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Vaccinations, Braxton Hicks, Gousto and a little bit of fashion

Hey Guys,

How has your week been? Good I hope. Thank you to those of you who contacted me about pets and newborn babies, the advice was really useful and I always appreciate any feedback and comments about my blog.

This week has been less frantic for me compared to usual! I went up to Birmingham for ‘The Place in the Sun’ exhibition and it was lovely comparing bumps with my fellow pregnant presenter Jasmine Harman.



On Wednesday I had my whooping cough jab. This is something the hospital recommend all pregnant women should have between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy. It’s a relatively new thing that they are giving to those who are expecting and it’s supposed to protect you, as well as your newborn. As important as it is to vaccinate new babies, when OUR little one arrives I’m keen to investigate the possibility of vaccinating him or her with individual measles, mumps and rubella jabs because my younger cousin had a severe reaction after having the combined MMR jab. Many years later, the combined vaccination has been blamed for other complications she has developed in later life. Of course there is no proof that the vaccination is the cause of these complications, however there is definitely some controversy surrounding the MMR jab and it is something I feel I need to look into further.




This week I have starting experiencing Braxton Hicks. Apparently you can start having Braxton Hicks (practise contractions) from when you are 16 weeks pregnant, but most people are blissfully unaware! It basically feels like your growing belly is getting tight and there is a dragging down feeling. It’s not painful but it feels as though my body is preparing for labour.

Besides my pregnancy, a few weeks ago I discovered an idea that I have been wanting to share with you… It’s something that I think will make my life a little easier for a good few weeks (or even months) after our baby is born, and its something that I think is a fantastic idea even if you aren’t expecting a baby…

I first came across Gousto when I saw Timo and his business partner James on Dragons Den. The idea is, every week you choose three to five recipes online from a selection that have been specially created by their chefs. The fresh, organic ingredients needed to make the meals are then delivered to your door, along with the recipe card, and all you need to do is ‘simply cook’. There is no waste since the ingredients have been measured out perfectly,the food tastes delicious and it saves time shopping. It’s super convenient and definitely worth checking out (




I’m still trying not to purchase too many baby clothes until the little one is here, however I couldn’t resist buying this cute little unisex cashmere set from ‘Susie and Toto’.




Instead of going crazy buying baby clothes, I am treating myself to some nice pieces instead! I’ve recently bought this gorgeous scarf/wrap from Gushlow and Cole, which will be perfect for winter and might be nice to wear when I leave the hospital after having the baby! Apparently Angelina Jolie is a big fan of the brand.




I have also discovered some beautiful maternity dresses from a brand called Tiffany Rose. The dresses are all made in the UK and will be perfect for some upcoming events I am attending this week! I will make sure I take some photos to feature on next weeks blog!

Well I hope you have a good week. Thank you again for reading my blog! Make sure you check back next week to read all about what I have been up to…

Laura xxx

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