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Elemis Elemis Elemis Elemis Elemis Elemis

I’ve said it so many times, the word has lost all meaning.

I love Elemis. I think a lot of people know about it these days but I’m still not sure it gets all the love it deserves. The first fancypants skincare brand I think of when questioned is Creme de la Mer and I don’t even use the stuff, such is the power of good marketing. La Mer is covetable, we want it because it’s expensive and difficult to obtain, like attractive, wealthy single men, designer handbags and cronuts.


Drinking in the bath fully dressed. As you do.


But, like wealthy, attractive single men, handbags and cronuts, you can get it if you’re prepared to blow all your money on it (or destroy your sanity, in the case of the dude), however, you might be a bit disappointed. I used to use La Mer and I was ecstatic. It felt so decadent and so wonderful and I remember the smell of it to this day. Unfortunately, it was also terrible for my skin. I mean, terrible. I was suffering with stress-related acne at the time and a PR gave me a pot to ‘help’ but it made things ten times worse. Now, I’m sure there are people for whom La Mer is a miracle in a pot, I mean, it’s made with miracle broth, doesn’t it? Whatever that means. And yet, for me, a much more unassuming, sweeter smelling and beautifully British brand was waiting in the wings to right its wrongs.





Elemis. Elemis Elemis Elemis. As you might have guessed, I’m quite the fan. I cannot even begin to tell you how many Elemis products I’ve trialled and how many I’ve loved since I started blogging (seven and a half years ago, eek) but I do know there hasn’t been a dud in the pack. That said, my hero product, and the one I come back to time and time again, is the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. The texture of the cream is so light and wonderful, it made the original formula La Mer feel like I was putting cement on my face. And that’s some fancy cement. Even though it feels light, my skin feels nourished and protected, I am hydrated throughout the day and I wake up with bouncy skin and a glowing complexion and it doesn’t matter how many times I’m lured away by new products, cheaper alternatives, more expensive ‘treats’ and fancy ingredients, I come back. And that’s because this works. This is how many pots of the stuff I currently have on the go… they live on my nightstand, in my travel bags and in my cupboard because I CAN NEVER RUN OUT.



Now, I travel a lot and I live in New York, neither of these things are good for skin but (and I’m really not a bragger) I am routinely complimented on my complexion by facialists and friends a like and that has so much to do with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I know it isn’t cheap and I know I’m not winning many friends here but I would much rather use drugstore make up and haircare and pay whatever Elemis asked of me to keep this bad boy in my life. If you’re contemplating a purchase and you need any more reason to invest, my favourite moisturiser is currently available beautiful pink jar to raise awareness for breast cancer and Elemis are donating 10,000 English Pounds* to Breast Cancer Care. WIN BLOODY WIN.

*I’m on an American keyboard and have no pound sign. WTF?

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  • Sometimes those “miracle creams” are nothing but good marketing! I haven’t tried La Mer but honestly I have a skin routine that keeps me clean, healthy and doesn’t break bank and I’m proud of that! I think the best part about makeup and skincare is that you don’t have to go by what others tell you, you have a whole world full of products that you can choose and evolve with over years according to the type of skin you have!


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