stand out in the range for myself.

IMG_6676Liquid Velvet Lip Lacquer

I am the first to admit I haven’t really embraced the matte lip trend. I keep buying and trying but I always feel dried out and unfinished, I don’t know, maybe it’s my nineties upbringing, too many bed memories. But given how much love I had for the Patent Pouts, I sucked it up and slapped on Diva, a bold, true red a couple of weekends ago. I was off to the tennis at Indian Wells (GET ME) and wanted a low maintenance look that still showed I’d made an effort – Gwen Stefani goes all the time, yo.


Liquid Velvet in Diva, Smitten and Swoon

So I gave this a shot and I’m so glad I did. Once this is on, it’s going nowhere. NOWHERE. I ate, I drank, I clapped politely and I devoured a SnickersIceCream bar. AND IT WAS STILL THERE. Even when the finish of the product wore away, the stain was still present, in a pretty, uniform kind of way.

Matte is never going to be my first pick when it comes to lips but bugger me backwards Bob, if I haven’t worn this twice since the tennis and had compliments both times. I’ve even given Smitten a run out and loved it. I usually hate the feeling of wearing lip colour (if that makes sense) but this felt like a treat, more like a heavy gloss than a matte paint and yet, the finish was superb. If you’re a matte fan, I’d say it’s a no brainer. If you’re not on the fence, it might be time to try. 

I’m dying to try the Lip Chalks, they’ll be on order as soon as my credit card allows, but overall, I’m impressed. And can we have a moment for the packaging? THE TINY BOWS! Love it. Next up, bronzers, blushers and highlighters… You can find the entire range online at Ciaté

*samples were provided to be smeared all over my face and subsequently written about. Just FYI.

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