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The WAITING game…

Hi Guys,

So it appears that all the people around me who were due to have their babies AFTER me have all had them ALREADY!… Clearly my baby bump is happy to stay put.  I’m booked in to be induced to kick-start things. I’ve heard mixed reports about this but the majority of people I’ve spoken to have said its not the best experience.

When the hospital have to artificially break your waters there is a greater chance of infection and it is supposed to be more painful.  I’m starting to feel a little nervous that this huge bump has to come out, but I’m trying to focus on the fact that I just want to meet this new person Alex and I have created now.  How amazing does that sound?  I’m also trying to keep pretty busy because I don’t think sitting around just waiting for this little bundle of joy to arrive is going to do me any favours, although I should probably be making the most of it and be relaxing with my feet up. Instead I’m busy packing our house up in anticipation of our move.  There is nothing like being organised!

Something that is particularly starting to drive me crazy (and I don’t want to sound ungrateful for people caring) is the amount of people who keep asking me if there is any news and if the baby has arrived…IF and WHEN there is news of course I would tell people.  I feel like responding saying ‘Yes the baby arrived two weeks ago, I just didn’t want to tell you!’  Sorry for that little rant but if you’ve had a baby, hopefully you will know what I mean or if if you are expecting one, be warned!

As I said, I’m trying to keep busy so aside from packing up our house I have attended a few events; I attended the Hanro Spring/Summer press day which was lovely.  Hanro are a Swiss company I have previously blogged about who make luxury underwear and nightwear.  I picked up a lovely nightie for when I’m in hospital which has been put in my hospital bag.


On Wednesday evening I went to the Channel 4 Upfront party (that showcased everything that will be on screen in 2014).  It was extremely busy and very noisy, and probably not the best place for a 40-week pregnant lady to be, but nevertheless it was nice to glam up and I wore my gorgeous black lace dress from Seraphine’s LUXE collection.  I bumped in to Gok Wan and his agent Carol at the party.  Although Gok didn’t comment on my outfit, or my ‘bangers’ (as he puts it), his agent had a good feel of my bump and said ‘It’s a boy’!  I think I can now count on one hand the number of people who have said it’s a girl (it’s that few), and I really hope I don’t have too much longer to find out if all these people who have predicted ‘boy’ are right…


This week I was very lucky to get some really cosy bits from JAMI Clothing, and the items can be dressed up or down.  I was given a couple of pairs of yoga pants, a vest and a hooded top.  Not only are they great for feeling comfortable in now with bump, but they will also be brilliant after the baby has arrived.  Pregnant or not they are worth looking at!

Also this week I did something that I strongly recommend you DON’T do towards the end of your pregnancy – I weighed myself. BIG mistake.  I have put on just over 3 stone – eeeeekkkk.  I wouldn’t let Alex see what the scales said because I was soooo embarrassed and he told me not to be so silly.

I can’t say it made me feel good about myself, and it is actually the first time I have done it since falling pregnant. If you are tempted to do this I really wouldn’t bother!  Unless of course you need to monitor your weight because the hospital have told you to so.  I will be hitting the gym after the baby is born, so fingers crossed I bounce back.


If anyone else is in a similar position at the moment, waiting for a baby to arrive or even if you’ve been in this position in the past, I would love to for you to share your stories or experiences with me. How far past your due date did you go? Were you induced? How was it and how long did you wait for your bundle of joy to make an appearance?

Until next time… I could still be WAITING, WAITING, WAITING!

Lots of love,

Laura x

TOP TIP Don’t weigh yourself – unless the hospital have asked you to monitor your weight!

1 Discussion on “The WAITING game…”
  • Hi Laura!

    I have just read the news that you welcomed a baby boy! Congratulations to your little family! Bless you!

    My baby boy was born 09/11/2011. He was late for 6 days, so I was induced but I had an emergency c-section finally, as I didn’t dialate.
    I hope you are doing fine and milk starts producing soon! My milk started on the third day after the operation, and I still breastfeed ( well only once a day now that my son is 2 years old). Don’t give up, relax, drink lots of fluids, and remember, that milk firstly produces in your mind:)

    All the best!

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