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Tahlia’s worrying health scare

Summer is here – well if you can call it that with the torrential rain the UK has been experiencing moment… it really is crazy.  Although saying that I am probably not the best person to be discussing UK weather.  I was just saying to Alex the other day I haven’t actually experienced a UK summer or winter in the last 6 years with constantly being away filming!

So, this blog is a little bit different to my normal family travel updates.  Yes, we have been travelling but we have had some other rather worrying things happening recently…


A few weeks ago, I met with a good friend and the children for a catch up.  Like any parent I am always cuddling them or rubbing their back.  On this occasion, whilst rubbing Tahlia’s back I noticed some lumps around her spine.  I immediately thought it was strange and said to my friend I would take her to the doctors the next day to find out what it was.

Myself, Rocco and Tahlia headed to our local practise and I didn’t expect to hear what I was about to be told…

Whilst the doctor checked over Tahlia; her temperature, her glands, her ears, she looked miffed.  She said she hadn’t seen anything like it before and was extremely concerned as there are some nasty blood cancers in children and was worried it was that.  Tahlia needed to have a blood test and scans as soon as possible.  My chin hit the floor and as soon as I got to the surgery car park I burst into tears.  Rocco cuddled me and said ‘It’s okay Mummy’ and Tahlia cuddled me too… I could not believe it what I had been told…


I was due to travel to film that afternoon.  I immediately pulled out of the shoot and Alex came home from work.  What followed was a seriously worrying few hours.  We headed to the hospital for blood tests. Tahlia was oblivious as to what was going on and it was horrendous trying to keep her calm whilst her bloods were being taken.  Whilst we waited for the results which would be back within two hours Alex and I could hardly speak to each other and Alex was pacing the waiting room. There were so many poorly children undergoing chemotherapy it was extremely hard for Alex and I not to think the worst.

‘The Consultant is ready to see you now’, the nurse told us.  Anyone with small children can probably imagine, our hearts were pounding.  As we sat down with the consultant Alex didn’t let him get a word out ‘is it all clear, please just tell us!’.  Tahlia has no signs of cancer in her blood but we don’t know what these mysterious lumps are and we need to do further tests.  So, we hadn’t been given the all clear yet. Family were constantly calling us asking what was going on.


Ultrasound scans were followed by Tahlia having a general anaesthetic and an MRI Scan.  Unfortunately, she needed to be put under GA because the MRI would have been too disturbing for her. Alex took Tahlia down to the anethetists and cuddled her whilst she was given the injection. He told me it was the hardest thing ever. I was upset as only one of us was allowed to be with her and we made the decision Alex should go – he was glad he did as he said I would have broken down in tears.

Within 24 hours Tahlia’s results from the MRI was back and the consultant said the lumps are inconclusive. It really is awful not knowing what they are but they have ruled out anything sinister at this stage and we have to monitor her over the next few weeks and months.

I have always been proactive when it comes to raising awareness for several charities and although we are thanking our lucky stars that Tahlia doesn’t have any form of cancer, we know there are lots of poorly children (and grownups out there).  Prior to this happening to Tahlia we had decided that our coffee shop ‘Lord Roberts on The Green’ would be running a family fundraising event for the South-East Cancer Help Centre on 17th September but now we are making it an even bigger event and just want to do as much as possible.


The next few days following what had happened to Tahlia I wanted to try and have lots of fun with the children. We attended a Children’s Party Picnic in London with a charity called ‘In Kind Direct’ and Rocco got to meet Mickey and Minnie which he loved. Tahlia was a little bit nervous which surprised me. After that we headed to the Palladium to watch a matinee performance of ‘Wind in The Willows’ staring my old Dancing on Ice pal, Denise Welch. The show was fantastic and if you can take your little ones to watch it before it closes, I highly recommend it.



A few days later doctors told us Tahlia was fine to travel so we flew to Spain. Whilst I am filming close by to our house in Marbella the children are enjoying the sunshine and spending time with lots of their friends around the pool on the complex. It is our final trip this summer before Rocco starts nursery full time this September.  I can’t believe the time has come around so quickly and he looks really cute in his little uniform.


Whilst we have been in Spain we have treated both of the children to some scooters which they have been having a lot of fun on going up and down the promenade. I have been having a lot of fun too test driving some wheels of my own too.  I have been trying out a few of the Baby Jogger strollers for a little campaign I am working on called ‘How I Stroll’. It’s all about the best stroller to use based on how and where you like to stroll and I am discovering there really is something for everyone wherever you go!


Well I am going to sign off now as I have an early start in the morning. Before I sign off I want to send lots of love to any one with poorly children right now. Whatever you are going through stay strong. If you want to come to the charity event we are running at Lord Roberts on The Green, you can find out more about it on our website.

Laura x

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