Jan 14

New Year, New You!

 Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. Now see 2014 as a fresh start, an opportunity to amp up your beauty regime as well as improving your health.

Here are some great ideas to try and improve your skincare for 2014!

Your skincare new years resolutions!

Drink more water!


Drinking more water hydrates your skin and gives you a more innate glow. It always promotes better circulation for that natural flush in your cheeks. The daily water intake on average should be 2.5 to 3 litres. If you want a change, indulge in fruit flavored water, herbal teas and coconut water for extra nutrient kicks. Steer clear of fruit juices they contain far to much sugar.

 Wear sunscreen every day


No matter what month it is, you should be wearing sunscreen. The sun’s UV radiation can do damage even on the darkest days in England. Researchers over the years have shown that over exposure to the sun is the number one cause of wrinkles and patchy skin. An SPF Factor 15 or 30 or more provides the best defence against the harshness of the sunlight.  And watch out I have read that some of the energy saving lights are having an effect on our skin. I recommend products such as Ultrasun Tinted Face (£24.50).

Remove your make up before bed ladies and some men now days


Something you were told to do countless times by magazines and experts but sometimes after a long day it seems like the last thing you want to do. Use Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser (£29) or Clairns Cleansing Milk (£18) to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Removing makeup, chemicals, dust and grimes that settles on your face clogs your pores and could result to ageing skin and acne and really dirty pillows.

Bin your old make up!


Throw away those 3-year-old lipsticks and lotions and old brushes.  You are begging for acne and rashes if you carry on this bad habit. Your makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Check the expiry date on every product and remember to throw it out.

Follow these little tips and you’ll be sure to be on the straight and narrow for 2014!

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Dec 13

Christmas Party Saviours

Winter Sunscreen



When I was first introduced to winter sunscreen, I thought that this would be an amazing idea to help protect your skin in the winter months! I’d recommend you wear sunscreen every day to help protect yourself from harmful UVA/UVB rays even though it’s not summer. Even in the cold, the sun can still damage skin! Skin professionals KIKO Make Up Milano have a new innovative skincare collection, ranging from Hands & Lips Winter Balm (£8.90) to help your fragile skin and their Winter Sunscreen is a triple protection product for and helps prevent the early signs of aging caused by non protected sun exposure. Perfect for the ski season!


Simple things in life



Feeling grey in the cold weather? Thankfully skincare brand Simple have the solution for you with their King to Skin+ range, promising to help you find your perfect skincare and lifestyle regime based on a series of questions. Backed by 50 years of expertise, your routine can be adapted by making these ‘simple’ changes in skincare and lifestyle choices! Range includes ‘Sun-Kissed Moisture Cream’, ‘Moisture Boost Hydro Mist’.


Christmas Party Saviors



Originally created for behind the scenes use in Hollywood to create immediate camera-ready glowing skin, this is seen to be Hollywood’s best kept secret!

All seen as ‘performance driven’ super masks, which sounds it should be on Top Gear rather than in a bathroom cabinet. Their range helps to give you instant skin gratification, a 10 minute facial in a jar helps to restore your skin. Indulge your skin as much as you indulge yourself during the Christmas party season and try this out. Wash it off to reveal a bright, smooth complexion. Remember to drink plenty of water during the Christmas period to make sure you look your best! Alcohol dehydrates your skin so drinking a lot of water will help to make sure you look your best!

£49.99 and available at http://www.glamglowmud.co.uk/glamglow/ 



Another great Christmas party savior is Weleda’s Skin Food, which is an intensive moisture cream. Seen to be a cult favourite since 1926 and helps replenish your skin. Ideal for dry and thirty skin, especially dry patches such as elbows. It’s full of organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe rough skin, plus rosemary to revitalize dull complexions, the deep-penetrating cream is love for its richness and gentleness. It also smells nice! Put this is on if you want a skin boost throughout the day.

£8.95 and available at http://www.weleda.co.uk/balms/skin-food-75ml/invt/106013 

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Nov 13

Sexy Skincare



If you’ve read my column before you would know how much I love Orico products, they offer clinically proven organic skincare and it’s high performing even though it’s developed with natural ingredients. It’s also designed to help with city living such as pollution, air condition, heating and stress.

Their new Transcend Marine Radiance Serum has been developed to help illuminate, tighten, diminish wrinkles and deeply hydrate all with a FLASH! I like that it contains Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect skin cells from pollution.  It feels light to use and you can see results after a while. It’s perfect as it’s nice to use as well as hydrating and also makes the skin look brighter and clearer. Your skin feels great after trying this; it gives you a nice glow like you’ve been in a spa retreat rather than a night out on the razz.

Available from www.oricolondon.co.uk  and priced at £34.



For a deep exfoliation I’d recommend Microdermabrasion (go on www.leegarrett.net for more details on prices) that revitalizes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen production, which helps to thicken and plump out the skin.

A great alternative to a clinic microdermabrasion is BeautyLab’s Micropolish Dermabrasion, which is a nice luxury treatment to do at home. It contains quartz, gold dust (yes, really!) and helps provide an optimum cell renewal action with its glycol-peel! I’d recommend using it twice a week for an anti-ageing boost.

Available at http://www.harveynichols.com/ and priced at £45.

Another treatment I wanted to talk to you about is Spa Find’s Stabilizing Mud Mask – which is a rich mud mask, devoted to deep cleansing those all important pores. Smoothing and brightening the skin is always something we are looking for in a product and this certainly del



Turning to skincare from a cosmetics brand might be a risky move as you’re never sure that their skincare range would be well thought out. With Benefit’s Skincare there is no doubt that these are great products. Scrubs such as their refined Polish help get rid of dirt and makeup effectively and prepares your skin for moisturizing.

This is great for oily skin, especially when you worry about products stripping your skin as it balances out your skin. The exfoliate has a micro beads in it and gets rid of dead skin cells and make the face feel super soft.

Available at http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk and £17.50.

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Nov 13

You Glow Girl

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well and wrapping warm it’s now getting cold so you need to switch up your skincare routine. This week I’m talking about avoiding dirty pillows, how to get a body like Elle Macpherson and how you need to get scientific with your skincare! Sounds strange I know but all will be revealed!

New in this week



Ever get the feeling that your skin needs that extra boost during the winter months? After a long day and a supposedly good night sleep it still doesn’t cut it when you look at the mirror. Use a night serum such as bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum which is specially formulated using a unique moisture boost technology and maximizes cellular renewal and feels like your skin has had a big drink of water without having to go to the tap! It also is used to protect your skin all day long, leaving your skin firmer, healthier and younger.

Night serums also have a reputation to ruin your pillows, luckily this sinks into the skin perfectly! Good thing for your skin as well as your pillowcases.

Available at www.bareminerals.co.uk at £38.

Treatment of the week



I always want to make sure that you get the best of the your skincare and make sure that you glow just like a celebrity. Celebrity endorsed products are always tricky to recommend but Elle Macpherson’s ‘The Body’ range is something to rave about. Inspired but her own beauty regime, her range is full of innovations and is perfect to prep and maintain your skin’s natural beauty. The range is very diverse with aromatherapy foot spas, IPL Hair Removal and a pedicure system. These products seem to have been well thought out by the model, and who can blame her with her reputation as she has always been called ‘the body’.


I’d recommend her Rotating Dry Brush, which is perfect for during the winter months – it’s an exfoliating and circulation boosting little gadget. True to Elle’s natural beauty ethos it has 100% natural bristles and should be used to body brush, which helps to remove toxins, exfoliates dead skin and aids lymphatic drainage.

Availabe at Boots and Debenhams and priced at £39.99.

Splash the Cash



Cosmeceuticals are on the up, more and more people are turning to scientifically researched products to ensure maximum results. The price tag however do put people off cosmeceuticals in general. However I’d recommend giving it a go and it might surprise you! Products such as Functionalab’s breakthrough cosmeceuticals prolong the lifespan of skin cells, reduce DNA damage and tackle the signs of aging.

This week I’m focusing on their First Signs Anti-Ageing Cream, priced at £70 seems scary at first but think about the results after a few uses. Starting as soon as the late 20s, the skin cells significantly reduce the production of elastin and so the first signs of ageing appear such as fine lines. This cream is formulated to delay that process and encourage elastin production. Also if you’ve read my previous columns you would know how important it is to be ‘city pollution’ aware! This helps enhance their anti-oxidant protection from daily stresses and urban pollution.

This is ‘made to measure’ skincare and I’d recommend looking into their wide array of products on www.boots.com.

Skincare Tip of the Week



Straight out of Australia comes a ‘miracle’ skincare product, Jojoba promises to save you time in your beauty as it promises to benefit a wide range of beauty issues such as Rosacea, Acne, dry skin, Dermatitis and much more. Only apply a small amount and massage well to add warmth for maximum results. Use this before your moisturiser and continue your beauty regime as usual. My tip of the week is to use this as a hair treatment as well to give your locks shine and softness. Use it to seal split ends as it helps moisturize your hair follicles and prevents it from becoming brittle and dull.

Who knew you could get so much out of a few drops of Jojoba? Even though the name does sound it should be an Ozzie musical instrument.

Available from www.oneway2naturalhealth.com and is £12.99.

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Oct 13

Beat the Winter blues

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well! This week I’m talking on how to cheat sexy skin and look like A-listers such as Victoria Beckham and how to beat the winter cellulite wobble. All with my product recommendations of the week!

New in this week



Do you want to look like you’ve just stumbled out of Rodeo Drive without the doctor’s bill?



Seen to be a ‘closely’ guarded secret of the Hollywood elite, with fans such as Victoria Beckham and Scarlett Johanssen – Dr. Harold Lancer’s unique approach to skincare is now being stocked at Harrods.

This range has been hyped up as it has had a whole heap of celebrity fans. Dr. Lancer’s METHOD range stimulates the upper layer of the skin, which helps speed up your skins elasticity and boosts your skins ‘cell turnover’ (which is just science talk for your skin to become visibly glowing). It comes with an exfoliating Polish (£60), Cleanser (£48) and Nourishing moisturiser (£105). It also is available for sensitive skin, blemish-prone and for anti-ageing. Perfect!


After my experimental team tried this, is what they said “my skin felt silky and luxurious, you can really tell the results reflect the price!” I’d recommend this for someone who wants a luxury brand and be the leader of the pack with new, innovative products.

Available exclusively at www.harrods.com/Lancer

Treatment of the week



Clocks have turned back the winter months have come upon us and that means it’ll soon be time for the Christmas party season! They’re selling Christmas food at the supermarkets already now so, just waiting to jump onto your thighs, it’s time to wage war and make sure you look fabulous in that little black dress! if that’s your colour of course.  Murad has a great product that helps minimize imperfections and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. With ingredients such as Horse Nut Tree Extract it helps refine your silhouette, which will help with the battle of the bulge.

However its still not an excuse to avoid the gym or go out for run.

I gave this to a friend and she said her ‘wobbly bits’ felt tighter and tauter. She also said “the bits of my body that had cellulite had improved and my skin had and my skin felt smoother.

 Now! where are those Mince Pies? The puff pastry all butter ones Mmmmm!?

Available at www.murad.co.uk at £63.

Splash the Cash



 Want to make sure that people don’t mistake you for wearing a   Halloween mask? Considered as a ‘desert island’ beauty product, this is a great regenerating day and night cream – it helps revitalize mature skin. I like this because it doesn’t leave your skin oily in the day and your skin can ‘breathe’ without feeling dry. It also helps sooth red irritations and moisturizes. I’d recommend use instead of a facial toner or before you use a toner to get maximum results. 

Available at www.drhauschka.co.uk for £54.


Skincare Tip of the Week 


You cannot moisturize dead skin. Dead skin is dead, just incase you didn’t know that, dry and flaky and it’s not going to go away with moisturiser. Ashy skin will come back as soon as the moisturiser wears off if you don’t exfoliate. Exfoliation is key to a brighter complexion it removes your dead cells and you can exfoliate with a flannel if you don’t want to use an exfoliator, (Demeralogica’s Sponge Cloth, £9) which helps promote healthy, glowing and radiant skin), or an exfoliating face wash such as Clearasil’s Daily Clear Clear ‘n’ Refine Daily Scrub (£3.69), is specially developed for daily use to help clear and prevent breakouts.


You can go deeper with our new chemical peels which you can have in your lunch hour, (go on www.leegarrett.net for more details on prices) which revitalizes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines it also stimulates collagen production which helps to thicken and plump out the skin. Wrinkles and shallow acne scars, I will cover this in my next column


Hope you enjoyed reading this, please let me know what you think, you can contact me via my website leegarrett.net

Lee x


Oct 13

Make a statement and shine!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying my column as I certainly am! This week I’ve been researching face-masks, pore minimizing treatments and products that you can cheat your friends or boss into thinking you had an amazing nights sleep or you’ve been away for a relaxing countryside weekend. Strange I know but all will be revealed…



New in this week 

Murad Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator


Murad has launched their brand new skincare solution to treat pores and ageing skin in one: Pore and Line Minimizing Hydrator, pores have joined wrinkles as women’s top skin priority so it’s time to wage war and get a great complexion! You can get big pores from blackheads, blemishes, sun damage and stress as in being stressed can effect your skin big time and can take a toll on your pores. This product also boosts collagen leaving it plumper and smoother. After one use a friend of mine  noticed a change in their big pores on their cheeks, I would have tried it but I am pleased to say I don’t have big pores lol!, which is a great improvement for them. I’d use this before you put on your moisturiser.

Available at www.murad.co.uk at £49.50


Espa Optimal Skim Pro Serum


Espa’s new serum is definitely worth the hype with an amazing beautiful, silky texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. Packed full of nearly 99% natural ingredients, this is a great formula that is perfect to use both day and night and produces healthy, youthful, radiant looking skin!

This done to activate the skin’s own natural revitalizer with sunflower seed extract which boosts Ceramide production (great for keeping water in the skin), White Lupin extra boots the skin’s natural collagen and Tumeric Root Extract that calms and comforts the skin.

This feels great and I’d recommend using this before your moisturiser or could almost be used as a primer as well.

Available at www.espaonline.com (£48)

Treatment of the week

ThisWorks No Wrinkles Night Repair


Not getting enough sleep from your children, puppies, work, or you’re someone who loves to go out? Thankfully ThisWorks has something for you as it ensures you wake up with the natural glow of eight hours sleep – regardless of how little you’ve had!

This is a rich night serum that claims to revive tired skin and prevent premature ageing by attacking the glycotoxins that build up when you don’t get enough sleep. I would say exfoliate before using this, then you have a ‘fresh canvas’ to work on. It has a nice texture not at all oily like other serums so you don’t feel that you’re wearing one and soaks in quickly, which is handy!

OLEHenriksen Ultimate lift – Neck Cream


 This is a dual action firming and sculpting crème that helps firms and sculpts aged and fragile skin. It immediately tightens and tones, resilient, younger looking neckline. It doesn’t smell very nice, but after trying it my neck looked better instantly. It looked hydrated and tighter after the first use, I’d recommend this crème and I can’t wait to see the results in the long term. It’s perfect as well as a décolletage booster as well for the ladies! And some men.

Remember to use this twice a day and team up with OLE Henrikisen’s Ultimate Lift Serum and Eye Gel for maximum results

Available from www.feelunique.com at £40.

Splash the Cash

MitoQ Power Antioxidant Rejuvenation


I’m a sucker for a ‘jack of all trades’ product and when I discovered MitoQ I was amazed. Don’t be put off by it’s high price tag as you only need to use a little bit of it so it’ll last.

This cream is a revolutionary skincare product that works to hydrate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, brown spots and skin discoloration. It claims to be 1000 times more effective than the most powerful anti-ageing product and with a formula that boosts the skin’s natural anti-ageing defenses.

I gave it to a pal of mine to try who I hope is not reading my column, she had brown spots, fine lines she needed some help, so I transferred some into an unmarked bottle and gave it to her, she loved the results, after a few uses she could see fine lines and brown marks disappearing, but our friendship didn’t either.

Available at www.mitoQ.com and £79.


 Chantecaille Retinol Intense


If you’ve read my column before, then you know that I love retinol products and I’ve come across this amazingly packaged night cream that is extremely healing and rejuvenates the face and neck. It’s pure retinol so you get results after a 24 hour period, please note not for use if you are pregnant, so if you want quick results look no further.  It’s also anti-inflammatory which is good as retinol can cause redness, and moisturizes and nourishes the skin and feels great when you put this on your skin, it’s almost a luxury treat before you go to bed! Oh and don’t forget you need your SPF with this product, during the day.

Available – at Harrods, Fenwick, Space NK and is £80.


Save the Cash 

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask


We all know Simple, as well…it’s simple to use! Full of vitamins and nutrients you know what you’re getting when you try their products. It won’t upset your skin, which is always the worry we all have when we try skincare products. Also it restores, softens and soothes your skin and improves its condition.

Put it on after cleansing and leave on for 3 minutes.

www.boots.com £3.99

Proactiv Refining Face Mask


In need for deeper clean? Sometimes your skin needs a proper cleanse to help declog the skin and minimize pores. Try Proactiv’s Refining Mask, which has a special formula that leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant! If you’re feeling adventurous put it overnight and wash it off in the morning for an overnight  deep clean!

www.proactiv.co.uk and priced at £13.95

Skincare Products of the Week


Orico London Streetwise Make-Up Remover Face and Eyes


City living is fast, exciting and always full of surprises. Especially when one of the surprises is that the pollution and the environment around you affect your skin. Orico London has branched out and released a range to make us all city dwellers glow as much as if we’ve lived in the countryside our whole lives! Don’t worry you wake up with a Barbour and wellies, Their Streetwise Hydrating Make Up Remover for Face and Eyes is a great all in one product that removes makeup, impurities, dirt and pollutants we all experience. The orange oil in the remover smell great and is effective in removing makeup. Your skin feels as if it’s been away in the countryside all week instead of being in a packed up tube during rush hour, without the sweaty armpit or garlic breath.

www.oricolondon.co.uk and priced at £15


Let me know what you think I love feedback positive or negative or even if you want me to look at any products and please tweet me @LeeSkinGuru for any skincare questions or tips you might have!
Lee x

Oct 13

Get October ready!


New in this week

Frankincense Intense[1]

I always love Neal’s Yard Remedies products, they always produce great, luxury products with ingredients that are natural and are perfect for your skin. Launching their ‘Frankincense Intense’ (£55) which is a new product from their multi-award winning skincare collection. This little cream is perfect for collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin, also mixed with a traditional therapeutic essential oils help calm the mind, improve elasticity and nourish skin on all levels. Clinical trials show a visible reduction the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this is definitely something I’d recommend investing in!

Treatment of the week

Prep kit[4]

Some people can’t always make it to the clinic, things get in the way such as the school run, working meetings and running errands. So why not take the clinic to your home? This great product called the Mycrolator by Black et Blanc has the luxury of a micro-needle facial in the comfort of your home. It only takes ten minutes and this little night time treatment tackles blemishes and signs of ageing quickly! The Mycrolator is used like a cotton pad and creates micro pockets in the skin, then natural filtered oils are applied and repairs itself overnight.

Available from www.blacketblanc.com, 3 vial kit £39, 16 vial kit £97.50

Splash the Cash


Makeup wipes are seen as a quick fix, they’re easy to use and great when you’re travelling around. It’s the ‘lazy people’s’ way after a tiring, long day. Face wipes lead to extreme dryness of the skin because face wipes don’t contain moisturiser in them, they’re also soaked in harmful chemicals such as Dipropylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol which are irritants.

You don’t need to feel guilty using face wipes anymore! Murad’s Clarifying Wipes are great to use, they are packed with high performance skincare ingredients so you can wipe away guilt free. These wipes treat, repair and protect the skin and offer a quick, simple solution to cleanse and refresh skin.

Priced at £18 for a pack of 30 (www.murad.co.uk), these are a good investment to use when you need a quick fix after the gym, a heavy night out, or when you’re too tired to cleanse.


Save the Cash

Makeup Cleansing Wipes[3]

Perfect for keeping in your handbag and gentle enough for use morning and evening, Proactiv’s Make Up Cleansing Wipes are gentle with excess oil, dirt and other skin impurities and condition the skin. These are perfect for everyday grime removal.

£4.95 at 40 wipes , available at www.proactiv.co.uk

Skincare Products of the Week 

NUDE_Cellular Renewal_Moisturiser[4]

Nude’s Cellular renewal moisturiser is a clinically advanced moisturiser and acts at the heart of the skin to help correct all the visible signs of ageing. NUDE’s pioneering n-probiotic is partnered with cellular renewal ingredients to help skin resist damage and revitalize the skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid.

You only need the tiniest amount on each part of the face. Felt very light once applied, leaves a luminous smooth finish with a slight residue. My face still felt smooth after 24 hours of wearing the moisturiser. Makeup can be applied very nicely over the top and can be used as a primer.


Sheer Cover Studio is a high performance mineral makeup with an exclusive patented formula designed to adapt with light which givs the wearer a perfect colour match. People always say that wearing makeup clogs pores and causes more spots, products such as Sheer Cover don’t clog the pores thanks to the soothing botanicals and light-reflecting minerals. It also contains a natural SPF for the ultimate in complexion protection, no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc so it doesn’t ‘cake’ the skin.

Let me know what you think and please tweet me @LeeSkinGuru for any skincare questions or tips you might have!

Lee x

Sep 13

Sleek Skincare

New in this week


I love Retinol-based products at the moment. They reverse signs of premature ageing due to photo damage after too much exposure to UVA and UVB the suns harmful rays but you also need to note that sun protection factor (SPF) are needed, as these products cause your skin to become photo-sensitive. Products such as Sunday Riley’s Bionic Anti-Ageing Cream contain a high concentration of key ingredients help rebuild collagen and increase skin energy and brightness.

Available at SpaceNK.co.uk for £175.


Treatment of the weeklaser 

Laser hair removal is the one of the essentials to have that A-list look and a perfect way to have a confidence boost when you are exposing those hairy body parts in winter sun getaway. Regular trips can result in permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair and a great way to boost your confidence and less hassle when getting ready!  Using a Sciton PROFILE machine, it uses light wavelengths to remove the hair for long, outstanding results!

Points to remember if you are considering laser hair removal make sure you have not applied fake tan in the last 5 weeks and this also goes for sun and sunbed exposure, this can cause serious burns to the area being treated.


Products such as No!No! Hair are incredible for at-home hair removal, it removes hair by delivering a gentle pulse of heat over the skin to immediately crystalize the hair for fast and easy removal. You can use it in any area and it promises no mess or ingrown hairs for stress free hair removal. Perfect! It’s a good investment to make if you are scared of getting a wax or threaded!

Available at Boots.com at £174 or cheaper if you are on a BA flight.

Splash the Cash 


People say that beauty comes from within; I always recommend that you use supplements and the right nutrition to make sure you’re in the best position to look your best! Splash out and try Oskia’s Pure MSM or ‘The Beauty Mineral’ which is a nutritional food supplement for healthier, smoother, younger looking skin and stronger hair and nails. It also supports collagen production, what more do you want from a little pill?

Available from www.oskiaskincare.com at £29.50.

Save the Cash


Perfectil has been in the supplement market for a while and there is no doubt that with it’s price and it’s advanced formula it’s a bestseller. It’s full of ingredients to help boost your skin, hair and nails and is also a multi-vitamin as well! Also it’s priced at £9.15 and will last you for a month, what a perfect way to get a glamorous glow.

Available at Boots.com and Holland & Barrett.

Skincare Tip of the Week


Cleansing twice a day is always a chore for some people, but I found a lovely new product that helps to make it easier!

A product that I have been enjoying is Merumaya’s Melting Cleansing Balm. This has been developed to help prevent skin ageing along with a luxurious and sensual formula. My tip of the week is to double cleanse, remove make up and grime first and on the second use, actually cleanse your skin. A lot of people only cleanse once and this doesn’t use the product to it’s full potential!

What you are achieving when cleansing, you are removing all of the days grim and dead skin cells for your skin, leaving a healthy surface for your products to be absorbed.

They also sell Daily Cleansing Clothes (£12.50), soak these with warm water to remove cleanser for the best results.

Buy here – www.merumaya.com at £14.50

Let me know what you think of this week’s pick and please tweet me @LeeSkinGuru for any skincare questions or tips you might have!

Lee x

Sep 13

Super Skincare

New in this week


Something I’ve discovered this week is a new beauty elixir called Fountain. It promises to delay the ageing process and extend the life span of cells after drinking it! So instead of using lotions and potions to fight anti ageing – your glow would come from within!

It contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol, which claims to be an effective weapon in the war against wrinkles. The ‘beauty molecule’ in the drink is found in red grape skins, red wine, peanuts and Japanese knotweed.

The brand recommends users to take one teaspoon a day. I for one think this sounds like a great idea to help boost collagen in the skin!

You can buy it here – http://www.boots.com/en/Fountain-The-beauty-molecule_1373392/ at £24.99


Treatment of the week


Kim Kardashian is someone who regularly talks about her favourite skincare products and treatments. Always one for trying new treatments such as the Vampire Facelift or having regular acupuncture sessions to help keep her skin young and fresh.


The Vampire Facelift helps rejuvenate the skin from the patients own blood injected into multiple areas of the skin (£550, www.leegarrett.net). It helps treats wrinkles and is full of platelet-rich plasma it’s a nice alternative to dermal fillers and its manufactured by you.


After revealing her makeup bag, you can see she uses Bio Oil (£8.95) and also ensures that she removes her makeup as soon as possible with Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes (£2.99) as sleeping with it on can contribute to early ageing and dirty pillows in the morning.

Splash the Cash


NUDE’s Miracle Mask (£38, www.nudeskincare.com) is a good investment to make; it’s a dual-action, exfoliating treatment that blends natural AHAs with rice beads to transform tired, dull and uneven skin. If you massage a small amount into your skin using circular motions, your pores are refined and renewed! I would say use this once a week as a treat to help get a glamorous glow!

And don’t forget your SPF!


Save the Cash


Skincare doesn’t always need to be expensive, use products such as Simple’s Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser (£4.49), it’s a perfect blend of multi-vitamin goodness and added moisturiser to gently remove impurities and traces of make-up.

Skincare Tip of the Week


Orico London’s Vitamin Rich Face Oil (£28, www.oricolondon.co.uk) is a skincare hero! It helps hydrate and nourish skin whilst super fine molecules absorb deep. This is perfect to massage into your skin, day and night. I’d recommend a few drops and warm it up between your fingertips and massage it in a clockwise motion around your face. Throughout pinch your jaw and cheeks to encourage collagen, I would recommend applying this after bathing.

Now that your skin is nourished and revitalized, it’s important to work on your face. I’ve been working with Pixie Lott’s personal trainer Hayley Newton (@HayleySNewton) who says that the below exercises great for your facial muscles.

Make two C shapes with your fingers round the eyes and repeat three times and hold for ten seconds. Make a V sign at each eyebrow and create a powerful squint.

For your jaw, gently pinch along jawline three times towards the ears. Place the thumbs on the bottom of the jawline. Drag them along the jaw away from each other three times, removing them when you reach the ears.

 Try this, along with the products I’ve suggested, for lasting results. Gorgeous!

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Aug 13

Welcome to my celebrity skincare column!

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself, I am Lee Garrett – one of the UK’s leading celebrity skin gurus and I’m the Director of FreedomHealthSKIN on Harley Street. Every fortnight I will be giving you my expert advice on skincare and the HOTTEST celebrity treatments. Why should all the celebrities have all the fun?

Splash the cash versus save the cash


Splash! – L’Oreal’s luxury brand SkinCeuticals may be an expensive product, but it is definitely worth the money. This cosmceuticals brand has the benefits and the results that you want. Their CE Ferulic is a revolutionary anti-oxidant that delivers protection against ageing. Plus, another benefit of CE Ferulic is that it has anti-oxidant properties such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. (£129)


Save! Good skincare doesn’t always need to be expensive, products such as Oil of Olay 2 in 1 instant hydration is great for busy people who don’t want to spend time using lots of products on their skin. The results are great too, which is perfect!


Treatment of the week

Splash! Thermage is an ideal treatment to try at any time of the year; however it is especially effective during the summer because it doesn’t break the skin. This prevents the skin from becoming sensitive to the sun’s rays. Thermage uses radio waves to heat the skin causing the collagen to tighten and the collagen to revive itself. One to two treatments are necessary to obtain a great result.

NEW! I have personally created a bespoke treatment (www.leegarrett.net) which combines Thermage and Dermafrac (a fantastic treatment which infuses peptides and hyaluronic acid into the skin, leaving it looking revitalized and nourished). This treatment is perfect for all skin types. You can expect the results from Thermage to show six months after the initial treatment. However, the results from the Dermafrac are instantly visible so, together, this means that not only are you improving your look instantly but, six months later, your look will continue to improve. The effects of Thermage last for two-three years.

Thermage is THE perfect treatment for most body areas, especially the abdomen, arms, knees, face and neck. It’s quick, effective, doesn’t leave scarring and doesn’t require recovery period. No wonder celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Amanda Holden are all fans of the treatment.

Save! Facemasks are a great treatment for people to do at home. Especially those with busy lifestyles and who struggle to find time for spa and clinic treatments. It is much more beneficial to do one quality face mask every month as opposed to buying cheap high street masks weekly as they do nothing but clog up your pores and cause breakouts.

I would suggest facemasks that are infused with nano-peptides because they absorb into the skin. L’Oreal, an affordable and trusted high street brand, use nano-peptides in some of their products.

I recommend applying a facemask once every two weeks. The Revitalift range has excellent results.

Skin fact of the week!


When people buy products they seem to think the more they use the better. This is not the case. People need to stick to the prescription when using skincare products. Many people constantly re-apply their moisturizer, thinking that the more they apply the better their skin will be. However they often forget that they also need to exfoliate, cleanse and tone in order to effectively remove the dead skin cells. Always put moisturiser on after a shower or bath.

Expensive sun creams are the best!

All sun creams should all protect you against UVA and UVB rays. Ideally they want to be water resistant but this does not mean that they are waterproof. Therefore, when you get out of the swimming pool or the sea you will till need to re-apply. Water resistant simply means it protects you against sweating if you are playing sports – ultimately it means it won’t wash off that easily. This means that you do need to exfoliate after a day of applying it. This can be with an exfoliation sponge and you don’t need to apply chemicals to the skin.

“The higher the factor the better it is..”

This is not true. A factor 15 would be 96% protection to the skin where as a factor 50 would be 97% protection to the skin. A lot of people think there is 100% protection especially when it comes to children again this is not the case. Even clothing does not protect you – unless of course you are wearing UV protective clothing. Protection is about being sensible. If you are going to be in the sea for a long period of time you must reapply as soon as you come out. Again, if you are sunbathing and sweating this is the case as well. To work out how frequently you need to re-apply your suncream, look at the SPF and times it by 10. This is how many minutes later you need to re-apply it. For example Factor 15 times by 10 is 150 minutes. However, remember that all skin types are different and sun exposure is an area where you shouldn’t take chances. You must look after your skin in order to avoid being burnt.

Another myth is that people who get heat rash seem to apply a lot of moisturiser to the affected area – this does not work you need to keep it cool and not block the pores. Make sure you avoid perfume at all costs to sun exposed areas. An alternative is to put it behind your ears and use a fragrant hair cream or mask. If you wanted to you could use a non-alcoholic body spray as it’s the alcohol that causes the sensitivity to the sun.

lee g image[1]

For more information go on www.leegarrett.net or follow me on Twitter @LeeSkinGuru

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