January, 2014

27 January


My night at the NTAs

I don’t know what’s more exciting… I’m a Celebrity winning best entertainment show, or being on the same stage as Michael bloody Bolton at the National Television Awards!!

It was great to catch up with the whole gang from Australia and the show scooping a NTA award sealed the deal for a great night.

The real stars were Ant and Dec who picked up another lifetime achievement award… 25 years in the business! And they’re still only young fellas really!



Dermot O’Leary was as always the perfect host.

Fashion Fix:
I’m a massive fan of LaMania, a Polish label that stylist Angie Smith introduced me too a while ago. I wore this skirt and top from their new collection. I have to say, I felt pretty cool having a train behind me attached to my skirt… Even if about 10 people stood on it over the night… The perils of fashion!

My make up artist Justine Jenkins did a simple up style with fresh make up with a pop of red lippy from urban decay, brow shading using smashbox pencil and Lancôme skin base.


23 January


‘Feel the burn!’

I don’t do sport. My greatest sporting achievement is winning ‘Most improved Table tennis player’ at school… only because ANYTHING would have been an improvement.

I like to think the workout of shaking my ass on a dance floor on a Friday night burns off as many calories as any professional athlete burns in a workout session.  Of course I KNOW this isn’t true… especially with a glass of Pinot Grigio in my right hand. But it makes me feel better.

This month I’ve started working out in an actual gym, as opposed to just under the disco ball of my local bar. I find it hard to motivate myself. I think most people feel the same. So I’ve been working out with some girlfriends with Russell from SBC (the Skinny Bitch Collective). Nothing motivates you like your mate shouting ‘Come on Laura, move your arse!’


It’s a LOT of fun, exercise SHOULD be fun. It’s not only brilliant physically but also mentally. My regime includes running upside down against a wall and lunges while having my mate Jade on my back… I’m not going to lie it’s as hard as it sounds. The day after, everything hurt but it is a great way to get fit AND have a laugh.

This week also saw me play a REAL sport I’d never played before on a team with Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff… at WEMBLEY! No, it’s not the apocalypse, the world hasn’t gone completely mad. I was recording a piece for A League of Their Own which will be aired in a few weeks. It was incredibly intimidating to say the least, and not even that ‘Most improved tennis player’ award gave me confidence. I was the only girl on the team and had to share the dressing rooms with the boys.. not a bad situation.


What I’m listening to this week: Whinnie Willams’s Mix Tape Vol 1. Love this girl’s style and sound. Think Lily Allen mixed with Carla Bruni.

14 January


A Brit of all right

Hi guys!

I popped along to the Brit nominations at ITV studios this week to catch up with some of the artists up for a gong. It’s all about La La La singer Sam Smith who was one of the sweetest guys to grace the red carpet… His loveliness may also have something to do with the fact he was firmly holding on to the Critics Choice award! Previous award winners include Ellie Goulding and Adele (yeah those guys have done all right for themselves! So it’s a pretty good indicator of what’s to come!).

Bastille and Arctic Monkeys are up for quite a few awards, including Best Album which I’m very happy about. Both two albums I’ve had on repeat on my iPod.

I got to catch up with lovely Ellie Goulding too who hinted she’d love a Rudimental collaboration.. How awesome would that be! Also can we speak about the hugely talented Ella Eyre… And how amazing her hair is. I just wanted to caress it but felt it would probably be inappropriate and not very professional… At all.


Fashion Fix

You just can’t beat a jumpsuit. Especially when it’s from uber cool fashion house The Kooples. Their white blazer is a favourite piece of mine too. I wore a pair of Australian designer Nicholas court shoes which I picked up over in Oz before Christmas. And this Kate Spade ‘book bag’ is very cute and the perfect size for my interview cards.


03 January


My advice on New Year’s Resolutions

Back to the Future… well 2014!

Firstly… Happy New Year to you all! Secondly…How the hell is it 2014 already?!! Is it just me, or do you too feel like time is going by too fast? I watched the film Back to the Future over Christmas, along with a whole host of seasonal favourites including Elf, Home Alone 1 AND 2 (not 3 obviously), Bad Santa, It’s A Wonderful Life. and it just hit me that when Michael J Fox goes into the future, it’s 2015. That’s next year!!!

I feel old.

Yes maybe 2014 doesn’t have flying cars but here we are in the New Year, a brand spanking new beginning, and a fresh start…



Well we have at least 3 more days of this mentality before most of us slip back into our old ways. I think our biggest failure is sometimes attempting to make too many resolutions. The best advice I was ever given when it came to resolutions were these two words … ‘Be Happy’. And that’s all we can strive to be.

Yes I will attempt the detox, to not drink so much, stop eating as much chocolate, do more exercise, work harder… BUT to appreciate ‘what’ we have, and ‘who’ we have in our lives, while still striving for our goals, is all we really need to do.

I rang in the New Year on a stage in Dublin screaming ‘5,4,3,2,1…” into a microphone with Suggs from Madness with my family and friends all there watching. It was a brilliant night. For one thing we were in Ireland and it DIDN’T rain (this is a VERY rare occurrence).  But to be able to have good people and friends around, even though I was working, was really special.

I was hosting the Countdown Concert in Central Dublin that saw music from the like of Walking On Cars, the original Sugababes ‘MKS’, Irish trad band Seo Linn, Ryan Sheridan and my personal favourite rock n’ rollers The Strypes.

Madness were the headliners. And we danced and sang our way into 2014. No better way to do it.


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