Camp is starting to look very empty

As the series is drawing to a close, the camp is starting to look very empty.

Around 2 weeks ago I asked Ant and Dec to predict who our 2013 Queen/King of the Jungle would be and to put their name in a gold envelope, that has been under lock and key in a glass box in our studio ever since.

I also have a prediction in there. Mine is in the final 5…so I’m pretty chuffed with myself.





My favourite trial of all time is The Cyclone which the campates did yesterday. I did it last year and it’s so much fun… Though it does hurt when you get blasted with the almighty water hoses and land on the hard ground straight on your bottom!

How awesome was Kian helping all the girls when our final 5 did it?! It’s also the best wash they’ve had in the past 2 weeks.

Over on itv2 we put together our own dream team. Reigning Queen of the jungle Charlie Brooks, former King Joe Swash, the one and only Medic Bob and Kiosk Keith (both living legends).

I was orchestrating proceedings and thought I was safe on the sidelines perched in Ant and Dec’s position, but ended up being drenched from the sheer power of the onslaught.

Ah well, would rather be covered in cold water than creepy crawlies…

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