Maybe it’s Maybelline (no, it definitely is)

One of the up/downsides to living in New York is the 24 hour drugstore. Not only can you buy a terrifying number of over the counter drugs that are illegal in the UK, you can also spend an appalling amount on make up without even trying. This week, I successfully got out of Duane Reade relatively unscathed, just four Maybelline purchases. What do you mean, that’s still quite a lot? You try going in for milk and seeing what you come out with…




Originally I’d been looking for the new Color Tattoo Leather shadows but they didn’t have them in yet and so I indulged in two of the original shades, Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze. Both of them are spectacular. If you’re not already wearing these, please stop reading this right now and run out to the shops to buy them. The pigmentation is amazing and they last and last and last. I love a metallic eye so Bad to the Bronze has become my nighttime staple and Tough as Taupe makes for a great neutral base colour. At first it felt as though they weren’t giving well (I like to apply with my finger, although a flat brush would give a more precise application) but I was mistaken. They are smooth as silk and so intense. Plus the glass cases are reassuringly heavy and if you put enough of them in a sock and swung it, you could totally kill someone with it. If you had to. Don’t though, we don’t condone violence here.

I love them. In case you haven’t noticed. I can’t wait to get my mitts on the Leather formula, obviously I’ll let you know when I do.




My other purchases were the new Brow Drama and Master Kajal. Firstly, the Brow Drama. Now, I should fess up and tell you I’m obsessed with Benefit Gimme Brow. I have very fair, very sparse brows (fun fact! I suffer from anxiety and when I’m stressed, I rub the arches of my eyebrows until they fall out! It’s super attractive) and Gimme Brow is the first product I’ve used consistently that I’ve felt makes a genuine, positive difference to my pointless eyebrows, with that in mind, I was excited about Brow Drama. On the plus side, it’s MASSIVE compared to the Benefit product and considerably cheaper. On the down side, the brush is also massive compared to the Benefit product, making it harder to apply accurately and the colour isn’t nearly as strong. There is literally no drama. For someone who needs the volume and colour building in Gimme Brow, this was a bit of a pointless one but I did ask a friend who has very bushy brows to try it and she loved it so if you’re looking for a gel that will give you a bit of colour and a bit of hold, try this before splurging on a luxe version.



Onto the Master Kajal. While I might not love this as much as the Color Tattoo shadows, I did like it. It’s designed to be worn on the inner rims, so I dutifully popped it on and do you know what? It didn’t sting and it didn’t run. So hurrah! Also, the colour was pretty, although maybe not as intense as you might expect from a kajal pencil. The main issue I had was that Maybelline describe it as being waterproof and long-lasting, and unfortunately, it is neither. Mine was pretty much gone within a couple of hours.

Overall, a I’m pretty pleased with my Duane Reade smash and grab. I wouldn’t rebuy the Kajal or the Brow Drama but I’m looking forward to collecting a full set of the Color Tattoo Shadows. It’s a bit like I’ve got stickers to collect with my pocket money. Always a fun feeling.

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  • I love Maybelline products. Such good value for the money, I find the brow drama works a lot better with a gel liner brush and blend it with a cotton bud. I also love the lumi magique concealer. I nice cheap alternative to Clinique airbrush concealer when my budget doesn’t quite stretch.

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