January, 2014

29 January


Loving ‘The Jump’

Hey guys,

So ‘The Jump’ is now on screen and love it or hate it, it’s rating really well and everyone is loving being part of the show.

We are all pushing ourselves to our absolute limit, we are facing our fears as well as some of the biggest challenges of our lives.

I was genuinely petrified of going on the skeleton course.  Crashing in to side at speed really hurts and I have a lovely collection of bruises over my body.



One thing that is fantastic for sure is that my baby weight is coming off and I’m gradually getting my shape back.  I’ve still got a stone of baby weight to go but I am getting there.

Davina is one of he nicest people I have met.  It was really sweet of her to praise me for wearing Lycra on screen so soon after having a baby.

With just under a week to go there is A LOT of drama and excitement to come.

All I can say is stay tuned!

Lots of love

Laura x

21 January


Terrifying training for The Jump!

Hello from Austria and the skeleton track!

I love most winter sports but I think I have actually found one that I don’t enjoy.  I am not sure if it’s the fact that physically I am not built for it or the fact I feel completely out of control, but lying on a tray and going down a toboggan track at a speed of 80-90kmph is totally insane and quite terrifying.  Amy Williams, the Olympic Gold medalist and our trainer. is fantastic and I have an enormous amount of respect for her.

I’m so exited that The Jump starts on Channel 4 at 8pm this Sunday, 26th January. I really can’t wait for you all to see it.  We have all been training so hard and I think it will be a great show.


I feel so lucky to be working with such a great group of people and I love chatting with Kimberly Wyatt about her wedding, which she is planning while taking part in this competition.  Having been there myself I know how stressful it can be organising a big wedding whilst working.


Kimberly is really sweet and has treated all the girls to some lovely bits from her make-up range Beautiful Movements.  It’s a lovely collection of mineral make-up that you can buy online and in Holland & Barratt.  It’s all cruelty free natural and natural and worth checking out at beautifulmovementscosmetics.com


This past weekend my husband Alex came to visit baby Rocco and myself in Austria.  I think Alex was surprised by how alert Rocco is and how much he has grown.  Rocco has finally started to sleep through the night and is such a smiley, happy baby. We hired a car and went on a little road trip to St Anton which was lovely. Hopefully Alex will get the chance to come back again when the show is on, but it will all be dependant on his work schedule.

That’s it from me for now.  Sorry my blog posts are a bit shorter at the moment but I have to get back to training.


I hope you can tune in on Sunday!

Until next time.

Laura xx

16 January


Rocco’s first swim and cuddles with some lovely ladies

Hey guys

I hope you are all well?

I’ve now been out in Austria for over a week and I have been confirmed as a competing athlete in Channel 4’s winter show ‘The Jump’.  It really is very exciting.




Each day we are weighed to ensure we aren’t losing too much weight too quickly. We have two amazing physios Dan and Ollie. They are advising me on the best foods to eat to give me enough energy for the intense training program but also to help me make a start on losing the 2 stone of remaining pregnancy weight I have to lose.  My morning starts with a bowl of porridge and two boiled eggs which is a good mix of carbs and proteins and as well as eating sensibly, I am skipping too. Darren Gough, a fellow celebrity athlete, has lent me his skipping rope!




The training schedule for the program is pretty intense.  We are generally spending 2 to 3 hours in the morning training in one of the disciplines and then the same in the afternoon in one of the others.  There are seven disciplines in total which include speed skiing, bobsleigh and giant slalom.  The show isn’t down to the public vote, it’s all about ability and even those who had never skied before are progressing amazingly!




Rocco is having a great time too. He’s getting lots of cuddles with everyone and we have also taken him for his first swim. He really loves having a bath each night so I wasn’t surprised he loved being in the pool.




Right, I have to go speed skating training now so until next time!

Laura x

06 January


Rocco’s first smile, baby tips and moving home!

Happy New Year all!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

We had a wonderful Christmas with little Rocco. He was well and truly spoilt by all our friends and family.  The best present Alex and I had was Rocco smiling and making eye contact with us for the first time on Christmas morning – it was amazing.

I can’t believe Rocco is already two months old.  Watching him develop and change is incredible.  I’ve got some fantastic black and white toys that are brilliant for helping develop his sight and he loves looking at the baby shapes book which a friend bought him.  He has lots of the Lamaze toys, too, which come highly recommended for educational purposes for babies.


It’s fair to say that before Rocco was born I bought a lot of things that I probably didn’t need (as most new parents do). I’ve listed my top 10 items that I would recommend any new parents should invest in…

1.  A lot of white baby grows, vests and muslins.

2.  The Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper bin.

3.  A bath cradle that you can put in the bath to wash your baby. Rocco loves having a bath and he has one every evening before he goes to bed. This has helped to establish a bedtime routine.

4.  The Bugaboo travel bag.  It’s very useful if you are going abroad as you can store the pram as well as lots of other bits you will need if you are travelling.  The airline will put it in oversize baggage.

5.  The Kiddycare car seat that can also lay flat. As far as I know it’s the only one of its kind.

6.  Easydream’s Ewan the Dream Sheep, which replicates the soothing sounds of a pregnant mum’s womb and heartbeat and helps your baby get to sleep

7.  The Chicco Polly Magic chair which can be used for a newborn and will last until they are three years old.  It’s fantastic for keeping a baby high up away from pets.

8. The Gro Egg room temperature thermometer.

9.  A Gro Bag sleeping bag (I find this easier than swaddling).

10.  Tommee Tippee baby monitor.

All of the above items are things that I have genuinely tried and tested.


Alex and I are now living with his parents as our house is a complete building site.  It’s lovely living with them and we are lucky that on both sides our parents are extremely supportive, especially since I have returned to work. too.

Hopefully our house will be ready by May but from previous experience I know building projects often over run.  The house we have bought is being completely rewired and having a new heating system.  We have knocked down a few walls and the main internal structure is now in place.  We are also extending the property so hopefully our planning permission should be through by February.

We are having new windows throughout and we are using a family run company called F & L Windows who I have used previously. I often find that if you can find a small company you like and trust, they can offer some good deals because they don’t have such large overheads. F & L also have a great after sale service.

I’ve found a brilliant company who are making our kitchen for us handmadekitchens-direct.co.uk.  They are extremely competitively priced too and worth looking at.

I should have some great before and after photos of the project which I will of course share with you.


It’s great to see Dancing on Ice back on our screens but it’s sad that  it’s the final series. I would love to have been part of it all but instead
I’m out in Austria for a month, taking part in another exciting show.  In my previous blog I mentioned I’m involved in Channel 4’s The Jump and I’m absolutely loving it. I have got about two stone to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight so as well as being an amazing show to be involved with, it is a really great opportunity for me to get back in shape.

My lovely mum is with me helping for the first few weeks then I will be joined by my good friend Cat and then following that my mother-in-law. Alex will of course be joining me in two weeks too and I can’t wait.

Until next time.

Laura xxx

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