December, 2013

31 December


My Christmas indulgence

Hi guys,


As I write this, I’m currently in the midst of a food coma and lodged in the corner of a sofa with no plan to move anytime soon. I have a feeling I’m not alone.




Why do we do it to ourselves?! Every festive season I promise myself to not over indulge, to show some sort of self-control,  a hint of willpower… but alas that goes out the window as soon as I hear the Pringles lid pop and the tempting rattle of the Quality Street tin. My brother’s girlfriend baked the above cupcakes and my weakness is baked camembert (I’ve been known to eat a whole one in just one sitting).


Next week, I’ll be seeking aid from Soulmate Food who do a brilliant 3 day juicing plan and Honestly Healthy run by my friend Natasha who creates delicious AND healthy meals. In Ireland I’m going to try out ‘Pure Green Juice’… BUT that’s NEXT week. For now, I’m taking every opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas and eating until it hurts.


I’ve been lucky that the bad weather didn’t affect my travels home too much and reveling in wrapping up in layers of coats, scarfs and earmuffs.


Fashion File:

At the moment my current must haves are this Military Long Coat with leather sleeves from Maje, Ash biker boots and my favourite earmuffs from Topshop.




Keep Warm


23 December


ITV party and my guilty pleasure…

After two months of travelling and a stint in the jungle, it’s been an unexpectedly welcome relief to be back in chilly London. Yes, the weather may not compete with the Gold Coast sunshine and the hustle and bustle of London is a stark contrast to the serene carefree surroundings of life down under when the closest thing we have to the Bondi Beach surf are a few ripples in a not-so-fresh looking Thames. But you just can’t beat London at Christmas. Everywhere I go the shops are blasting festive tunes and our electricity bills have sky rocketed with every plug socket stuffed with some sort of lighting paraphernalia. I love it!


Last week, as well as trying to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and two long-haul flights, I also guest-edited a new music-sharing site called Deezer. You can’t turn on the telly at the moment without someone trying to flog a new album or a Christmas compilation being waved frantically in our face at the checkout. Beyoncé kind of blew everyone out of the water with her new album (where the hell did she get time to do that, the woman can’t be human) If you can hold out until the new year James Vincent McMorrow’s new album Post Tropical is out mid-January and is bloody brilliant. Also check out my MTV co-presenter Bluey Robinson who has an unbelievable voice.I’m expecting big things from him in 2014. My guilty pleasure is Little Mix’s album at the moment and when I played their new tune Move during my dj set at the ITV Christmas Party on Tuesday, there were some pretty awesome shapes thrown on the dance floor by the guests. Not all elegant shapes but impressive ‘moves’ nonetheless.


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Laura xx

11 December


‘I knew Kian would win’

We have our King of the jungle 2013 — Kian! What a finale!

Both David and Kian would have been worthy winners, but I had predicted from the start Kian would win (I even put it in a gold envelope with Ant and Dec’s predictions and bet them both).

It was great having all the camp mates back together on our show and it got a bit emotional watching our best bits back.



After the show, we had a lovely dinner with the boys and headed to the wrap party, which was first proper night out I’ve had in four weeks. It’s going to take me a while to get my head around getting up at a normal time and not the middle of the night.

I work with a fantastic crew every year and of course my lovely cohosts Joe and Rob. I’m going to miss seeing their faces everyday. Roll on next year….

Fashion Flashback:

It was fun dressing up everyday despite my surroundings and these are my favourite three looks. The first two dresses are by my favourite Australian designer Shakuhachi and shoes are Senso and Witchery (both Australian). The retro playsuit is from Missguided and of course my trusty All Saints biker boots, which are the most practical footwear I bring. As we sometimes have a bit of a trek to studio, they are my perfect companion.



07 December


Camp is starting to look very empty

As the series is drawing to a close, the camp is starting to look very empty.

Around 2 weeks ago I asked Ant and Dec to predict who our 2013 Queen/King of the Jungle would be and to put their name in a gold envelope, that has been under lock and key in a glass box in our studio ever since.

I also have a prediction in there. Mine is in the final 5…so I’m pretty chuffed with myself.





My favourite trial of all time is The Cyclone which the campates did yesterday. I did it last year and it’s so much fun… Though it does hurt when you get blasted with the almighty water hoses and land on the hard ground straight on your bottom!

How awesome was Kian helping all the girls when our final 5 did it?! It’s also the best wash they’ve had in the past 2 weeks.

Over on itv2 we put together our own dream team. Reigning Queen of the jungle Charlie Brooks, former King Joe Swash, the one and only Medic Bob and Kiosk Keith (both living legends).

I was orchestrating proceedings and thought I was safe on the sidelines perched in Ant and Dec’s position, but ended up being drenched from the sheer power of the onslaught.

Ah well, would rather be covered in cold water than creepy crawlies…

06 December


The lowdown on my jungle hair and make-up

I’ve been asked quite a lot about hair and make-up when filming in the jungle so I want to share with you some tips I’ve picked up.
I suppose wearing any make up in the Australian outback isn’t ideal but thankfully I have two brilliant ladies Abigael Johnston and Penny Smith doing my hair and make up who I’ve been working with for the past three years. As we film in an outside studio with mosquitos flying about and blistering heat, I don’t like to wear anything too heavy. Abs uses a light airbrushing mist on me, Rob and Joe which reflects the natural sunlight and doesn’t feel caked on.

I am also covered in mosquito repellent spray which stinks but on the plus side makes your skin look really shiny ( that’s why Rob’s legs are always glistening FYI!).


I use an Australian primer by Dottie and Ez – a natural formulation for healthy skin and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and a bit tingly (in a good way).

The Co Shade Bronzer from Latonas Makeup Supplies is a favourite of mine. Two months in and I have a veeerrrryyyy light tan so a stroke on the top of my cheekbones of bronzer really helps to enhance the glow.

And of course you can’t beat a red lipstick… I’ve been wearing a lot of Mac ‘ruby woo’ this series, although Abs usually blends three shades together so everyday is a bit different.

My key hair product is Moroccanoil. A pea sized amount rubbed through the ends of damp hair and then I let it dry naturally during rehearsals. Penny then styles it before the show, she knows my hair really well at this stage. Penny and I have come up with stupid names for the different hairstyles she does, we have four different types of waves\curls and we’ve given them stupid names like ‘wireless waves’ ( because she styled my hair that way when I presented at Wireless festival’). They get more obscure, but I won’t bore you.

It can be quite harsh on your skin wearing camera ready make up everyday so I’ve been using Weleda Skin Food and Ponds cold cream to nourish my skin once I remove my make up.

And most important, I’ve been wearing a high SPF sun cream from Hawaiian Tropics. The oil based one makes your skin feel lush and it smells delicious.

03 December


Feeling very sorry for the campmates who have to stay in the jungle 24 hours

Found the biggest creepy crawly in the jungle this week! Rob. He managed to get his hands on Vincent Simone’s spider costume from the dingo Dollar challenge and wear on the show… Shame it happened to be on the hottest day we’ve had this year so far. Poor guy was a sweaty mess.


The weather has been curiously capricious this year. During our late night rehearsal last night I thought our whole studio tree-house was going to blow away… feeling very sorry for the campmates who have to stay down there 24 hours a day ( at least I have a warm trailer and hot shower). The rain was so heavy that it creeped onto our studio floor and was pounding so loud on the roof during our live recording I could barely hear our panelists. Not what you think you’d get from a typically, gloriously hot Australia.


The hosts of the show always stay quite a bit away from everyone else so I had a sneaky visit to nosey around the Versace Hotel (where friends and family stay). On the coming out show it always looks spectacular when the celebrities are getting their first reminder of luxury. So… are the rooms THAT fancy?? Well let’s say they are pretty bling!

seafood platter

The food on the gold coast is unbelievable. Denise Van Outen, Michael Vaughan, Andi Peters, Jodi Albert, her gorgeous sister Kellie and I met up for a delicious seafood platter on the Marina. Guess we felt a little bit guilty thinking of the STARVING campmates eating rice and beans. Poor guys… I say we felt bad but not bad enough to not enjoy the feast.


Kian’s reunion with his wife Jodie had me crying my eyes out… Think this is the first time I’ve ever shed a tear watching footage. And David Emmanuel seems like such a top bloke. It’s early days though so they all have everything to play for…

Take care

L x

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