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Chaotic weeks!

Can’t believe it’s been over 6 weeks since my last blog post and I feel bad for not writing for such a long time.

Alex and I opened up our new Coffee Shop/Post Office and it has been non stop. The place looks beautiful and the community seem to be really happy with what we have created. Obviously it’s a new business and everything needs a chance to find its feet but we will get there and it’s already a popular little place…


As well as opening the shop I’ve been filming in Miami, Spain, Ibiza and Menorca, and the children have been joining me on my adventures. I really am making the most of this time because it won’t be long before they both start pre-school. In fact we have already been visited by Rocco’s teacher! Tahlia’s celebrated her 2nd birthday (where did that two years go?) and we put on a special Teepee Tea Party from Just for Tiny People. It was beautiful so a big thank you to my friend Effie who owns the company.



It is totally cliche but I look at both of them and can’t believe how quickly they are growing up. Every time I have a couple of glasses of wine I say to Alex, maybe we should have another one… I’m sure most parents get to this stage… I then think, no we are happy as we are and it’s hard enough as it is trying to juggle everything…


There always seems to be a drama when you have children (or at least there is with me). When we were abroad recently Tahlia had a terrible accident when someone accidentally poured a boiling cup of water over her in a coffee shop. It was horrendous. The cup was left by the cash register and a member of staff knocked it over her. It went all over the top of her arm which blistered quite badly. Thankfully she is now on the mend but none of the staff knew what to do and the paramedics wanted to bandage it up which is not the thing to do with a burn!! Basic First Aid knowledge is so important. In the past I have complete various First Aid courses and I so thought it would be great to run a few Paediatric First Aid courses for parents/grandparents at our coffee shop. We are currently offering two dates through Daisy First Aid and hopefully it is something we will do quite regularly. If you haven’t completed a First Aid Course you should…It’s pretty easy to find details of course near to where you live online.


Making the most of precious family time together, we’ve enjoyed some fun days out with the children. For Tahlia’s birthday, as well as her Teepee Tea party she had a day out at Chessington which she loved. We visited the adventure park a while ago to experience the new Gruffalo ride and we couldn’t wait to go back again, so a birthday treat was the perfect excuse.


Recently we also took the children to a special screening of Nickelodeons Nella the Princess Knight in London. Nickelodeon hosted an amazing party and the children danced away, had their faces painted and were treated like little Princes and Princesses.



image4This week I’m filming in Menorca. I frequently get asked ‘where is your outfit from?’ This week I’m wearing some cute little outfits from Oasis which are perfect for Summer. To compliment them I’m wearing a personalised Lila Lou bracelet that has my initials and a compass charm – pretty apt for my job. I’m am also trying out some of the Mustela Sun Protection skincare range for children. I’m a Big fan of their products so I’m interested to see what the Sun protection stuff is like. We are going to be super careful of Tahlia’s arm making sure it’s well covered up from the sun.

image10 image9image11

Alex is coming and visit us for the bank holiday weekend too and we are really excited about. Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a good one and I will try not to leave it so long next time…

Lots of love


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