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Who knew visiting a furniture factory could be so exciting!

Hi guys,

How are you all doing?  Good I hope?   If you are a parent of a child who has recently received exam results, I hope it went well, and if you have received exam results yourself I hope you were happy with them? I remember all too well when I got mine (a good few years ago now), and it was all very stressful.  If you didn’t achieve what you wanted, remember it’s not the end of the world and it is still possible to pursue the career you want to.  I’ve always known I wanted to work in television so when I completed my A-Levels I decided to apply for a job as a runner and defer my university placement for a year.  As a result I never ended up going and 12 years later here I am…


The last couple of weeks I have been on the road filming in the UK.   When I was filming in Lincoln recently I was able to meet up with a good friend of mine, Joanne Heywood from ‘When you wish upon a star’.  I have been involved with this amazing charity for a couple of years now and not only do they offer invaluable support to families with children who are very poorly, they also make their wishes come true.  I had a lovely evening catching up with Jo and talking about some exciting things the charity has coming up.  You can check out the amazing things they do here and if you can help in any way make sure you get in touch.


As you may well know from my blog, I am currently furnishing the house Alex and I have been renovating for the last 9 months.  I’ve been sourcing some great bits online and I recently found a brilliant company to make house signs:  They are worth checking out.

One of the biggest pieces of furniture we buy for our homes are our sofas and this past week I had a very interesting experience. Never before did I think I would get so excited about visiting a furniture factory but after ordering two Loch Leven sofas from the Country Living range at my local DFS store on the Purley Way,  I was fortunate enough to get invited to one of their factories.  I was really impressed seeing the team hard at work and not only did I watch my furniture being made, I actually got to help make my sofa too.


It really was incredible watching the production line from start to finish from the fabric being cut, the machinists working lightening speed, the upholsters covering the furniture to seeing the ladies checking the pieces it in quality control.  Most of DFS’ furniture is made in the UK, by highly skilled craftsmen and women (some of whom have been working in the trade for over 35 years), and so much work and effort goes in to each item.  Philip Watkin their Design Director (the man who was responsible for designing my new sofa!) gave me the guided tour.  It was a real pleasure meeting him and we made a little film that hopefully I can share with you very soon.


On to seats for Rocco… As much as I love my little boy, I won’t be letting him get his sticky hands over our lovely new Loch Leven sofas!  If you are a style conscious parent and are looking for a practical yet stylish high chair, check out Baby Bjorn.  A few of my friends own this cool highchair and I’ve just invested in it too.  As you can see Rocco is a big fan…


I am now prepping for a 4 week trip to Spain where I will be filming more episodes of the new series of A Place in the Sun.  I head abroad again in a week’s time so Rocco and I had a little shopping spree in one of my favourite children’s clothes shops,  ‘Childsplay’.  Whilst we were shopping we also featured in a documentary being made about the shop for ITV which will be on screen a bit later in the year.

As I prep for the trip, I’m packing Rocco’s little suitcase.  He now has his own little case in the form of a fire engine ‘Trunki’.  These little suitcases for children have become somewhat of a ‘must-have’ and they now have a great range of other accessories available for travelling too.  Rocco has a travel pillow and blanket to match which will be put to good use and I’m sure, as he grows he will have a lot of fun wheeling around airports on his ‘Trunki’ as I see lots of other children doing.


Well that’s  it from me for this week.  I hope you all have a great back holiday weekend.

Lots of love

Laura xxx

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