Welcome to my celebrity skincare column!

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Let me introduce myself, I am Lee Garrett – one of the UK’s leading celebrity skin gurus and I’m the Director of FreedomHealthSKIN on Harley Street. Every fortnight I will be giving you my expert advice on skincare and the HOTTEST celebrity treatments. Why should all the celebrities have all the fun?

Splash the cash versus save the cash


Splash! – L’Oreal’s luxury brand SkinCeuticals may be an expensive product, but it is definitely worth the money. This cosmceuticals brand has the benefits and the results that you want. Their CE Ferulic is a revolutionary anti-oxidant that delivers protection against ageing. Plus, another benefit of CE Ferulic is that it has anti-oxidant properties such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. (£129)


Save! Good skincare doesn’t always need to be expensive, products such as Oil of Olay 2 in 1 instant hydration is great for busy people who don’t want to spend time using lots of products on their skin. The results are great too, which is perfect!


Treatment of the week

Splash! Thermage is an ideal treatment to try at any time of the year; however it is especially effective during the summer because it doesn’t break the skin. This prevents the skin from becoming sensitive to the sun’s rays. Thermage uses radio waves to heat the skin causing the collagen to tighten and the collagen to revive itself. One to two treatments are necessary to obtain a great result.

NEW! I have personally created a bespoke treatment (www.leegarrett.net) which combines Thermage and Dermafrac (a fantastic treatment which infuses peptides and hyaluronic acid into the skin, leaving it looking revitalized and nourished). This treatment is perfect for all skin types. You can expect the results from Thermage to show six months after the initial treatment. However, the results from the Dermafrac are instantly visible so, together, this means that not only are you improving your look instantly but, six months later, your look will continue to improve. The effects of Thermage last for two-three years.

Thermage is THE perfect treatment for most body areas, especially the abdomen, arms, knees, face and neck. It’s quick, effective, doesn’t leave scarring and doesn’t require recovery period. No wonder celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Amanda Holden are all fans of the treatment.

Save! Facemasks are a great treatment for people to do at home. Especially those with busy lifestyles and who struggle to find time for spa and clinic treatments. It is much more beneficial to do one quality face mask every month as opposed to buying cheap high street masks weekly as they do nothing but clog up your pores and cause breakouts.

I would suggest facemasks that are infused with nano-peptides because they absorb into the skin. L’Oreal, an affordable and trusted high street brand, use nano-peptides in some of their products.

I recommend applying a facemask once every two weeks. The Revitalift range has excellent results.

Skin fact of the week!


When people buy products they seem to think the more they use the better. This is not the case. People need to stick to the prescription when using skincare products. Many people constantly re-apply their moisturizer, thinking that the more they apply the better their skin will be. However they often forget that they also need to exfoliate, cleanse and tone in order to effectively remove the dead skin cells. Always put moisturiser on after a shower or bath.

Expensive sun creams are the best!

All sun creams should all protect you against UVA and UVB rays. Ideally they want to be water resistant but this does not mean that they are waterproof. Therefore, when you get out of the swimming pool or the sea you will till need to re-apply. Water resistant simply means it protects you against sweating if you are playing sports – ultimately it means it won’t wash off that easily. This means that you do need to exfoliate after a day of applying it. This can be with an exfoliation sponge and you don’t need to apply chemicals to the skin.

“The higher the factor the better it is..”

This is not true. A factor 15 would be 96% protection to the skin where as a factor 50 would be 97% protection to the skin. A lot of people think there is 100% protection especially when it comes to children again this is not the case. Even clothing does not protect you – unless of course you are wearing UV protective clothing. Protection is about being sensible. If you are going to be in the sea for a long period of time you must reapply as soon as you come out. Again, if you are sunbathing and sweating this is the case as well. To work out how frequently you need to re-apply your suncream, look at the SPF and times it by 10. This is how many minutes later you need to re-apply it. For example Factor 15 times by 10 is 150 minutes. However, remember that all skin types are different and sun exposure is an area where you shouldn’t take chances. You must look after your skin in order to avoid being burnt.

Another myth is that people who get heat rash seem to apply a lot of moisturiser to the affected area – this does not work you need to keep it cool and not block the pores. Make sure you avoid perfume at all costs to sun exposed areas. An alternative is to put it behind your ears and use a fragrant hair cream or mask. If you wanted to you could use a non-alcoholic body spray as it’s the alcohol that causes the sensitivity to the sun.

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For more information go on www.leegarrett.net or follow me on Twitter @LeeSkinGuru

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