November, 2013

25 November


Laura Whitmore’s jungle gossip

What a hectic week it’s been! Since I’ve last blogged, ten celebs have truly settled into the Australian jungle with two more arriving today; there’s been some nauseatingly gruesome trials, unusual campmate bonding, odd shower scenes (Matthew attempting to recreate Mylene’s white bikini scene has scarred me for life). And I now have a total of TEN ‘mozzie’ bites!
I think new arrival Vincent Simone is going to be HILARIOUS and inject some fun into the camp. I also love Steve Davis. He just seems like such a cool character, not taking anything too seriously and comes out with some great witty remarks… though not a fan of the excessive flatulence (though guess that’s men for ya!)
Behind the scenes; Me, Joe, Rob and the big boys Ant and Dec are having a great time. Thanks to everyone for watching it’s been the highest ratings to date and so happy to read all the lovely comments after the show. We hope it’s as much fun to watch as it is making it.


A bit of a pranking fest has kicked off since Joe’s naked shower pic ended up EVERYWHERE. Serves him right! But now he’s vowed to get us back.
I’m not scared as I have ‘Junior’ on my side (Ant and Dec’s bodyguard) He’s been looking after the guys since the first series and believe me, you do NOT want to get on the wrong side of him… Look at the size of his arms!!


As always Joe and Rob are helping me out by photo-bombing my style diary on a daily basis. (Naked ironing seems dangerous doesn’t it?!)
It’s hard putting together a wardrobe when the studio is in the Ozzie Outback but I enjoy getting dressed up juxtaposed against our wild backdrop. I particularly loved this h&m white skirt ,and sixties style short from a designer who I love called Negarin (check her out)


I always get asked the hours I work. We usually get up at midnight and rehearse and watch footage through the night so not that means we don’t get much free time before we have to get to bed after the show. It’s not very rock n’roll.. On Tuesday we played lawn bowls… when you’ve worked a 12-hour shift and had a few glasses of wine it makes for an interesting game…


18 November


I used to think I would marry Dec, but please don’t tell him

Jungle 2013 has begun with the first show airing last night and our ten eclectic celebrities having already spent two nights sleeping under the stars. I’m a Celeb… (longest title of a show ever!) is on it’s THIRTEENTH season, and I can promise this year will be the best yet!

This is my third year hosting the after show on ITV2, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! NOW! ( yes there is a show with a title longer that the main one)


Of course the success and status of the show is undoubtedly strengthened by hosts extraordinaire Ant and Dec who are the Kings of live telly. While I’ve already worked with the lads for two years, I’m still so starstruck by them. I was adamant when I was a teenager I would marry Dec. Don’t worry I’ve accepted this isn’t going to happen. And he doesn’t know this so please don’t tell him. I do, however, feel privileged to work with two of the loveliest and most professional guys in the business.

Speaking of lovely boys.. Joe and Rob my co-hosts on … Get Me Out of Here! NOW! may not be as professional as Ant and Dec (sorry boys) but they make me laugh and we have SO much fun. I was late flying over to Australia this year as I was working at the MTV EMA in Amsterdam but, within five days of being reunited, we’ve already got up to all sorts of mischief.


We toured the new camp a few days ago and when I was filming a piece to camera I asked Joe to hold my iPhone (stupidly it was still unlocked)

When I got my phone back I found all sorts of “interesting pictures” that he and Rob had taken. I said I wouldn’t tweet them and use them instead as blackmail for my future benefit… but you HELLO! Online readers seem like nice people so here’s a little present for you (I hope you won’t be too scared) NAKED JOE!!! (This photo is a censored version of the photo on my phone).

Rob got a little bit too excited taking the pics and fell over and ripped his pants right through the crotch area. This folks is what I like to call “Kharma”.


So over the next three weeks I’m going to be blogging on here all the backstage shenanigans, behind the scene gossip on the campmates… and of course mentioning my fave jungle fashion. We may be in the jungle but we can still be stylish!

Take care

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