‘Food for the soul’

Travel broadens the mind. It also broadens my waistband. I love experiencing different cultures and the best way to truly experience a culture is by eating their food.

NOT a thai green curry from your local take away but the REAL stuff. Fresh ingredients, traditional methods of preparation, authentic cooking.

I’ve been travelling around Thailand for the last two weeks and while staying in Ao Nang in the south of the island, I partook in a cookery class under the instruction of a Thai chef called ‘Yolk’ (‘as in egg-yolk’ was her suggestion to help our pronunciation).



I find living in London, everyone is always racing around so when I do cook, it’s for practicality rather than enjoyment. Three important points to take into consideration are: 1) what’s gonna be the quickest 2) what’s gonna fill me up the most and 3) what the hell can I make using the ingredients in my fridge (this proves to be the most challenging)?

So it was a welcome change to spend a long time understanding the ingredients, smelling the fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables, crushing them and releasing the flavours.

Now by no means am I Nigella Lawson, I don’t have the cleavage for a start (best not mention anything else) but do you know what?! I’m not that bad.

I whipped up a pretty mean Tom Yum soup and papaya salad with mango and sticky rice for dessert. I also made my very own Thai green curry from my own homemade curry paste that would give my local Thai restaurant a run for their money. I decided to take a bag of the green curry paste with me as so much love and work went into it and it supposedly lasts for a few weeks. I had visions of London dinner parties showing off my cooking skills. Then I realised travelling around Thailand with a little plastic bag with dark green dried curry paste was probably not a smart move.

I’ll just have to get the mortar and pestle out when I’m home and start from scratch… Let’s hope I remember.

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