The lowdown on my jungle hair and make-up

I’ve been asked quite a lot about hair and make-up when filming in the jungle so I want to share with you some tips I’ve picked up.
I suppose wearing any make up in the Australian outback isn’t ideal but thankfully I have two brilliant ladies Abigael Johnston and Penny Smith doing my hair and make up who I’ve been working with for the past three years. As we film in an outside studio with mosquitos flying about and blistering heat, I don’t like to wear anything too heavy. Abs uses a light airbrushing mist on me, Rob and Joe which reflects the natural sunlight and doesn’t feel caked on.

I am also covered in mosquito repellent spray which stinks but on the plus side makes your skin look really shiny ( that’s why Rob’s legs are always glistening FYI!).


I use an Australian primer by Dottie and Ez – a natural formulation for healthy skin and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and a bit tingly (in a good way).

The Co Shade Bronzer from Latonas Makeup Supplies is a favourite of mine. Two months in and I have a veeerrrryyyy light tan so a stroke on the top of my cheekbones of bronzer really helps to enhance the glow.

And of course you can’t beat a red lipstick… I’ve been wearing a lot of Mac ‘ruby woo’ this series, although Abs usually blends three shades together so everyday is a bit different.

My key hair product is Moroccanoil. A pea sized amount rubbed through the ends of damp hair and then I let it dry naturally during rehearsals. Penny then styles it before the show, she knows my hair really well at this stage. Penny and I have come up with stupid names for the different hairstyles she does, we have four different types of waves\curls and we’ve given them stupid names like ‘wireless waves’ ( because she styled my hair that way when I presented at Wireless festival’). They get more obscure, but I won’t bore you.

It can be quite harsh on your skin wearing camera ready make up everyday so I’ve been using Weleda Skin Food and Ponds cold cream to nourish my skin once I remove my make up.

And most important, I’ve been wearing a high SPF sun cream from Hawaiian Tropics. The oil based one makes your skin feel lush and it smells delicious.

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